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"Did you lose your wallet? How unlucky for you. Thankfully I was here."
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Status:In a relationship
Orientation: Bi
Body type:Slim / Slender
Occupation:pick pocket/thief
Characters: Kas
Verses: custom
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural,
Member Since:December 04, 2017

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About me:
***I don't care to be a number so don't add me if you aren't going to talk.***

Basic Info
Name: Kas
Name Meaning: Fire
Age: N/A
DOB: August 10th
Species: Neko fire demon
Occupation: Thief, Pick Pocket, or depends on the RP
Gender: Female or Male (depending on preference)
Tattoos/Marks: Burn mark back left hip
Jewelry: depends on RP
Hair/Length: Red / long or short
Eye Color: Blue
Family: Deceased
Personality: playful should the mood hit, serious when need be, generous should mood hit, clever, witty, can be flirtatious.
Likes: jewels, being petted, naps/sleep, music, literature, art
Dislikes: mud, sticky stuff, crowds, loud man made noises
Guilty Pleasures: sweets, cute things
Hobbies: pickpocketing, gardening, stealing, cooking, reading, painting, napping
Abilities / Powers: quick tail, sharp ears, controls fire, cunning, agile
Weapons: TBD
Orientation: Bisexual
Weaknesses: catnip, alcohol, bed, seafood

Bad luck, good luck, evil, good, things have always been indecisive about cats in general so cat demons were no different. Kas's birth was rather, unique. The fire tribe lived near a volcano and found the warmth to their liking. They stayed away from the world for the most part but eventually the tribe drifted as the world grew and opportunities arose. A century before the tribe parted there was a birth that no one was expecting to be so life changing. Helping hands of the lead cat demons were the parents of Kas. They lived in a hut closer to the base of the volcano. The day of Kas's arrival the volcano rumbled softly as (his/her) mother went into labor, the tremors grew once it was time to finally deliver and as Kas was born the volcano erupted making a plume of smoke and ash, with the calamity came the mixture of thunder and lightning next thing that sounded was the wail of a baby and with that everything fell silent. Fire red hair, lightning blue eyes. (He/She) was a child born of legend. The only one to control both fire and lightning within (him/herself). The tribe heard of Kas's birth to the helping hands and told their leaders soon after. With every great leader there was fear of being overthrown by someone stronger even worse by someone of legend. The leader of the tribe had condemned the baby to death by fire. Commonly infants had no control over their new found powers but the day the child was to be burned was one that only made things even more apparent for the leaders of the tribe. Privately trying to get rid of the child they came to find that (he/she) could not be killed by the fire, even as an infant (he/she) was able to keep (him/herself) safe of such a thing. The tribe not knowing if the infant survived or not were to believe (he/she) had. Kas and (his/her) parents were banished from the tribe. Kas grew bullied and shunned but with the neglect (he/she) tried (his/her) hand at theft and realized (he/she) didn't need others to be happy. (His/Her) parents grew old and died of natural causes but (he/she) hated the world for taking (his/her) parents, (he/she) realized this would be the first (he/she) was ever truly alone. Demons age differently, hundreds of years could have passed and Kas still looks like a young (man/woman).

Kas is an ex-neko thief who has become tired of stealing bread from street merchants and stealing underwear for perverted clients. This redhead has got (his/her) bright blue eyes looking upwards for greater things! (He/she) now has a bar club where (he/she) works and enjoys the various stories people come to tell (him/her), may they be sad, happy, or just small chit chat. (He/She) watches as people unwind and relax. Now from time to time (he/she) does have old flames and 'co-workers' coming to look for (his/her) help to steal magical jewels, haunted relics, and basic money. But (he/she) could be persuaded for the right price.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Dec 3rd 2019 - 7:40 AM

My dog-tail really puffed up when I noticed everyone watching us during our 3rd date..!

Nov 13th 2019 - 7:43 AM

Wow, you were so popular during our second date! I loved watching! ♥♥

Nov 12th 2019 - 10:12 AM

T=Thanks for the fun date! ♥
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