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About me:
Name: Hunter Nightheart Age: N/A Nationality: England Birthplace: Wales Height: 5 ft 11in Weight: 176 Lbs Hair color: Silver Eye color: Emerald Green :::::::::Family & Friends:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Catherine Nightheart: Mother, Deceased Victoria Ravenblood: Grandmother, Deceased Sebastian Athenas: Father, Unknown Rina Nightheart: Daughter Elisa Springfield: Rinas Mother, Hunters ex-wife, Deceased Lorain Hawthorne: Childhood friend Star Yukari: Princes of Evergreen, Friend *Wish to be added, let me know* :::::::::::::Skills::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Dark Implosion- An attack that said takes down the enemy into eternal dark while in reality it paralyzes the enemy, however all senses are active as the user can attack them inside their conscious mind. Dark aurora- A skill that amps the user for a couple of minutes, however it wear and tears the body if used more than once. Duel wielding- User can switch into using two swords however it completely makes you vulnerable to defend. Berserk- A family trait of the NightHearts as it increases the user x10 however consumes their conscious as it may attack anyone including their teammates. Ritual- A skill every magic user can learn as it requires a bond with a potential partner. Once that ritual is finished the partner will gain power depending on its personality and fighting style which will receive their own unique weapon, however if that master is killed in battle then the partner wont be able to user their powers any longer. The master can have as many partners as it increases their strength however when magic is being used, partners must defend their master. :::::::::::::::::::::StoryLine:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Being the only male within the Nightheart bloodline Hunter has always been sought by sellers who would made a fortune if they would ever capture the young prince. Being born in Wales, Hunter has always been very skillful in black magic as well as Sword fighting as he was taught by the queen of Wales, His mother Catherine Nightheart, A 2nd generation of a pure blood vampire of her own right. However even though he is respected by royals as well as commoners Hunter himself isn't Pure blood like his mother and grandmother as she married Sebastian Atheans, a Human who was obsessed with greed as well as power. It was that greed and desire for power that his mother was killed by him when Hunter was a mere child. At that moment Hunters heart was slowly becoming dark as his bloodline and ancestry was taking over his Humanity making the young child uncontrollable as he attacked and slashed his fathers face before he disappeared from sight, it was at that moment he vowed to go after him. As he moved to his grandmother estate in the small town far away, he studied how to control his darkness as well as learning duel wielding, a skill only the finest people could ever master, some that believed was impossible, Hunter was given another blade by his grandmother. A blade that was named by human as the unholy blade, as it was said to rival Excalibur. Similar in appearance this blade was thinner than its legendary counterpart, this sword was black in color with red lines that made it glow from far away, its said to increase a users speed but makes the user unable to think or control themselves when not trained properly. As Hunter being the creators grandson he was easily able to control with minor set backs. The second blade he wields is known as Celestial Darkness, a blade almost similar in size than the unholy blade but its entire structure is composed of dark crystals from a place his grandmother discovered when she was young. This blade harness the energy from the underworld as it doubles a persons strength but lacks defense as its a blade he uses it only when he needs to otherwise he simply fights with his familys blade. During his adolescence he became more serious when it comes to talking to the villagers while kept his true personality hidden and shown only to those he cared for, as he grew his hair as well, now residing in the kingdom of Evergreen he does errands for the villagers in hopes to find out the whereabouts of his father, as he wants to face him so that he doesnt need to live with the guilt of not being able to help his mother, til this day he hasnt found success in finding him. ::::::Partners ((You may request it)):::::::::::::::::::: -Elisa Springfield ((Healer)) -Lorain Hawthorne ((Spear)) -Evangeline Ravenblood ((Mistress of Hunters)) -Goddess of light (( unknown )) -Goddess of darkness ((Luna)) -Goddess of time and space ((Star))
Who I'd like to meet:
((Females only)) Any characters from any series, universes, etc.

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Feb 2nd 2018 - 10:03 PM

Good evening Hunter! Thanks for adding me. I really appreciate it and hope that we can rp or chat soon.
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