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The Devil Is In The Details

One day there was an accident. While exploring a broken down mako reactor one day Isrieal fell in and nearly drowned in the green pool. It was Professor Hojo's men that found her and were instructed to bring her back to him. She had no prior memories of her life once she had awoken and he did what he could to cure the poisoning and save her but at a price. She was his now.

He used her to re-create Jenova in another body, a reincarnation of sorts. She became an alien hybrid of the Jenova species with unique psychic powers and the ability of transformations. She was designed as a weapon, a protector for himself. She was truly perfect. A success. Something that could even outwit him.

It was over the years that she became more than just an experiment. She manipulated her way to the top, learning from and taking some of his own traits. She became his assistant in the Science Department and all issues went to her before they even crossed his paths. She also assisted him in experiments and gained those of her own that she worked on. Her own science however is more on the fringe side. Immortality, parallel dimensions and resurrection for a few examples.

Even if she breaks free of him one day and gains her own life, she is still loyal to him and would never see her creator fall to his death.

Past - Present - Future
Homicidal Tendencies
Traits: Manipulative, Vengeful, Fortitude, Passion
Disorders: Borderline, Stockholm Syndrome, Delusional, God Complex
Addictions: Sedative Injections
Likes: Power, Persistence, Loyalty
Dislikes: Failure, Weakness, Infidelity
Quirks: She's just a bit crazy but all the best people are.
I don't care if you're offended
The Short and Sweet of It
Legal NAME: Isrieal
ALIASES: Project X
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Shinra Manor/Labs Physical ETHNICITY: Female Alien
HAIR COLOR: Moonwhite
EYE COLOR: Piercing Blue
WEIGHT: 120lbs
BIRTHMARKS/SCARS: Tattoo of an X on her wrist Family MOTHER: Input info
FATHER: Input info
SISTER(S): Input info
BROTHER(S): Input info
Other Family: Input info Relationships SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straight
PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): Education High School Input Info
College Input Info
Major Input Info
Degree Input Info Employment OCCUPATION: Bio-Genetics/Lead Assistant
JOB DESCRIPTION: Assistant to head of ShinRa Science Dept
SKILLSET: Genetic Manipulation, Virology, Infectious Diseases, Fringe
The city speaks A heart caught beating The air alive with a pulse repeating Indistinct Ill-Defined Uncontrolled Unconfined

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Body type:No Answer
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: Isrieal (FF7- OC)
Verses: Final Fantasy 7, FF7
Playbys: Elena Vladi
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Crossover, Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Science Fiction, Spar/Fighting,
Member Since:February 16, 2018

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Isrieal: Project X FFVII Verse Half Psychotic, Sick, Hypnotic

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The beauty of a hybrid is that it is a new creation entirely and often exceeds its origin species. It understands the nature of both worlds with combined intellect. Though often it is uncontrollable...and takes to its own course.
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Jun 29th 2022 - 9:45 PM

With the clasp of their digits and the joining of their palms, the visions seeped into their minds like a virus. And despite the surreal depiction of what may come to pass, Weiss stood unflinching in the face of the intrusive divination. It registered as something abnormal; however, Weiss was a man who despised shackles. And what greater bindings exist than the ties of fate itself? It didnโ€™t matter if this was some manner of prophecy, or simply an illusion to rattle him. Weiss only maintained his smile, and brushed aside such a notion. If this was a possibility, then thatโ€™s all it was, a possibility. Weiss will continue his plan of patience, and accept whatever outcome. But he refuses to believe that things are set in stone.

She seemed to have witnessed something as well, for her hand quickly retracted from his own, the scientist seemingly taken aback by her own glimpse into โ€˜possibility.โ€™ However, she quickly recovered back to her previous persona, and now made her way over to the fractured clipboard she had so quickly discarded upon entering.

Humorously enough, Weiss then slumped back into the seat he had pried himself from. Only now, his posture was far more befitting his regal attitude. With leg crossed over to rest upon his knee, the emperor reclined to the side, his cheek now resting upon curled digits. Truly, even the form in which he sat down here in his prison gave off the implication that he was somehow still itโ€™s supreme ruler.

Her inquiry forced a small chuckle, however, and so Weiss responded with that ever present smirk. โ€œPerhaps you should keep your clipboard close, Isrieal. Do you really believe me so fragile? Or did you just skim over our documents after all?โ€ He mused, clearly teasing her a tad. โ€œYouโ€™ll find that the Tsviets are in no need of such daily maintenance. Wellโ€ฆโ€ a pause, his smile widening all the more. โ€œSave for our dear fourth member, The Translucent. Sheโ€™s even worse off than the average soldier down here, and Azul despises her for it. And heโ€™s a man who is so infused with Mako that he literally bleeds it.โ€ Heโ€™d finish with another chuckle.

โ€œBut what of you? Of all people to send down here to our little underworldโ€ฆ why you?โ€ Heโ€™d inquire now, clearly showing aย  genuine interest to see if she even knew the answer.
The Immaculate One


Jun 28th 2022 - 4:58 PM

OOC: No need to apologize! Forgive the ugly comment formatting; I am stuck mobile for the day. Yes! The Inspire ability is a big influence of how I portray Reeve. Happy to see someone noticed the nod to it!

Jun 27th 2022 - 11:39 PM

The loud snap of the clipboard echoed about as it yielded to solid ground, the smile upon the โ€˜Emperorโ€™ stretching all the more at the unhinged display. And when hearing her name, he made sure to commit it to permanent memory. The clicks of her heels returned with a vengeance, the newly appointed overseer now ascending the steps to the lofty throne above. Cerulean optics watched as the gaze before him now reached an obtuse angle, forcing him to look up at a woman whose pride clearly bled through her faux persona. Most may expect one of his status to be offended, but the Emperor only stretched his smile into an approving smirk.

He took careful note of her words, now practically evaluating her with his nigh disturbing insight. All of her predecessors here have fled, refused the job, or wound up โ€˜brokenโ€™ by the beast in which they were to watch. Regardless of their ends, they are started with one thing in common, fear. Oh but not this one, and whether it could be backed up or not, it made little difference. Because she knew exactly what she was getting into, yet fearlessly dared to approach. And now, she offered him her hand, all while knowing he was bound to his seat.

His smirk shifted into something twisted, devious, and overjoyed by the turn of events. And now, the man had begun to rise from his throne. The bindings screamed in electric agony as they began to give way, the chamber now quaking to show just how reinforced they were. Such chains could hold down a Behemoth with ease, and yet the Immaculate one was undeterred, several of them snapping out of socket as he straightened out his posture. Alarms in the facility roared into action, and numerous scientists from concealed locations began to fearfully initiate containment protocols, howeverโ€ฆ

โ€œStop.โ€ A muffled voice told them. The scientists ceased their actions and shot their worried gazes over at a man veiled in obsidian robes, his face locked from sight behind a sinister helmet. The Restrictor knew Weiss well, and he could already tell what was going on here. And so he canceled all alarms, the facility growing quiet to return to the eerie hum of the lionโ€™s lair.

And now, the six-foot-two Emperor loomed over the scientist like a beast would its prey, his smirk warped and twisted enough to give Hojo a run for his money. A lion has no need to get riled by the sheep that enter its lair, not even when a fellow predator comes along like this scientist. His return-fire statement was in the same manner as hers, for once again, he found himself looking down upon her.

However, his hand, now free from its shackles, reached out and firmly took her own. He offered her a genuine shake, showing that there was no hostility, rather, that she was well and truly someone he was hoping to learn more of.ย  โ€œItโ€™s an honor, Doctor Isrieal. I very much look forward to working with you.โ€
The Immaculate One


Jun 27th 2022 - 6:15 PM

It seemed that Mako Reactor Zero was graced with the presence of yet another โ€˜monsterโ€™ on this day, and every fiber of Weissโ€™s being could sense it. The clicking of her heels reverberated loudly within the low hum produced by his throne room, a ghastly display of Shinraโ€™s achievements being fed into their living magnum opus. And as per usual, the grin upon his face bordered on the devious.

Through the wild and concealing strands of his hair, that singular exposed eye of gleaming cerulean had narrowed in further delight. Part of him had expected someone boorish, straight laced, or even the epitome of stoicism. But despite his circumstances, Weiss was one to be able to read others to a frightening degree. And for this woman, he could already tell that she was much like everyone else here in Deepgroundโ€ฆ

She was warped.

โ€œPainless?โ€ Heโ€™d repeat now, an almost villainous chuckle passing through parted lips. โ€œSurely you jest? Take a look around you, and remember where you are.โ€ Heโ€™d say, even giving an exaggerated gander to the cold and hollow world in which he โ€˜ruledโ€™ over. โ€œNot just Deepground, but in Shinra, nothing is ever painless.โ€ He mused; returning his gaze upon her now, the golden ring that traced his pupils now seemed to burn with a churning excitement.

โ€œBut yes, you most certainly know my name. As Iโ€™m sure you are aware of my height, blood-type, and every other percentage ratio that makes up my body on your little clipboard. And yet, I know nothing about you.โ€ A pause, the man now leaning forward a tad in his seat, yet the action seemed to put immense strain upon his shackles as he did so. โ€œSurely youโ€™ll at least honor me with a name, before we begin the mind numbingly boring details of todayโ€™s tests?โ€

Weiss is usually one to loathe scientists, especially those on Shinraโ€™s paycheck. But for this woman, it didnโ€™t matter what role she played. He knew a fellow โ€˜subjectโ€™ when he saw one, and thus, whatever hatred he harbored for her profession was washed away with a profound intrigue. And he relished the chance to learn more.
The Immaculate One


Jun 26th 2022 - 9:21 PM

Deep beneath the city of Midgar resided a den of horrors. Deepgroundโ€” shadow of the Shinra Company. And their greatest accomplishments came in the form of an elite unit; those designated with the rank of SOLDIER 1st class, and modified to be something even greater. And so, they were given โ€˜colorsโ€™, and became known as the Tviets. Effective killing machines, but nigh uncontrollable at times. But even amongst these monstrosities, one of them reigned as the โ€˜White Emperor.โ€™ Weiss, a lord who ruled over nothing, for his people, much like himself, are kept in shackles.

But for Weiss, there was a delicate balance maintained with his wardens. For if the emperor truly wished it, he would shatter his chains and bring destruction to those who wished him in bondage, but it would be at the cost of his life due to their fail-safe virus which sat dormant within his body. As such, an arrangement was made to keep both parties somewhat satisfied. But of course, Weiss was simply biding his time. Heโ€™ll gladly play the role of attack dog... for now.


Within the very core of Deepground sat the Emperor himself, the man now tied to his gleaming throne by numerous armored shackles. His body was once again being bathed in purified life-stream, the Immaculate Tsviet being the one existence in this world that was well and truly โ€˜untarnished.โ€™ And his chamber was like a grand hall, a royal court laced with machines and emerald luminescence. It was here that most of his life is spent, his temporary freedoms mostly being a training room where he is able to run amok. Above his head, however, was the regal display of an ivory lion. Despite his confinement, and regardless of his chains, even his wardens knew well of one fact.

ย Down here,
ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  Weiss was the exalted King.

Cerulean optics soon opened to gaze upon the large door that led into his lair. Someone was coming; he could feel it in his bones. A devious grin laced itself upon his lips, the man now straightening his posture as the sound of his plasma-like shackles began to hiss at his adjustment. And perhaps it was his intuition, or even his hunter-like hearing, but, the emperor could tell that this was someone new. That fact alone was exciting enough, for he had long since grown tired of the concealed faces of the Restrictor and his countless masked scientists.

With bated breath, he leaned forward with eyes narrowing in delight. The hydraulics to his reinforced doors roared to life, now opening the way to his chamber. ย 
The Immaculate One


Mar 10th 2020 - 5:54 PM


Stuff is going to go here. Cool stuff, all the stuff. Write stuff, sample stuff. Oh my oh my how exciting. Simple stuff. Complex stuff, just about any stuff you can imagine can go here, so fill this up. Don't be shy!

Stuff is going to go here. Cool stuff, all the stuff. Write stuff, sample stuff. Oh my oh my how exciting. Simple stuff. Complex stuff, just about any stuff you can imagine can go here, so fill this up. Don't be shy!

Stuff is going to go here. Cool stuff, all the stuff. Write stuff, sample stuff. Oh my oh my how exciting. Simple stuff. Complex stuff, just about any stuff you can imagine can go here, so fill this up. Don't be shy!

Stuff is going to go here. Cool stuff, all the stuff. Write stuff, sample stuff. Oh my oh my how exciting. Simple stuff. Complex stuff, just about any stuff you can imagine can go here, so fill this up. Don't be shy!

Credit: Final Directory


Mar 10th 2020 - 5:42 PM

Iridescentย  Descendent

May 22nd 2018 - 4:36 PM

"Fate is a cruel mistress at most times, an unfair hand most others, but occasionally she works magic and brings two and two together." A sweep of the arm and a gentle bow, before straightening the vest he wore and rising again. "Consider the pleasure of meeting another who knows my struggles all mine."

Apr 24th 2018 - 2:53 AM

"A demon knows a GREAT many things deary. But, I'm always open to know more." With a light bow of his body and a curl of his hand before himself, he offers himself up for discussion.

Apr 23rd 2018 - 2:10 AM

"And a hello to you to Isrieal." The demon returns her grin and then some, giving one of his devilish smirks.
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