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A Kingdom of Evermore happily ever after.

--Together, we can overcome the darkness and bring a happier tomorrow!.

Born the only son of King Leonard Tildrum--the late ruler of Ding Dong Dell--and a human mother, Evan’s birth symbolized a union outside of the norm. Sheltered but cheerfully bright. Sadly his mother was lost to him early leaving him in the care of a young girl named Aranella whenever King Leonard could not attend his son. Both Caretaker and Bodyguard, this young lady helped instill the values of kindness and the ability to defend himself. Whispered bedtime stories and took him on adventures through books he might never see hidden away behind the walls of the castle. Unfortunately the peaceful and naive pleasantries of his life soon came to their end. His father’s ailing health had lead him to prepare to take a crown many years too early; only for the truth to be revealed in the betrayal of Chancellor Mausinger. A Mousekin who had been his father’s trusted aid and confidant for many years.

During this tumultuous crisis fate gave the young boy a companion. Taken from another world parallel to his own, Roland Crane, became guardian and friend to the displaced king. However, in their escape he had lost the last vestige of his old life when Aranella sacrificed hers protecting him from Mausinger’s Black Knight. It was this moment that caused him to take a vow on her dying breath; his words binding him to create a Kingdom where people could live happily ever after. A place that she truly believed he could make with his hands. The journey was hard. The days were painful, but the young kitten resolved to make such a daunting task reality. So he traveled to the Cradle of Light to make pact with an unvowed Kingmaker.

Along the way he came to meet Tani--a Pirate lass-- and her father, Batu their leader. Mishaps lead to friendship. This soon lead to him making a pact with the Kingmaker of Light who…was oftly much smaller than he imagined in the form of Lofty. Nevertheless, Evan passed the trials of Wisdom and Strength necessary to be blessed a King. The Sky Pirates of Cloud Coil Canyon were first to swear their allegiance. Henceforth they sought a new land to make their home, and with Roland’s assistance and appraisal settled for the Heartlands. A rich and fertile land covered by sea, rivers, woods, and mountains. Here the birth of a new Kingdom began. A place called Evermore.

It was not merely enough to build a new Kingdom. He had to make a place where war would not threaten what he loved. Where people could work in harmony rather than against one another. To that he set his sights on making pacts with all the Five Great Nations just as Mighty Ferdinand had done long ago (at least so he was told ) through the Treaty of Interdependence. This journey became more than just a dream of peace. It became the foundation of protecting their world, and turning a divided land into a single, sovereign nation that built trust, kindness, and unity for generations.

Some friends maybe.


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Characters: Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum
Verses: Ni no Kuni, Fantasy, Crossover
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crossover, Fantasy,
Member Since:May 05, 2018

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About me:

Castle Embark Memories Treaty (C)

His Royal Meowjesty.

NAME: Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum.
NICKNAMES: None as of yet..
STATUS: King of Evermore.
AGE: Twelve-Years-Old.
KINGMAKER: Lofty the Dragon of Light.
MAIN WEAPON: Mournstar the Sword of Light.
SUB-WEAPON: Legendary Wand.

ANCESTOR: King Tom Tildrum XIV.
FATHER: King Leonard (Lion Cat Tribe).
MOTHER: Human Woman.
FUTURE SON: Ferdinand.

pointless title

Whatever you'd like here.

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