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Characters: Chung, Fatal Phantom,
Verses: Elsword, Closers, Fantasy
Playbys: Chung
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Adventure, Crossover, Romance,
Member Since:July 13, 2018

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About me:

The Beginning of a Journey
It wasn’t too long ago that, Chung once lived the life as a Prince of the Seiker’s royal Family and just recently harness the power to use Freitunier. But it was not long before the Forces of Darkness came and took over Hamel. Demons roamed everywhere, His Father, the King of Hamel tried to hold the Demons back but ultimately he was possessed and with that host. Hamel had completely fallen. Chung would had been killed off it weren’t for the El Search Party, in this case Elesis. After being rescued, Elesis beat some sense into Chung and decided the two can travel together to search for the El Shards that is scattered all over the world. By Harnessing this power they can finally reach their goals they been training for all this time. Chung agreed and started to journey with her. Along the way meeting new faces such as Add, Lu & Ciel, Ain and many others. Chung still harboring hesitation even after advancing into his first Job Class, and tries not to be a burden to his friends he would need to become stronger. After all. To him, Elesis is his motivation to become a better person and maybe one day. One day he can reclaim Hamel and Rescue his Father.

His Resolution

Not long after he ascended into his 2nd Job, Deadly Chaser. He learned he can’t always rely on Elesis for everything. So he secretly trained himself in the art of Assassination, little by little he knows there will be time if he cannot exorcise the demon from his father. He may have to put him down, and it’ll be the biggest test for him to face yet. While he was improving himself. There was a moment, where he sees the rest of his Team advancing to their new resolves and paths that he felt he wasn’t going anywhere. Elesis, and his friends were right there yet, even if they were near him, it felt like he is so far away. It wasn’t until a crisis sparked. The Demon Army progressed and cornered them all. Chung, the one Elesis protected before she herself was being drained from trying to protect Chung. Chung could no longer take it. Then when Elesis passed out, his fears, hesitation and ounce of Humanity was silenced. Awakening his growth, he manifested his Dual Silver shooters by infusing them into Phantom Shooters. Changing his overall appearances, he single handedly took on the Group of Demons, Annihilating them one by one. After using his Freiturner to boost his performance, he was able to finally quell the quivering doubt in his mind. Realizing. What he must do and what he has to do, and to show Elesis and his friends. He will no longer be a burden, for now on, he will put his own weight and fight alongside them properly. Having not completely discarding his humanity, retaining bits of his former self, to show he is still the Chung when Elesis had befriended. Always will be.


[Name] Chung
[Former Title] Prince Seiker
[Status] Active
[Age] 18
[Gender] Male
[Species] Human
[Class] Fatal Phantom
[Occupation] Assassin | Prince (Former)
[Affiliation] El Search Party | Elesis
[Weapons] Destroyer, Silver Shooters, Phantom Shooters
[Orientation] Bisexual
[Martial Status] Single
[Allies] Elesis, Add, Ain, Lu, Ciel, and the rest of the El Search Party.
[Enemies] Everyone who isn't close to him
[Interests] Hunting and silencing His targets
[Goals] Cultivate as much El Energy he can and wipe the forces of darkness from all corners of the world
[Quote] The Prince Chung you know has been Reborn. It's time to hunt. "
[Party Members]
Elesis, Lu, Ciel, Add, and Ain
Who I'd like to meet:

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[ Ɇ₴₱ɆⱤ ]

Mar 16th 2021 - 11:13 AM

Hello there, I must say it's a relief to see another Character from Elsword. Better even, seeing as they know eachother! I'd be interested in writing with you. Seeing as I've started with the Diabolic/semi paradox route, I'm certain Add will be overjoyed to see a friendly face. Though it may take some time for him to calm a little, I'd assume.


Undying Hope

Jul 24th 2018 - 1:36 AM

OOC: Hello there. You may call me Lupa and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Please do not be afraid to talk to me any time and I hope we will be able to get a roleplay started soon. I'm always ready. 
But a part from that - how are you today
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