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You were right to fear the world, it has gone mad...

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GeneralMHA verse: Marcus takes the same appearance as his normal self, although he is not a demon, just a human with a quirk that grants him an odd appearance, as well as powers. For most of his childhood many people he went to school with assailed him with negative comments and other bullying from his horns and black eyes, calling him some sort of monster. This inspired him to enroll in UA's hero course. originally he was denied, due to overall just average performance in school and athletics, however, upon discovery of his quirk, and how much control he had over it, his application was accepted. his quirk: Contractor-with every agreement with any person he makes, he gains more power. It is unknown how long these agreements give him power, but judging from past experiences, it is until both him and the other agree that the agreement is over. The power he gains from his contracts, deals, or agreements stacks, allowing for massive levels of physical strength, speed, and resistance grows exponentially with each deal he makes. He gains more power if the agreement is a deal, sealed with a handshake. If one breaks an agreement, for a brief time he gains complete control over their actions so long as he has line of sight of them.
MoviesPerson 5 verse: Marcus is a 21 year old American who had recently moved to japan. He was in every way, average, nothing standing out about him, easily blending into a crowd, despite him being an American in an Asian country. He studied at an online college, worked a part time job for a local computer repair shop. He stood around five foot six, possessed deep blue eyes and dark brown hair that went just over his ears. His face had sharp features, fairly good looking, but still average. His life was completely normal, until a strange app appeared on his phone. This app called itself the "Metanav" and it opened an entirely different world for him. He accessed it, sending himself into the Metaverse, where he discovered his persona, but it was a little different than others, rather then taking its form beside him like others, it melded with him, making Marcus two in one, part himself, part his persona, that went by the name "Amortis" his appearance in the metaverse changed drastically, his hair turning a pure white, his eyes losing all color, completely black, save for a white iris around each pupil. and atop his head sat two black horns, almost like that of a demon. his clothing is often seen to be a black suit and tie, with a white button up shirt beneath the coat. Since Marcus's forstu se of the Metanav three months ago, he had been spending nearly every minute of spare time in the Metaverse as his new identity, almost like the verse was his second...maybe true home, even if it was lonely time to time, but rumors have been spreading about a group of thieves travelling in strange ways, altering people's hearts, maybe he wasnt the only one in this plane of existence?

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Body type:No Answer
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Characters: Marcus Amortis
Verses: Overlord, Black Butler, Fantasy, Supernatural
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:October 01, 2018

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About me:
Every tragedy begins with something good. The demon known as Marcus Amortis is no exception to that rule. Long ago, centuries, no, perhaps thousands of years when the creation of everything occurred, he stood among the ranks of angels, holy beings of pure divine soul and spirit. But, some fell. The first was Lucifer, who lured others to his cause, corrupting them. Marcus fell too, though memories of his transgressions, actions, and purpose behind them are lost to him, punishment for his betrayal of the divine for the demonic. He was gifted new appearance, still rather human, though his skin far more pale than it once was. His eyes completely black, the only white in them was the white iris surrounding each of his pupils. His hair was turned a stark snowy white, and atop his head now sat a pair of sleek, black horns, a mark he cant take off. His wings, they were once a beautiful set of white feathers, now the feathers were black, slightly withered. After his fall, he was made one of the nine demon lords, each one to rule over a circle of hell. He would be chosen, or perhaps cursed to look over the first circle, Limbo. A scape where souls wander in eternal solitude through a grey landscape. He holds them there in that nugatory prison. But there is another place that he was tasked with. Limbo is not the only prison, but the Abyss too. A place of pure nothingness, reserved for those special enemies of Lucifer he deems worthy of such a fate. But for now, the warden Marcus Amortis resides on earth, in solitude in a manor, far outside any cities or towns just outside a forest, beneath a range of mountains.
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Aug 20th 2021 - 7:11 PM

Yeah, Here is my discord.


Aug 1st 2021 - 2:29 PM

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May 30th 2021 - 7:16 PM

Greetings there new friend!!
It’s a pleasure to meet you for sure
My name is Karlene.
How are you tonight?
Tell me what’s your favorite saying you heard of?
Until then I’m up for chatting and I can rp as well!
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