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29 years old
Monte Patria, Coquimbo

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July 22 2022

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Length: Para, Semi
Member Since:October 19, 2018

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Oct 21st 2018 - 2:13 AM

Well Hello there, thank you for accepting my request!
As always I do hope we can become good friends in the future/ And that I do hear back from you.
You may call me Kitty. And you?

Occ Wise, I'm always up for idle chit chat and making new friends.
I'm quite patient if you ever become busy/hope you would be the same for me if I do as well.
Fair warning, sometimes I'm blunt or don't have much to talk about but that doesn't mean I don't want to talk to you!! So don't be scared to drop a hello.

Rp wise, As occ I'm always up for that as well. I try to reply in a reasonable fashion
I don't rush ever on replies, I know that every one either has writer block or becomes busy.So no worries on the pressure there.
But I do have a few roleplay rules that I have up on my page if you would take a gander at them if you do chose to start something.
Most of the stuff is just the normal stuff. Be patient, don't be rude. LengthοΏ½wise I perfer ect..
The only rule that matters is the one about reading her story before we discuss. Its important to me because Shes a little bit diffcult to deal with. And most can't handle how she is.
So instead of wasting both our times, I just want to make sure we both can work with it before we start

If your not alright with comments and want a faster a reply I do haveΒ 
Line, Discord, and Kik down in my contact links if you want to add any of those. I always reply there

well thats it
Thank you again
The Guardian

Oct 20th 2018 - 11:51 PM

Behind The Hound;
Salve et salutem! Greetings.
I hope you are doing well today.
Also thank you for accepting.
Anyway, I look forward to conversing and discussing a roleplay.
My name is Azyra by the way.
-She smiled before bowing in return.-
A brief explanation of my character,
I am Cerberus but with a twist.
I am a fighting/action, gore, adventure kind of roleplayer.
But I am always up for compromise.
Both parties have to want to roleplay.
I do apologize for this lame greeting but,
I believe that my skills should be shown in the rp.
Not here.
Anyway, Hope to hear from you soon.
-The Guardian
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