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Mar 31st 2021 - 10:37 AM

I see no foolery going on

Mar 25th 2021 - 12:27 AM

I don't speak train.....
Noble Shield

Mar 23rd 2021 - 12:12 AM

Well least ya got that. Ive been on this site years and never got to really have a good story going that lasted long. Had some stuff happen with some people I thought I could trust, but yeah things eventually fell apart, so its tough for me to put effort into a story that everyones just gonna brush off DX.

What kinda story are you involved in? :o
Noble Shield

Mar 22nd 2021 - 11:18 PM

Yeah I poke in but tbh, im too worried about getting anything going these days, just cus people are always just vanishing :(.

And it goes fine, been mostly working and working some more!
Corrupt Dashie

Aug 9th 2020 - 10:44 PM

No news on my end.
Noble Shield

Aug 8th 2020 - 1:40 AM

I would have to say I think im pretty good! I havent thrown my stuff out a window yet so thats a win in my book.

Mar 18th 2020 - 9:07 PM

Hey hey, you wanna do stuff on Bruna and Jeri? I have one more idea to throw in there when the time is right to make it happen.
𝕷ilith 𝕴mmaculate

Apr 15th 2019 - 1:51 AM

"Hey, don't blame me when she tells you herself. She's a pretty bad liar, but she's good at staying a fat tub of lard." She threw her hands up in a shrug, realizing this was going to become ungratifying really quickly if this went on much longer...but thankfully the mare had provided her with an idea she could use for a laugh.

"Hungry are you? Lucky you, I've got some pizzas in the fridge! They might be a few thousand years old but who's counting?!" As she snapped her fingers again, this time a floating fridge materialized above the mare and opened up, dropping a large stack of incredibly smelly, clearly rotten pizza onto her, sending Eris rolling back into the air with a fit of laughter.

"Bwahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!! That enough? Or should I give you a drink too~?! Maybe some stinky cheese will make you more appetizing to your sick little friend! Ahahahahahaaaa!! God it's been too long since I did this."
𝕷ilith 𝕴mmaculate

Apr 15th 2019 - 1:17 AM

Oh look; crying.
Eris wasn't accustomed to victims crying, normally there was terror. Screaming. Much funner expressions than this. Though she supposed it was a little funny how quickly she was moved to tears. It really wouldn't be the best it could be if she decided to kill her, and besides, those days had come and gone; it was too boring to just end a life. All the years of doing it were just not fun anymore. So she just stared back at her with half lidded, bored looking eyes while the mare said her part.

"...we done yet? Have we had our temper tantrum? I'm not going to sit here and say it won't be funny to watch your soul get eaten, but..." Abruptly she paused. Eris' eyes snapped back open. Something had caught her attention. "...you said 'Lilith' just now. Didn't you."

Eris knew Lilith well; she had quite a reputation in the world. A succubus that gained immense power and actually threatened the souls of everyone, a trigger for a universal reset if an angel came into contact with her. The wielder of an enigmatic spear. The list went on and on. 
"Lilith is one of the greater demons, the demon of the Black Moon. She used to be incredibly dangerous, until the angels that shared blood with her were killed. But even without them, she's still supposed to be powerful. There are demons stronger than her, but she's still...pretty high up there."

Knowing Lilith was still around caused a few little sparks of inspiration to flare up in her head, but it did little to act on them now. Instead Eris wrapped an arm around the mare and waved her free claw outwards. "Look at 'em. Ponies. Ponies everywhere. And of all the ponies, you had to get close to Lilith. Lilith used to sleep with ponies and eat their souls. She's kidnapped fillies and done who knows what with 'em...oh wait Rarity saved those. You don't want any part of Lilith, and this is coming from a not funny perspective. You can say she's your friend, or you got a crush on her, or you wanna be butt buddies, or whatever, but she is NOT good news."
𝕷ilith 𝕴mmaculate

Apr 15th 2019 - 12:27 AM

"Bat wings...and pink...? That doesn't sound like anypony I know, and I've been here for a looooong, long time. But you know...Luna's guards can't do magic."

Eris' yellow and red eyes glanced down at the mare, drawing her mouth up into a toothy grin. She smelled something in the air as soon as the description came out; deception. "No royal guard can do magic, they're all of the Pegasi breed. And while they have weather control, that is a very, very base form of power native to their species. My dear, I believe you were lied to. There's only one kind of pony with bat wings that can do magic. And the term we use for them...is 'demon'. A native of Tartarus that can invade this world to cause trouble. I've met a few in my time...their humor isn't on par."

Doing a little loop in the air, Eris swooped back down to look the mare in the eyes, wanting to take in the expression when she understood what she could have been talking to. "And there are no such things as 'good' demons. Every last one of them has evil intentions. I assure you."
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