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Femboy. Bi. Writes para and higher. Cute and mature themes!

23 years old
In a spooky church,
United Kingdom

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July 11 2022

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Orientation: Bi
Body type:Slim / Slender
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Bounty Hunter
Characters: Bridget
Verses: Femboy, Trap, Final Fantasy, Touhou, Zelda, Historical, Religious, Adult, Yaoi / Bisexual / Mature
Playbys: AU/OC
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Open, Romance, Supernatural,
Member Since:February 17, 2019

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About me:

A VERY cute boy who was born in a religious village that had all church members including men wear feminine uniforms. He's recently fallen into poverty, creating an intense desire within himself to acquire money. Greed is a sin, yet he chooses to see the church's recent offer to pay him for capturing bounties as an answered prayer. If this job doesn't work out, he's been tempted into looking at more 'sinful' jobs such as an entertainer, maid, or worst...

First impressions of him generally perceive him as a kind yet confident person. Probably too confident. The first things out of his mouth are generally along the lines of "Hello mister! May I convert you into the proper religion?" or "Hello miss! Are you ready to be captured and purified of your demonic influences?"

Demons (or people assumed to be demons...) are captured and subjected to a 'purification' ritual.

Bridget speaks with a slight British-English accent.

He doesn't seem to mind wearing the attractive church uniform! He's typically seen wearing it, a blue sleeveless shirt, nun's head-veil, with tight fitting black bicycle-shorts underneath the short skirt that hugs his slender shape.

A yo-yo is used as both his weapon and as his method of capturing bounties! Handcuffs are then used afterwards to secure his captured bounty. Also his handcuffs have some kind of magical property of being able to shrink small enough to capture a child, or expand big enough to bind an ogre!

Also carries various 'holy' items, such as a golden cross, holy water, etc. He tends to randomly throw droplets of holy water towards people he suspects of having 'demonic influences'.
Who I'd like to meet:
Demons, monsters, monstergirls, angels, witches, ghosts, normal people, original characters, etc, not really too picky.

Some fun ideas I like: Purifying an evil sultry succubus into becoming a good faithful house-wife, Yo-yo's with long ropes, foot rubs while wearing soft clean socks, visiting steamy bathhouses, punching cute girls for discipline, teaching religion to barbarian heretics, bad endings, good endings, hypnotic mind-controlling crystals...

Note that I tend to write lengthy replies, hope you enjoy :3

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