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Characters: Archer \'EMIYA\'
Verses: Fate Stay/Night, FGO, Tsukihime, Berserk, Drakengard, Demon Slayer, |OPEN|
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About me:

Who I'd like to meet:
AArcher also known as the heroic spirit EMIYA (エミヤ?) Shirou Emiya. He is not a proper Heroic Spirit in the sense of other heroes.[3] He is an alternate version of Shirou from an alternate timeline of Fate/stay night where he made a contract with the World (Alaya) and became the Heroic Spirit EMIYA. He acts as a Counter Guardian for the world as payment for the contract. He is summoned because he still has the jewel pendant that Rin used to save his life after Lancer stabbed his heart. The jewel he owns is the actual catalyst used for his summoning rather than the one that Rin still has at the time of his summoning.

Brief Synopsis

The beginning conditions for Archer's Holy Grail War were mostly the same as that of the Fate/stay night universe, but it could be said that "something was missing." The following events of the war happened in a similar manner to the Fate scenario, having summoned Saber and continued fighting together with her until the end, but while he understood her, he didn't "save Saber's heart." After they destroyed the Grail and parted, he went on to cooperate with Rin and headed to London. He eventually went on to work as a freelance magus to pursue his dream of becoming a hero of Justice. He stubbornly trained himself while pursuing his dream of saving mankind, but later fell into despair upon realizing that his abilities were insufficient in fulfilling his goal. Sometime in his twenties, he obtained his signature red overcoat, possibly as a gift from Ciel of the Church. He at some point encountered and fought beings similar to Angra Mainyu, but he was forced to retreat when he was unable to act against them. He later gained some understanding of such beings as targets of the Counter Force upon entering the Throne of Heroes

He had to make a life changing decision. Confronted by a calamity which had the potential of killing one hundred people before him, he decided to "make a contract" with the World to become a hero capable of producing miracles and become a Heroic Spirit after his death. He believed he could save both the lives of the dying people before him and save even more as a hero after his death. Although he desperately fought to end a war, he was in turn branded as the mastermind behind that war and subsequently executed because of the betrayal of his allies. Although he died of betrayal, he did not hate mankind. However, the "World" ironically gave him the duty as a Heroic Spirit "to slaughter all humans at a particular location when mankind is at the threshold of complete self destruction", a "Counter Guardian"

Personality and traits

His personality is very contradicting. While he is thoroughly cynical and nihilistic, he is at the same time devoted and protective, and even a little childish to the point that it makes him hard to hate. He does not lie, but he does keep secrets and tell half truths. He means well and is capable of being nice, but often ends up being sarcastic, especially so when he gives advice. He cannot approve of Shirou’s ideal of becoming a Hero of Justice due to his own experience, but at the same time he cannot deny it for the very same reasons.

Archer is a very bitter person not because of the events of his life, but because of his status as a Counter Guardian, a being that is forced to "clean up the messes humanity has made". Although he was constantly betrayed by those around him, he never held any grudges towards anyone. Even so, he despaired over the fact that he could never live up to his ideal of "saving everyone regardless of friend or enemy." The reason he chose to become a counter guardian was because he believed that he could save as many people as possible and in a way this was true, but the reality was that the counter force merely sent him to a point in time where it believed humanity was on the brink of collapse and had him kill any and every person it had deemed to be the perpetrators irrespective of the fact if they were good or evil. He believed that gaining power as a Counter Guardian would help him save everyone, but it was a mere continuation of his life's work where he had to sacrifice a minority for the good of the majority. In the end, he was even betrayed by the one ideal he believed in. Because of his employment as a Counter Guardian and his subsequent summons into all eras throughout history regardless of past or future, the record of the Heroic Spirit Emiya on the Throne has very fragmented memories. The only memory regarding the Holy Grail War he has is a hazy one of the moment when he first met Saber. He no longer feels beauty from the moment as he did during his life, but the moment itself is stored in his soul like a picture.

He claims that his memory is confused to the incomplete nature of his summoning, but that is only half truthful. He is able to assess the situation and deduce his circumstances the night of his summoning, believing himself to have the opportunity to achieve his goal to kill Shirou. He had forgotten the name "Rin Tohsaka" over the period of his life, but remembers her the instant she introduces herself. Murmuring "――Rin. Ah, that's the name――" under his breath, it is a statement from his heart filled with "much endearment close to insanity." He claims to no longer have Shirou's memory, but remembers the day Kiritsugu Emiya saved him and the feelings he felt upon seeing Kiritsugu's smile. He has a fond remembrance of the moment Saber was first summoned that he will always recall vividly "even if he should fall into the depths of hell."


Archer is not a regular Heroic Spirit who was revered as a hero, but instead a Counter Guardian who made a contract with World for power. He is a Heroic Spirit from the future, so he does not gain any blessings normally provided by fame. He also does not possess any actual Noble Phantasms, but his Reality Marble, Unlimited Blade Works, can be called his Noble Phantasm in a way. He wears a cloak and mantle set that are first rate Conceptual Weapons made from the Holy Shroud of a saint. It does not oppose enemies, but instead the external environment.

Due to his nature, he has no fame as a hero and he cannot be recognized by those with knowledge from the Throne of Heroes. This makes him a confusing existence for the other Servants, displaying his projection that turns normally important Noble Phantasms into items that can be discarded and destroyed on a whim, varied abilities that would normally mark the identity of a Servant, and contradictory abilities that do not match any known hero. Lancer believes there should be no Archer with a shield capable of blocking Gae Bolg, and Berserker thinks that being defeated in six different ways, all abilities of the highest class, without learning of the enemy's identity is very strange.

In combat, Archer is proven to easily best Caster and True Assassin. Caster believed he wouldn't be able to scratch her within her own domain. But he quickly proved her wrong as he used two attacks capable of killing her, one of which he warned her to dodge. While in a fair fight with True Assassin he nearly killed him having almost sliced his body in half. Which he did all the while protecting Illya and Shirou. He deflected every one of True Assassin's attacks even the ones aimed at Shirou and was able to match True Assassin's speed with ease.

Though Archer possesses weak parameters he is a powerful servant regardless of this fact. So he is deemed as a heroic spirit that's unconventionally strong. This is mainly due to the fact that Archer can compensate for his weaknesses by refining what little talents he has. Never focusing on trying to strengthen what he's weak at but rather by advancing his best abilities to their absolute limit.


Due to lacking an actual Noble Phantasm, Archer's basic abilities are below those of other Servants. His main strength lies within his versatility and adaptability, shown through his exceptional use of tactics and battle experience making his combat style very distinct from those of other Servants. His strength does not come from natural talent like Rin or Saber, but instead from single-minded refining of what little talent he had in life. He had nothing at first, and through improving himself for reason that he was not extraordinary, his techniques trained by his will alone reached the point where it is obvious to Shirou that he should be naturally considered strong. He is not fixated on the exact method of winning, opening many possibilities not available to those who fight with chivalry and codes of honor.

Unlimited Blade Works is his sole magecraft, allowing for the use of Reinforcement and Projection. As a "blacksmith Heroic Spirit", it includes the “all the elements necessary to shape swords”, allowing for the replication of Noble Phantasms. All weapons are copied upon seeing them once, he has thousands stored as of the Fifth Holy Grail War, and all can be freely deployed. Many varieties of weapons can be summoned for melee combat, though he primarily utilizes Kanshou and Bakuya. Swords can also be summoned and modified to be fired as arrows and utilized as Broken Phantasms by overloading them with energy to generate overwhelming destructive power from exploding upon contact. He also has the ability to summon weapons in the air and fire them like arrows in the same way as Gilgamesh uses his Gate of Babylon.

He can fight in a variety of ways depending on the situation, allowing him to match or even exceed other Servants even without an actual Noble Phantasm of his own. Utilizing Broken Phantasms requires for the destruction of a Noble Phantasm, so it is not something able to be utilized by a normal Servant without sacrificing their strength. Due to him being able to replicate as many weapons as he wishes, the use of Broken Phantasms became a trump card available only to him. He can turn the odds in his favor by assaulting melee Servants with such long range attacks. Even if he attempts to replicate an Excalibur-class holy sword, he does not have the magical energy necessary to bring out its full potential and may simply end up fading away after using all his energy in a suicidal attack.

Close Combat:

Though he is of the Archer class, which originally focuses on long range combat, he is highly accomplished in melee combat with swordplay and due to his wish to conceal his trump card, he mainly focuses on melee tactics, primarily utilizing Kanshou and Bakuya when engaging other Servants. Even when told to fight seriously by utilizing a bow as expected of the Archer class, he continues to rush into close combat without intentions to draw his bow. Utilizing his unorthodox tactics, he is even able to slay Berserker six times. He will also use other weapons like Caladbolg II to thrust at the opponent's heart or Durandal to perform powerful strikes and incorporate martial arts moves, with particular preference for kicks.

Kanshou and Bakuya are his preferred weapons, and his usage of them has allowed him to develop a style of fighting perfectly suited to him. Though he can fight with a single blade, he generally wields them both at once. The advantage of projection allows for him to replace swords if they are destroyed or if he is disarmed. He has no trouble projecting twenty-eight pairs during a strenuous clash consisting of over a hundred strikes and constantly being disarmed. His greatest strategy, Triple-Linked Crane Wings, involves utilizing multiple projected pairs in succession to completely seal the opponent.

Ranged Combat:

Archer utilizes a bow that he projects when he does make use of projectiles, which, along with his armor, is made from a special material that has yet to be discovered by mankind as of the present time. Archer's Bow (アーチャーの弓, Āchā no Yumi?) is a matte black, western-style straight bow, with a simple design that was constructed to be resistant enough to fire Noble Phantasms. It is a completely original weapon, a projection whose structure and composition is not directly taken from another hero's bow. He often uses regular arrows for quick and accurate attacks that cost less magical energy than Noble Phantasms. Their accuracy is spot-on, and their power is still great enough to bring down houses with a small barrage released in quick succession. Releasing over a dozen arrows at once, they are accurately fired at the opponent whether as a sneak attack or support for another. He is capable of performing Broken Phantasm shots from various distances, from hundreds of meters away up to four kilometers away from the target.

His Clairvoyance, a visual ability also called Hawk Eye (鷹の瞳?) that affects the accuracy of bows, allows him to execute his "ultra long-range sniping" precisely even against targets moving at high speeds as long as they are within a four kilometer range. With accuracy transcending the realm of men, it is an ability often used for scouting that is able to fully survey the town simply upon looking down from a high location. Utilizing the "must-have ability" of the Archer class, such strikes greatly differ from his regular arrows, and they are a means to certainly kill the opponent. Differing from his former Japanese shooting method, nocking the arrow in the palm of the left hand, Archer utilizes the traditional European method of nocking the arrow over the back of the left hand. He is skilled enough to mark two enemies and fire a single arrow with the intention of striking both, surpassing the normal rules being unable to alter its course.

He can make use of specific strategies to defeat opponents from long range, such as Saber, who would not fall in single combat easily even inside Unlimited Blade Works. Burdening her with protecting Shirou and keeping her from utilizing Excalibur, he is free to fire upon her without worry of being counterattacked and increase the power each time. If such tactics are unavailable, such as with Assassin, it is possible that fighting directly may lead to his defeat. Utilizing sniping can cause him to falter when suddenly forced into close combat, as returning to his true method of attack leaves him unable to draw his sword and respond properly due to focusing on his arrows.


Although classified under the Archer class, he was not a swordsman nor an archer in life, but a magus at his core relying on his one spell, Unlimited Blade Works, to fight. Despite being a skilled combatant, his true unique strength lies within the manufacturing of weapons rather than their use. His abilities in life were unremarkable overall, utilizing Reinforcement with difficulty and the "structural analysis" step of projection more often than anything else. Only Projection had any worth, having granted him the many Noble Phantasms and combat skills they hold. Aside from Projection, he can also use magic detection and magic resistance, which are considered very basic. He does not posses the ability to utilize offensive magecraft that work around the lines of nature interference. His dark skin, white hair, and gray eyes are a side effect of extensively using Projection Magecraft.

He has weak Magic Resistance, D rank, that is only the equivalent of an anti-magic amulet, leaving him only able to nullify spells of one bar and thus it can easily be overcome by a relatively strong magus, as his affinity with magecraft is much worse than Heroic Spirits of ancient times. He may have been a magus possessing the unusual Projection magecraft, but they were those who saw magecraft and even Magic as commonplace. Due to that resulting in his low ability, even spells greater than two steps can be fatal to him.

Without any support, he is at a serious disadvantage against a Caster, capable of great sorceries and ritual spells, and even spells from magi Masters must be watched carefully. When holding both Kanshou and Bakuya, however, due to the spells of warding he has crafted over them, his magic resistance is improved to the point of being capable of deflecting even Caster's A-ranked spells, though they still pose fatal danger should they strike him.


He's not interested in video games but he is willing to play, once he gets started.
Archer gains much joy and pride in housework, especially cooking. He, however, denies that he enjoys doing them.
Leave no stone unturned
Nickname: Counter-Guardian, Wrought Iron Hero, Beast of Alaya, Faker, Alaya's Butcher
Age: Timeless Zodiac: Unknown
Kanshou & Bakuya Kanshou and Bakuya: Gān Jiàng and Mò Yé (干将・莫邪, Kanshō - Bakuya?) are "married" twin swords representing Yin and Yang, crafted by the blacksmith Gān Jiàng (干将, Kanshō?) of Wu during the Spring and Autumn Period of China. They were crafted more for the sake of crafting, as if questioning the meaning of the swordsmith, than for any real idea behind their creation. They were created without vanity, and lack a sense of purpose found in other swords. They contain no fighting spirit to defeat others nor a competitive spirit to beat other weapons, and they contain neither the desire to be famous nor the faith to accomplish great deeds.

Archer's Bow: is a matte black, western-style straight bow, with a simple design that was constructed to be resistant enough to fire Noble Phantasms. It is a completely original weapon, a projection whose structure and composition is not directly taken from another hero's bow.

Species: Human{formerly} Servant
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: Ashen White
Origin: Japan (formerly)
Allies: Saber, Rin Tohsaka, Shirou Emiya
  • Relatives
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  • Status: Single
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
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    Dec 31st 2021 - 7:24 AM

    Thank you for accepting/requesting me! My name is Xion Kagami. If you would like to engage in a story please let me know. I can do para to novella-ish amount of writing. I have an origin stories and starters to help us preapre for a story featured on my profile. If they don't please you, we can always discuss another topic. Until then take care & Happy New Years!! - 潮鏡
    𝑺ᵃᶜʳᵉᵈ 𝑺ʷᵒʳᵈ⚔️

    Dec 12th 2021 - 11:40 PM


    Oct 29th 2021 - 8:05 PM

    ~I can't guarantee that my greeting will be appealing but I wanted to break the ice somehow by saying thank you for adding me or accepting my friend invite and not give an impression of collecting people for numbers. :) Just in case you don't know my character, he is Ryu Hayabusa from a video game franchise called Ninja Gaiden and he is also in the fighting game series Dead or Alive. Now, if you don't know him, that's okay because I highly doubt he is as popular as Dante from Devil May Cry or whatever. Heh. 

    But I'm looking forward for upcoming interactions.

    𝐎𝐟 𝐕𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐨𝐧

    Oct 27th 2021 - 7:23 PM

    They say that the world is on the fast track to destroying itself, and yet, were such a statement true, it likely would have happened long ago. It was never the world that threatened itself; rather, it was the people who inhabited it. But the planet, Gaia, has its own very potent immune system. When a genuine threat came that could end the world, the very will of the planet will call upon the Counter Force to defend it, a power to carve out the poison no matter what form it may take. Its twin, the force known as Alaya, would instead seek to protect the people above the planet itself. While these forces can sometimes clash in terms of goals, the end result is often the same. And now, both primordial powers roared to life upon the dawn of a new darkness, an ancient evil lost to the annals of time was beginning to churn once more. Within a certain city, events began to take place that breached the norm, incidents lifting he veil of normalcy to prove to the world that the supernatural was still very much alive in this modern era.

    Monsters of old began to surface, their malice fueled and given shape by the great threat that looms on the horizon. The events will start small, but ultimately this omen will snowball into a cataclysm that will burn the world over. And so, Gaia and Alaya were hard at work performing their usual duties of summoning forces to prevent the catastrophe. Among the tools they had at their disposal were the countless servants used by mages in their grand wars for foolish wishes. For the servants true purpose was this, and they would be summoned with their full might as opposed to a single aspect of their legacy. And ironically enough, alignment never mattered as to who was called into action, so long as they could get the job done.

    And so, deep within the mountains of Japan, there resided a man who sought isolation in hopes of finding enlightenment. Despite his appearance, he was in fact the last of the pure Oni lineage, his blood tracing back to the most potent of their kind. His life was one of a beast locked in a cage, a life of others constantly fearing what he was capable of. And in the end, they poked the beast too much, and his Oni blood took over. The Kishima Clan’s goal was to create the perfect Demon through selective breeding among mixed bloods, all to establish a modern Oni with all its terrible and mighty powers of old. They succeeded….and in doing so, their regret and hatred for the accomplishment had led to their brutal deaths by the very hand of their ‘master-craft.’

    The feral boy had become a young man in his mid- twenties, his size large and his power terrifying. Yet despite having the strength that surpasses human understanding, the mixed blood chooses to do very little with it. His soul rages with the fire he wields, yet he does everything in his power to quell and control it. Meditation and martial arts have made him wise, composed, and stronger. Yet his life is spent primarily alone, the man being content with the idea that his cursed bloodline would fade away into obscurity along with his eventual death. But when one radiates the mystery aspect as strongly as himself, it’s hard to remain hidden forever. And with the world creeping towards the end, trouble had once again sought him out.

    He stepped through the woods wearing his usual attire, clothing befitting one of martial discipline with his feet left bare to better resonate with the earth beneath him. A large white coat is worn over his shoulders in a fashion more akin to a cloak, for its sleeves remained empty and bellowed in the breeze. His hair was finely parted, a section of it covering the right side of his face with clear intention to cover an old scar. He sauntered through the lush greenery, now reaching the outskirts of Misaki Town. Despite his lifestyle that favored isolation, he could never quite cut ties with this place entirely. The recent happenings sparked his blood to a boil, as though his very nature could sense the unnatural tip of the scales.

    Amidst the unfurling chaos that still loomed as an unknown inkling, a war was being had. Though small in scale, its repercussions could very well end in a grand tragedy all on its own. And it was this battle, this promised ‘reward’ that hung in the water like a lure for an old chaos. For now, the mixed blood sought to seek out the initial disturbances, his potent sixth sense guiding him towards the first of many ‘spirits’ given anchor and form by invasive mage families. This town had enough dealings in the supernatural; this new influx of oddities could only bring forth ill tidings. And so the Oni could stand by no longer, and as feet finally stepped onto the asphalt of modern society, Kishima Kouma has officially ‘entered the fray.’
    Crimson Red Vermillion


    Oct 23rd 2021 - 3:01 PM

    That'll do.

    Oct 23rd 2021 - 2:43 PM

    Sure! LMAO! That ending is what I call the BAD ENDING. Let's go for a different one shall we?

    Oct 18th 2021 - 3:55 PM


    Oct 18th 2021 - 9:11 AM

    Can I keep you as a friend?? 🥺🥺🥺

    Oct 17th 2021 - 9:46 PM


    Oct 17th 2021 - 9:35 PM

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