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Characters: Alucard Tepes
Verses: Castlevania (Netflix)
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Drama, Horror, Open, Romance,
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About me:
RULES: 1. If you add me please talk to me, I'm not just a number. 2. I can tolerate many things in role-play though things I refuse to do are incest, bestiality or pedophilia. 3. If you would like to do anything sexual with my character I would prefer discussing it first or letting things build up to that point instead of jumping right into it. 4. If you do not like how the story is going or something that I have said, please let me know and I will gladly change what is going on if needed instead of just dropping the story all together. CHARACTER BACKGROUND/STORY: Alucard is the son of Vlad Dracula and Lisa Tepes. Lisa was falsely accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. Upon learning that Dracula had begun summoning an army from Hell, Alucard confronted him and begged him not to kill innocent people for revenge. Dracula refused to listen to him and Alucard attempted to fight him alone, but was defeated and left with a large scar on his chest. He then placed himself in a coffin to heal and regain his strength. Alucard was awoken by Trevor Belmont, and a speaker magician,Sypha Belnades. Shortly after the three became acquainted and started their journey. Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha assaulted Dracula's Castle and wiped out his vampire army and generals before facing Dracula himself. Trevor and Sypha were fended off by Dracula which forced Alucard to take the fight to his father. They battled throughout the castle, smashed through walls and floors during their frenzied fighting. Eventually, the fight had reached Alucard's childhood room and Dracula broke down as he realized that he was fighting and trying to kill his own son who was the last living link to Lisa that he had. In a moment of clarity, Dracula allowed Alucard to stake him through the heart. Shortly after Sypha and Trevor arrived and burnt Dracula's body and ended his threat. With Dracula dead, Alucard intended for Dracula's Castle to become his own grave, but Trevor convinced him instead to become the guardian of the combined knowledge of Dracula and the Belmont family and to use it for the good of mankind. Alucard agreed and bid farewell to Trevor and Sypha as they headed off for their own adventure. Time went on after Dracula's death and Alucard remained as the guardian of the castle and the Belmont Keep. One day as he was filling some water buckets, he was approached by two young vampire hunters named Sumi and Taka. They had explained to Alucard that he was famous and that they wanted to learn how to kill vampires. Reluctant at first, Alucard agreed to teach them. While training Sumi and Taka, Alucard grew close to them and eventually shared his knowledge and access to the Belmont Keep with them, while they explained their desire to get revenge over the vampire lord Cho. The two hunters insisted on learning certain details about the castle's mechanisms but Alucard dismissed them. One night as Alucard had trouble sleeping, Sumi and Taka entered his room and began to have intercourse with him. During the act the hunters constricted him with a silver trap and attempted to kill him. Alucard used a flying, magical sword to cut their throats before they could succeed, killing them in a few seconds. He then returned to his life of solitary, but not before impaling the corpses of Sumi and Taka in front of the castle's entrance, stating that it would have been what his father would have done. PERSONALITY: Alucard is like both of his parents. He is intelligent and deadly in battle like his father, yet he is classy and kind like his mother. He is often calm and composed and slow to anger and other emotions even when in battle.
Who I'd like to meet:

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~: Willow Brook :~

Aug 7th 2020 - 3:29 AM

Ooc: wanna plot something here in comments or messages?
~: Willow Brook :~

Aug 3rd 2020 - 3:15 AM

Ooc: Its okay no worries even if you never commented back, I won't hold a grudge. x3
Sure we can plot something out if you would like to. I'm glad to hear your evening is going well. Mines a bit slow, but meh tis fine with me.
~: Willow Brook :~

Jul 29th 2020 - 10:35 PM

Ooc: Thanks for accepting my request. If you ever wanna plot out a Roleplay or just chat feel free to send me a message or comment back if you wish. Hope you're having a great day or evening.

Jul 28th 2020 - 1:52 AM

// I agree! How would you like them to meet? Adna could be wandering around lost in some deserted village, alucard came upon him that way? or what ideas might you have? 

Jul 27th 2020 - 1:30 AM

// I am well too! I am glad we can write together soon! I seen the series and read up about Castlevania as well! It's not everyday Adna gets to meet a vampire! hehe. 

Jul 25th 2020 - 3:22 AM

Hello! I am Adnachiel, It a pleasure to meet you! I hope we can write together soon! Also, how are you today? 

May 31st 2020 - 12:47 AM

Yes, I love Alucard.
I left off at the episode on Netflix where those tribal people did a threesome with him and then tried killing him. ;-;
Made me sad and so upset. Lol.

May 27th 2020 - 9:32 PM

Yes, I'd love to start a discussion with you.
I've been pretty obsessed with Castlevania on Netflix.

May 17th 2020 - 12:05 AM

Thanks for the accept!
I'd love to get a roleplay/storyline discussion going with you sometime. ❤︎
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