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26 years old
Underground, Colorado
United States

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April 19 2021

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Body type:No Answer
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Characters: Sans and Company
Verses: Too many, look to my albums.
Playbys: Who ever you choose bud.
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
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About me:
Sans appears as a short skeleton with a dimpled smile, large eye sockets, and perfectly aligned teeth. He wears an unzipped blue hoodie, a white t-shirt/sweater, black shorts with white stripes, and a pair of sneakers/slippers. He has white pupils that disappear when he is serious or angered. When Sans uses telekinesis, his left eye flashes light blue and yellow, the colors for patience and justice, and his right pupil disappears.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Crash Bandicoot

Apr 7th 2021 - 11:01 AM

Crash decided to explain this one on his own by clasping his hands together, batting his eyelashes, and babbling something in a high-pitched voice while little hearts appearead over his head. In response, Coco swatted the hearts away and snapped "Shut up, Crash! It's just a good look for him, that's all!"
Crash Bandicoot

Apr 7th 2021 - 10:57 AM

Again, this all made sense to Crash. It certainly wasn't the first time he and Coco had encountered magical power-granting masks! Coming out of the mind-breaking trance, Coco shook her head and groaned "Just warn someone the next time you're going to do that! People's brains aren't made to cope with--Whoa..."

Suddenly the expression on her face went from irritation to a lip-biting grin as she toyed with her hair and muttered "I like the new look..."

Her brother just rolled his eyes and made a dismissive "Pffft..." noise.
Crash Bandicoot

Apr 7th 2021 - 10:49 AM

This breach of all logic and reason had the immediate effect of sending Coco into an existential fit. As she clutched her head, trembling and babbling like an idiot unable to comprehend the shattering of all reality, her brother just... shrugged and nodded. Sure, that made sense.

He then looked down to his sister, pointed to her, and gave Sans a sympathetic frown.
Crash Bandicoot

Apr 7th 2021 - 10:43 AM

Both bandicoots scratched their heads in unison before she answered "Coco. And this is my brother, Crash. You're saying you have a lot of forms? What do you mean?"
Crash Bandicoot

Apr 7th 2021 - 10:32 AM

That was the real question. Not even Crash was quite sure how much of a mind he was working with at any given moment! Fortunately, the two of them were soon joined by a female bandicoot in overalls who seemed a little less... well... insane. "Sorry, Crash, I've looked everywhere and I can't find any way out of this cav--uh... Crash?" With one eyebrow raised, she pointed toward Sans and asked "Is that a skeleton you're talking to?"

Crash just smiled and nodded with a happy "Uh-huh!"
Crash Bandicoot

Apr 7th 2021 - 10:22 AM

Eyes crossing, he scratched his head. Was that what he meant? Uh... Yeah, close enough! The bandicoot nodded quickly, a faint rattling sound coming from within his head as he did so. Too bad his sister wasn't around to translate!
Crash Bandicoot

Apr 7th 2021 - 10:18 AM

None of this made any sense at all, but then Crash was rarely the best at making sense of anything. After screwing Sans' head back into place, he thrust his hands forward, making a confused grunt, then babbled some high-pitched gibberish while making a pantomime walking motion with his hands before pointing at Sans' feet and shrugged.
Crash Bandicoot

Apr 7th 2021 - 10:14 AM

"Hmm?" Bringing his head back down, Crash narrowed one eye as he tried in vain to make sense of this weird little guy. He then promptly jabbed a finger into Sans' eye socket. As to what purpose this might serve, who the heck knows?
Crash Bandicoot

Apr 7th 2021 - 10:09 AM

Curious about the living skeleton he's just encountered, Crash tilts his head one way, then the other, then promptly takes Sans' head and lifts it from his body to see if there's anything underneath. And, of course, there isn't.
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