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Characters: Sarah Azure
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Playbys: Saber from Fate series
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 photo azure_zps6557b65e.png
Born a human, reborn a valkyrie after death ...Early Life...

Sarah Azure born in England around the 14th century, lost her birth parents during the time when England and Scotland were at war durning King Edwards the Third rule and with family of her own she was taken in by a royal knight of the kings army and the knight and his family treated her like one of their own children. As the years passed she was trained to defend herself just as the knight's sons had been trained to help the weak and innocent, and fight those that would to do against others and those attacking England-and her hard work and training was recognised by scouts that had been looking for new members to join the kings court and be a knight of the people of England although there was not many female knights at the time Sarah proved herself worthy and took the knights code of honor while being knighted by the king.

 photo imageedit_47_8200576797_zpsc7409ec6.gif
...The Cerulean Knight...

During her late teen years after becoming a knight of the people, Sarah had many names as she wore blue clothes with her armor as called her the Blue knight or the Cerulean knight, given that her last name was itself a meaning of blue-but to those those that she protected she was a clam and kind person never turning her blade to the weak and helped those in the poorest parts of towns and villages giving them what food she could had over which gave inspiration to the other knights that came with her while on patrols.

 photo imageedit_42_5067490834_zpsaf9f1ec4.gif
...Death of a young knight/Path to Valhalla...

Under the kings command to stop any army that would threaten to kill those on English soil, the knights of the people did battles with many foe's that wanted to take the kings throne but one battle saw what would be the end of sarah's life having killed many that stood against her-her body now weak from the injuries she'd sustained while fighting told her that was battle would be her last, and not wanting to be found in a blood red field she used what little strength she had left and sat down at the base of a tree overlooking a beach-this was a place that she found peaceful as she spoke her last words "I have fullfilled my duty for my king and country and now on this battlefield my honor as a knight dies with me".
Although sarah was meant to die in battle, Death who had come to take her soul to the afterlife was stopped by the Norse god Odin, who had been watching her in the battle that was to see her life end and decided that rather her soul part to the afterlife she would be welcome to the halls of Valhalla a place where grate warriors can continue to fight after death and so it was to be her fate-a warrior of Valhalla and called apon when foe's attacked the city of Asgard and graeter more the battle of the gods themselfs AKA Ragnarok.

 photo imageedit_28_8572258178_zpsd84f264b.gif
...Life as a valkyrie/codenamed Zero...

Having not a mortal body anymore,sarah began to learn new skills and like other valkyrie's that came before her also learn how to use magic to travel to the other realms, heal others, and use magic while in combat, a skill that sarah rarely used at all as all she did was focus and sharpen her swordsmanship skills to the point of using two swords. But much like the others she to had to bring souls that died in battle to this place but each souls she had brought to Valhalla when asked her name she gave the same answer "Zero is my name"-for the reason she did not want those passing souls to know her name.

 photo imageedit_36_2085723262_zpse8d9469a.gif
...The war that ended it all...

With the new Ragnarok war under way this time against the evil god Loki and this followers to rule not only Asgard and Valhalla but all of the other realms themselfs, but standing there grounds to protect this madness Odin, Thor and the valkyrie's of Valhalla took on Loki's forces and both sides suffered much in what seemed like a endless battle. Many lives lost but in the end Loki and his forces had gained the upper hand in the battle that had raged on for so long-over throwing Thor at long as, Loki mad his way into the throne room of Odin, ready to kill the grate father but was unprepared what happend next-the two tall doors of the hall leading into the throne room crumbled to the fall as the lone knight covered in blood stood there before them both, the left side of her face was blood stained as was her armor and sword having survived battling with the other warriors of Valhalla against Loki's men the look in her green eyes now filled with grief that all she knew-the friends that she had made and the once beautiful land that she had come to call her new home was in ruins-again like in her mortal life back on earth all those years ago she had lost all that she worked to protect and could take no more, and so looking at the two gods she started to chant a spell that would bring about the end of the war for all so that neither side would win and Odin deep down in his heart knew that Sarah's actions although wrong knew that it had to be done.

 photo imageedit_33_3324362225_zpsa2d0d475.gif
...Asgard and Valhalla no more-final act of a knight...

Fearing what the grief stricken knight of Valhalla was going to do, Loki called this warriors to put an end to her and even himself launched his most powerful spells and attacks at her but Sarah's will was far to strong for Loki to get into her head and control her-she was indeed a warrior and knight that started to put fear into the evil god, begging her to stop the spell she was now chanting but nothing of Loki's words as Sarah answered him "you killed my friends, my allies and millions of Asgardian's to rule over all but now this ends, you may be a god across other realms but now I shall put an end to this, this war of the gods has gone on long enough for me to see that it is endless and meaningless you die and are reborn only to wage war again but with last act no more wars shall be done" so and with the chant done the lone knight looked on at Odin know that she would never see this realm again and then unleashed the spell...across the stars the other realms could hear the realm of Asgard falling to it's destruction as the realm that overlooked the others was no more, it was now a place of ruin and from it the lone knight of Valhalla fell across the stars falling to Earth but unknown to her Loki was not going to give up his revenge on her for doing this that easily.

 photo imageedit_30_3846277561_zps89702173.gif
...Returning to the ruins of valhalla...

Three years had passed ever since that fateful day on which Valhalla and Asgard fell and many Valkyries and Asgardians lay dead after the conflict of the gods or simply Ragnarok leaving only two, a lone knight of Valhalla and that of the mischief god Loki. But with all his might casted away the brave knight from the realm which was now under his rule, but now three years later after recovering and training the lone knight stands once again on the battle scarred land of nothingness where the once beautiful lands of Valhalla stood, now ready to face her past and redeem herself.

...The Final battle begins in the Colosseum...

After walking around the barren landscape and ruins, Sarah soon reached the remiands of a colosseum now the throne room of the ice gaints that hailed Loki as their king but there was only silence as the two entities lock eyes knowing that this battle or war had to now come to an end and only one of them would be leaving the battle alive. Stepping to the center of the colosseum they both drew their weapons and began the fight, both of them took hits trying to get a upper hand on each other with all the might they had while Loki's minions cheered him on for the victory and ending Sarah's life for good, and as strong as the deity was it would seem that he as going to win the fight afterall.

...Something worth fighting for|A valkyrie ascends...

Laying on the ground with blood seeping from the wounds and her armor battle-scarred and her sword now held by Loki it seemed like this was the end of the fight, Sarah had given all that she had but against a deity such as him it seemed hopeless and from the tiredness of the battle she closed her eyes as what was going to be the last time her gaze looked upon the night sky of Valhalla. But in the darkness of her mind there was a voice and it spoke to her "You have returned home and now we of the fallen souls of Valhalla shall merge with you, now go". As her eyes slowly opened small lights appeared filling the colosseum and merged into that of Sarah's soul and healing her completely and now she stood again filled with new power and materialized a new sword ready to fight again.

...Divine sword of light|The battle ends...

With the newfound power now resting inside her soul, the god could only laugh at the sight that the fallen wondering souls of the realm had fused into the only last valkyrie that stood before him but this did not faze Sarah as she perpared to see this god of mischeif finally pay for his crimes and never again would harm anyone or anything. Closing her eyes and tapping into the new power granted to her, her blade began to glow as the souls inside her filled the blade with power that surpassed the deity and this attack would see it end him for good. "Divine sword of light" Sarah called out while swinging the blade it created energy that ripped across the colosseum and right towards Loki, though he tried to block it, it was wasn't enought and his essence was now no more and all that was heard was his laughting as he faded into nothing.

...Aftermath|Valhalla shall be made anew...

As the dust settled the colosseum was now in ruins as Loki's minions had fled after seeing him defeated and now only Sarah was left in the lifeless ruins of the realm and that of small winds that blew across the barren lands that in places was like a graveyard of swords, shields, axes, bows and arrows and war-torn armor. "The fight is now over..but I took longer then I should have to return here, to my home forgive me my brothers and longer shall I punish myself for what happened but I will go forth and rebuild this land I owe you all that much for what you gave me and I shall be ever grateful". Saying those words now eased the pain and grife that was once inside Sarah's heart and closing her eyes again and holding out her right hand at arms lenght she started to chant a spell changing the barren landscape and breathing new life into the realm and from the countless weapons who's owners had now passed away, created a new generation of valkyries from the souls inside her, and one for herself from a piece of her own soul.

...Seventeen years pass|Stand tall my daughter Elena Azure...

The long years had now seen Valhalla return to its peaceful self again with the new generation living out their peaceful lives and welcoming those that died an honorable death in battle to the afterlife so they could rest in peace or choose to stay and become a valkyrie if they wished to. But amoung this new generation was Sarah's own daughter, Elena Sara Azure a bright and cheerful young girl but being partly made from a peice of Sarah's soul knew what her mother had gone through and had a grate deal of respect for her and was proud to her daughter knowing that she was given this life and created to enjoy life something that Sarah never had the chance to as all her life was countless battles and nothing more, But looking from afar and for the first time in centuries Sarah smiled but knew that still tied to her knight's oath she would be ever watching over the other realms and settling any fights that may happen.

...The Dark Knight of Helhiem|Valentina Tenebris...

During the aftermath of Valhalla and Asgard falling into ruin and the surviving god Loki placing himself as ruler, after I had feld the realm-the goddess of death and queen of Helhiem found of some of blood and through her dark magic and power created a living malice copy of me and named her Valentina Tenebris and raised her deep within the deapths of Helhiem to be a being of evil and honor bound to bring choas and death anywhere she went. And many years later our paths would meet but in our first encounter she was far stronger then I was and all I could do was fight my best to hold my ground and stand against her but all of my efforts was not enough and she struck me down, a pain that I had not felt in many years and it was feeling that same pain the first time when I was human-dying in battle and feeling myself slipping into darkness yet again.

...On the edge of death again, finding the inner strength...

...The ascension returns|Dark valkyrie form...

...The battle of Yggdrasil|Two forces clash together...

 photo imageedit_50_5551760412_zps1b07c188.gif
Character details

Full birth name-Lady Sarah Azure

Physical appearance-Green eyes, Blonde hair, slim and slender body build,height 157cm, weight 41kg

Date and place birth-March 25th 1315, small unnamed village near London

Date and place death-August 19th 1336,coastline on Kirkcaldy [aged 21]

Race-Born human but became a valkyrie after death

Homeworld(realm)-Earth,currently Valhalla and Asgard

Family-Birth parents died when she was two months old but was taken in by the Blackwood family

Weapons-Main weapon of choice long sword, when chanting a Asgardian spell can call apon the sword Ragnarok,two rapiers in combat both offence and defence

 photo imageedit_50_5551760412_zps1b07c188.gif

As both a young woman and knight,Sarah is kind to those that she sees as friends,allies and those in need of help. But to those that oppose to hurt the innocent she shows no mercy in combat and fights until the end even should it cost her own life to protect those in need.Although kinda the type that keeps to herself, she dose not mind that those around her speak their minds freely.

 photo imageedit_50_5551760412_zps1b07c188.gif

I am not Saber from fate/stay night or fate/zero, this page is based on my own RP character and ideas, and I am only using Saber as my playby. joined Myspace in 2006, left in 2011 after the new takeover. joined Aniroleplay in 2013

Who I'd like to meet:

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โ” moonlight sonata.

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๐š„.๐š‚ ๐™ฟ๐š›๐šŽ๐šœ๐š’๐š๐šŽ๐š—๐š

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