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"What Truly is a heart? Where does it come from? And where will it go when its lost.." [Kingdom Hearts and any verses that work alongside.]

22 years old
Bullhead city , Arizona
United States

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March 27 2023

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Body type:Slim / Slender
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Characters: Xetta Everrose
Verses: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, TWEWY, Square Enix,, Video games.
Playbys: Xetta Everrose
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Crossover, Fantasy, Romance, Video Game,
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About me:
✓ Literate. ✓ Multi-Para. ✓ Crossovers. ✗ One-Liners.

Xetta (pernounced Zeta) Everrose.

"Thinking of someone that I just can't place, two hearts one connection without a face. There are many worlds, but they share the same sky- one sky, one destiny.   Light and darkness massive like two oceans converging on one another, too grand and great to exist merely in one space. Countless hearts both light and dark both far reaching, ever expanding and also extinguishing. But like a gentle breeze from that great distance my heart will always find a way back to you."

The Gestahlian Empire Was Beautiful and untouched by any other worlds. A man in a dark black cloak known as Vexen from a group called Organization XIII was prowling for something. a sick twisted man who enjoyed experimenting to further himself in the Organization abducted a child in an attempt to create a way to accelerate the collection of heats to further there cause. He Obstructed the Boys D.N.A forcing his Body and heart to separate. His heartless was captured before it could manifest and confound to a prison and to be used as a mere heart gathering tool,The heart shaped void on his hand, In theory it would give the boy a way to suck any and all Inside and collect their hearts.

The combination of all those hearts 1000 at a time would result in a Crystalline orb known as a Crisis Core. previous tests of this were a failure due to the fact the experiments had no heart themselves, after the usefulness of the host they were sacrificed due to the fact they could not produce A Crisis Core, they were but walking Cores themselves...dying for the Furthering Of the Organization. Successfully the boy lived through the procedure and was imminently put through testing. His heart gathering skills were better than Vexen imagined and the Organization was beginning to picking up on his secret. The boy had had his memories broken and lost inside the lab he used inside a place called Castle Oblivion. He remembered nothing his past erased from him as well as his budding ability to potentially summon a Keyblade, As for the loved ones left behind they never knew what became of him. A new name was given to him to replace the one that was lost, he was renamed Xetta and given a test number, marked as a mere experiment.

One day Vexen sent him to destroy and collect the heart of an extremely powerful Heartless. A heartless that Vexen had altered through testing and escaped believing that his days of non permitted testing was over so a suicide mission was his way of ridding himself of Xetta without raising any suspicion. Xetta tracked down and fought against the heartless but it was apparent that he was fighting a loosing battle, the heartless growing tiered of playing with him decided to simply get rid of him by sucking him into the darkness, the test in his eyes was a absolute failure so Vexen sealed away the boy and hope to use him at a later date, not knowing that he himself would never come back to do further experiments. Vexen lost at the hands of the one called Axel as a proof of loyalty to Xemnas. His lab and experiments simply casted out like garbage thrown into the realm of darkness.

Xetta falling into a deep sleep awoke later completely surrounded, enveloped in darkness it was heavy and suffocating. Afraid for the fist time since he was reconditioned he was fearful for his life falling once again into unconsciousness, Xetta woke up feeling a warm light just above his chest, an unfamiliar silhouette stood there cradling him momentarily before softly speaking to him.
"Don't worry, you just rest..you can still go back, just don't give up okay?"

Forcing his eyes to open slightly he was able to get a distorted look at the one who calmed his frightened heart, he can tell from The Voice it was a young woman with dark Azure hair and matching eyes. His eyes locked with her own momentarily before being blinded by the light. Awaking alone after regaining consciousness he was in a world unfamiliar to him and a great distance away from where he was experimented on, shuffling forward he went into the unknown looking for a purpose and eventually a way to stop the darkness.

The Darkness Void:
Created from the separation of his heart from his body his heartless was captured before it could manifest and confound to a prison in his hand, Xetta Can suck enemy's into the Void and destroy them. Heartless are destroyed and converted towards the completion of a Crisis Core. Xetta Also needs Hearts to live due to the Experimenting that was done on him.

Crises Core:
When Xetta destroys 1000 Heartless a Crises Core is made. The power of 1000 defeated heartless can be released by Xetta and can power him up.

He enters an ONI Like mode and is essentially his Final Form. Xetta can also use it on others to temporarily power them up or heal them.
Who I'd like to meet:
"Any and all Square Enix characters, but mostly Aqua from Birth By Sleep."

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Pяιѕм Rαιη

Oct 23rd 2022 - 2:14 PM

No. I don't mind reading your OC's info. It'll help me brainstorm for some plot ideas. I'll do so during our discussion. Now, where do you wish for the setting to take place in? You can choose an KH game of your liking. Then we can branch with ideas off from there.
ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ★ʀᴏᴄᴋ ꜱʜᴏᴏᴛᴇʀ

Apr 20th 2022 - 1:13 AM

//Hello there. I'd love to get something started. While I have seen all of Kingdom Hearts, I apologise for being slow on a lot of aspects of it. Kind of funny, since Black Rock Shooter is now licensed under Disney for the new anime so our verses vaguely meet lol.

The genres I'm used to are action and either modern or fantasy depending on the setting, sometimes a blend, whatever works foe the rp so I don't mind. I very much like incorporating romance and when it comes to erotica, that's only after chemistry our characters is built up so I don't like rushing into it.

I'm not exactly sure if you wanted me to send a starter? I'm not exactly sure how to go about it for your verse and character, unless you want to have a discussion about the plot (in messages if that's okay, I'm more used to it there). Otherwise, I'd be fine with adapting to any starter you send since BRS is kind of a loose character anyway
Born of Ocean Waves

Apr 16th 2022 - 2:08 PM

"I am a multi para writer so a detailed starter followed by multi para responses work best for me! As for genres I'm not very picky on that although Naminé is not a combat based character."
Born of Ocean Waves

Apr 15th 2022 - 10:47 AM

"I've spent so long in the dark that I can't recall myself but either way I'm happy to meet you and would love to write something with you!"
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