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About me:



Natsuki Shinomiya is a student of Saotome Gakuen from Class A, as well as a member of the group idol ST☆RISH. He is voiced by Kishou Taniyama.


He is a tall, young man. A saijin that changes his hair but almost never it's color. one can think of his look changes as vain and in someways it is.


He has an extreme fondness for cute and small things, leading him to take an immediate liking towards Nanami Haruka, calling her a fairy and states that she resembles his dog, Elizabeth.

He enjoys cooking, but is oblivious to the fact that everything he makes is disastrous, often making his unwilling taste testers (most of the time Syo) faint or choke in disgust.

He also seems to be very air-headed and naive at some times, although he shows great insight during other circumstances.

He suffers a split personality problem called "Gemini syndrome" and his other side goes by the name Satsuki, who has increased strength and whose personality is the dark side of Natsuki's. His Satsuki personality manifests itself whenever Natsuki's glasses are removed. This way, Satsuki is supposed to work as a body guard for Natsuki. The only way to get Natsuki back is to put glasses (of any sort) on him. Once on again though, Natsuki has no memory of being Satsuki, or what he did while being his other half.

Satsuki is solitary and doesn't usually like being around people. However, because he is also Natsuki, he has taken a liking to Haruka. He is unstable because of his very short temper and becomes extremely angry if he is ticked off. He has hospitalized all 50,000 of the people he's attacked. With his above average strength, it is almost always a disaster to have him around. Other times, though, when he is able to get away, Satsuki is a musical genius and composes amazing music whenever he gets the chance.


Years ago, he used to play the violin and participated in many violin competitions with Syo in their youth. When it came to composing, he was considered a "genius". In his youth, he was in love with his teacher and composed a song, titled "Satsuki" for her. However, she stole his composition and used it to make herself famous. His feelings of anger and despair towards this eventually caused the creation of his other self, Satsuki.

In the anime, Natsuki is shown to be childhood friends with Syo, the two competing with each other in competitions. One day when Natsuki was 7 and Syo was 5, Natsuki chased Syo up a tower, trying to catch him; most likely in order to dress him up or something to that extent. The two climbed to the top and Syo accidentally fell out of the tower window trying to escape and nearly fell to his death, but Natsuki grabbed him just in time. Syo then realized how high up he was and scrambled back up in to the tower saying he's scared; the whole ordeal caused Syo to develop a fear of heights, but the two didn't remember this until Shining Saotome brought the memory up through hypnosis on Syo.

Prior to meeting Syo, Natsuki used to live in France until he was five years old.

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Marie [T&L] Belmont

Nov 26th 2020 - 7:29 AM

Happy thanksgiving to you as well
R.I.P WILLIE (Willie was a dog)

Nov 25th 2020 - 12:50 AM

Ho, well if you prefer comments, I suppose that is fine, but be warned, I am bad at responding to them. More than any other reason, I don't notice when I get one most of the time, simply because they often change in number, people deleting profiles ect ect. So I will say this, use this, at your own choice. I promise nothing.
Marie [T&L] Belmont

Nov 24th 2020 - 6:46 PM

Thank you I go to a mental health centre that’s where I went today and going again tomorrow
Marie [T&L] Belmont

Nov 24th 2020 - 6:35 PM

i'm glad i dont have to do para with you lol. i cant really think to be honest because i've got depression and im on meds xD
ᴀᶻᵘʳᵉ ʙˡⁱᵗᶻ

Nov 24th 2020 - 6:25 PM

She made a small chirp from being patted on her head to ruffle her fur. She didnt mind. "I was actually going for a Pangolin. But this monkey came out instead. I can say I'm quite proud how she came out. I still find it appropriate to apologize when I hadnt spoken to ya yet. But I thank you for your understanding~!"
Marie [T&L] Belmont

Nov 24th 2020 - 6:24 PM

i know I've been roleplaying since the age of 13 and now im 29years old and i still cant do semi-para or para >.
Marie [T&L] Belmont

Nov 24th 2020 - 6:20 PM

i remember when i had an account and my character fell in love with a guy called saitama, yes one man punch, my character told him her feelings and he felt the same and while we was roleplaying he was online but never replied then he blocked me so i deleted 
Marie [T&L] Belmont

Nov 24th 2020 - 6:11 PM

i dont mind any roleplay from you ^_^
ᴀᶻᵘʳᵉ ʙˡⁱᵗᶻ

Nov 24th 2020 - 6:03 PM

Hello! I'm so sorry for the late reply! I'm always down to talk and roleplay! And thank you! I wasnt expecting to draw a monkey but that's just how things go some time x3 hope to hear from ya!
Marie [T&L] Belmont

Nov 24th 2020 - 5:52 PM

awww thank you :3 i think you are awesome roleplayer ^_^
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