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29 years old
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
United States

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December 02 2022

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Characters: Tetsuya
Verses: Anime, Manga, Video Game, Crossover, 18+
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Anime, Comic, Crossover, Manga, Romance, Video Game,
Member Since:July 11, 2019

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About me:
Friend Requests Messages Notifications Menu Tetsuya Ceros is online. Tetsuya Ceros Lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma United States 26 years old BASIC INFO Relationship status: Single Gender: Male Age: 26 Location: Oklahoma City ยปOklahoma ยปUnited States Last Login: 4 minutes ago Member Since: May 24, 2019 Membership: Rper Profile Views: 86 Desired RP Post Length: Paragraph Roleplay Genre: Modern, Comedy, Sparing/Fighting, Slice of Life, Erotica, Manga, Fantasy, Crossover, Anime, Adventure, Action Sexuality: Women please Profile Type: Erotic Smoker: No Drinker: Sometimes Main Character's Information Ever since he was a young boy, Tetsuya Ceros was always a bit of a introvert. He didnt like being around large crowds of people, didnt like being at social gatherings, and didnt at all enjoy being appart of whatever scheme his current friends had in the works. Instead...well he prefered the safety and comfort of his home. Why? Because he was a tech nerd, and anime geek, and a gamer. Ever since he was young, he enjoyed tinkering with machines to either see how they worked or how he can get them to work better, he always played video games and even created a few indie games of his own, and was an otaku at heart as he enjoyed watching an anime series, learning about its background, and just seeing and talking about just how good or bad it was. In short by the time he was a teenager, he was already a top teir game and anime critic, and someone who would build pc and laptops and cell them off, making some serious capitol. But...despite all this...he felt he was missing something. He was missing adventure...friends...and life. But because of how he was, he didnt dream of actively going out and doing all of this. He just...couldnt motivate himself to do so. Then one day...it came... When he got home from a local anime store, he found a box that was unsigned and unmarked at his door. Curiously he took it inside and opened it and found...a manual, a cd, a controller, and a vhs tape. Wow those was retro. Vhs tapes? He put the tape in a player, and watch. And when the tape began, a face appeared onscreen and said the following. "Tetsuya Ceros. Ive been watching you for some time, and Im willing to give you the out you want. My name is Omnious, and Im what you would call a...helper of making dreams come true. And your dream is to have a life of adventure and companionship correct? Well, by putting in the disc that I have given you, you will be transported into a game with very familiar characters and very familiar places. Here you can in essense restart and do what youve wanted! And do not worry, if you was to die or something in the world, you would only return here, to your physical body on this existence. Hopefully Ill see you there." Then the tape ended and the face vanished. Tetsuya was astonished...and very doubtful. A CD that can transport him into the game? What was this the start of a very poorly written anime? Although...what if it was true? What if he did do this? He was curious and hey, if it didnt work, its not like he had anything to lose. So he got the game together, put in the cd and controller, waited for the cd to download, and was met with only one word on a black screen. "Enter". With this, he clicked the word... And then...he vanished. His body and mind now in the multiverse...and his new life had begun. For better...or worse.
Who I'd like to meet:
Anyone whos willing to rp.

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๐“—๐“ธ๐“ท๐“ฎ๐”‚ ๐“‘๐“พ๐“ทโ™ก

Oct 21st 2022 - 8:43 PM

Hehe Hello hello!
Names Toxic!
Toxic Ritsuka
and I'm Just your friendly monster
From under your bedย 
stopping by to sayย 
Hiya Nice to meet cha! &
Hope to become great friends!
Don't worry!
I promise not to bite ;3

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