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Semi-Para to Multi-Para.

Nordic Mythology, Supernatural, Fantasy, Open

Basic Information

Name: Jason Crimson
Nicknames: Wolfie, Wolfo, Jayce, Jay
D.O.B: Unknown
Age: Immortal
Gender: Cis-Male
Species: Wolf Jötunn Demi-God
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Silver
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155lbs
Alias: Beast of Fenrir, Asgardian Mutt
Birth Place: Midgard
Current Residence: Midgard
Likes: His family, reading, finding Nordic artifact's, and relaxing.
Dislikes: Family in danger, pineapple's, people clinging to the power of Nordic artifact's, being bothered, people touching his tail or ear's.
Disorders: Mildly sociopathic, mentally insane, inability to properly die.
Addictions: Drugs that keep him mentally sane.


Work in progress


Mother: Deceased
Father: Setoe Crimson
Son: Silas Crimson
Daughter: Ayla Crimson
Great Aunt: Hel
Great Uncles: Jörmungandr, Sleipnir, Narfi, Váli
Great-Great Uncles: Býleistr, Helblindi
Cousins: Sköll, Hati
Grandfather: Fenrir
Great Grandfather: Loki
Great Grandmother: Angerboda
Great-Great Grandfather: Fárbauti
Great-Great Grandmother: Laufey

Possessor of the Heart

Orientation: Bisexual


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Member Since:April 06, 2013

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About me:
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Who I'd like to meet:

Asgardian Mutt

A slight glimmer teased docile hues; silver gleaming with an avid amusement followed by a flowing chuckle. "Eh; you want to know of me huh? Is that the query that rest's upon thine mind? Well; if you must know I'll but give thee a slight glimpse within mine personal life! The name's Jason Crimson of course you'd know that I'm sure why else would you take the time to "interview" me? None the less; As you can plainly see...." He lazily swayed his tail behind him, the silver sheen teasing the air; as a slight twitch atop his cranium hinting towards the silver colored fur of his ear's as well.

"I'm not entirely human; a half-breed if you will! Most refuse to admit the supernatural is real and hide within their own little fantasy world; and as for me I could care less but to prevent riot's from echoing within the street's I always hide them how? That's a rather amusing inquiry magic! Simple really illusionary type of course blinding the human eye so to speak from seeing that which you don't want them to see; however one trained within the art's and or those of mine own kind and the like can easily see them. But I'm sure your quite well aware of this..."

"Moving on..." He chimed rather contently. "My.....occupation so to speak; is running the company my father started what does it do? Well; my "friend" it make's high grade weapon's bought all around the world! Best if I might say so myself; since most humans can't comprehend or even begin to understand the sophistication behind their making I control the product flow with no challenges to my quality with other brands. I supply most militaries depending how much their willing to give. I don't support a single country either I could honestly care less if they all killed themselves in fact it might be quite amusing to see."

"Hn...... only weapons? Heh; no I dabble in various thing's as well in the name of scientific understanding such as dimensional travel and the like. However; are these....project's running I cannot comment as it's classified records dare thee travel deeper if thou art wishes you can try. But enough of this subject! Wait....what? My...lineage? Why would you inquire into that what does it matter and how would this benefit you!?"

He barked out rather unamused by the sudden question only to allow an exasperated sigh escape his lip's. "Eck; my father's name was Setoe my mother's name is none of your business she's dead anyways. As are my sibling's yes; I saw the question in your eye....one's alive but where she is is none of your damned business. Heh, but if it interest's you I suppose....I'm from an ancient line Fenrir himself is mine grandfather if your curious! Yes; the great god of all wolves! Haha, beware he's a rather unamusing fellow."

Put a block quote here. It can be a snippet of your tale, emphasizing certain key points regarding your story line. Keep it short.

Seconds more passed with a brief silence; a simple cup of rum was brought before the wolf upon a silver platter a second cup accompanied it for his "company". The butler had teal hair with but s singular pink bang which hung between his eye's and yet now he scurried off. "That....was my butler care for the rum? Haha; ah I see alright then! Now; if you desire to inquire about such thing's I'll warn you.....ya' may die!" He chuckled casually with a sweet childish smile upon his lip's. "I've a bit of a mental illness so to speak; what exactly it is the term would be unknown really."

"Psychotic would be the best explanation. Wait; what's with that look huh? Haha, don't worry I took my medicine to help...."Calm" this issue to to speak; don't do anything rash though it may....trigger unwanted side-effect's! Ah, I do so love killing I must admit it's rather fun seeing the expression upon another face when their life-force bleeds out. And yet; I must remain docile and 'caged" by this medicine so to not "offend" others. My.....choice of weapon!?!?"

"What, are you getting turned on by this or some sort of private investigator shit Odin save us all! Hahahahahaha! Whatever; I don't like your modern crap it's bothersome and it jam's so easily half the time when you really need it to work quite an issue! So; my personal choice with weapon's is blade's, this varies but my personal favorite is the katana, wakizashi, and of course knives and the like they are rather wonderful really! Made just right they can cleave through anything like butter! Or pin and allow torture depending how their used heh."

"..........Magic? Yes; I mentioned this before can I use any other than the little trickery I told you of? Well; why don't you find out eh? Heh; that's classified as well sorry to tell you my "friend" -He cooed as he took a rather long drink from the rum. A shudder passing along his form.- "What.......if I'm wounded!? Fuck yeah! Hah; I'm a masochist beyond any standards of what most would consider normal; impale me, cut me, sever tendons, rip me open I don't care I'll love it and I'll bite back quite a bit rougher than I did before~!"

A loud roaring laugh echoed from his maw at the expression of the other. "I don't really care; what anyone thinks of me I am myself and that's that....now this interview is over. Begone; perhaps we'll meet again later."

Abilities Reckoning

Work in progress.

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Apr 17th 2023 - 12:04 AM

I am glad you had a wonderful day besides work.
Sorry for the Super late reply!

I love writing adventure like and battle rp!
What about you?

Apr 12th 2023 - 7:21 PM

I hope you are having a fantastic day!
If you have time and would like to talk about a possible starter let me know!
αнσ ιѕαкαιє∂

Jun 6th 2022 - 6:01 PM

|| Out of character I'm sorry for my late reply! Life has been pretty hectic as of late, so I hope you are able to forgive me for that. Though it is very nice to meet you there Jason. And I see, sounds like you are a person that does pretty much just what they want lol. And I'm always open for discussing something, whenever you are ready!

Mar 5th 2022 - 12:15 PM

Haha, your assumptions are correct. There is no ill will from me on that front, as usual. 
I still would love to continue our story together. But it may be me that will be slow to reply the next time around. Since I'm about to move, so my activity on this site might drop a bit :3 

I assume this is about the shadows no? I don't remember what I said. But technically the shadows only mirror the darkness that is within your own character. Only you would know your character's darkest flaws, fears, and desires. these are what shadows try to pull out. and try to "solve" (meaning exploit). For example, if your character miss a dead loved one, the shadows can promise your character the simulation of her, while long term poisoning your character's mind, with the idea that certain other characters will do everything to take said 'loved one' away from him. If he thirst for destruction, maybe it's eternal wars, that would be very handy for shadows. If he fears lonesomeness, a similar fitting promise. They are sorta like genies, that grant you illusions or 'alternate' solutions to your darkest wishes. But never quite in the way you first intended.
But in any case, all you really have to do is make them suggest thoughts that Jason already has thought before, and then draw them out. I don't think you can mess it up xP But even if you should, I'll forgive you :P lol 
Besides, they are not really characters, rather an effect of the universe. Consider them a drug that draws out your character's darkness in a painful way. ^^

so is that what would be called a sadomasochist (or is that only in a sexual context? ... X'D eheh. idk)
Anyways consider this trait in my notepad lol 

oh and cool that you actually knew the character from the gif ^^ 

I hope all is good with you! ♥ 
I'm looking forward to your reply ^^

Dec 19th 2021 - 8:02 AM

My dearest Wolf! ♥
You do not have to apologize in the slightest for your lateness. 
(although I know, this is our habit)
I haven't been feeling very well myself,  have had a hard time finding the motivation to come on this site to play. 
So your busy schedule, actually fits me splendidly?
(is that a weird thing to say? Cause, of course, I'm always looking forward to your replies )
Anyways, I'd much prefer waiting a little longer for one of your splendid responses, than to receive a rushed one. So no need to stress. 

Yea, I haven't really had the kind of friends. A guy once told me he'd buy the tabletop game if I found 3 more that wanted to join. But, well - the assignment was not easy. As all my nerds were in another country at the time.  
I did look in on a first-time occurrence on discord, where my brother had joined. And maybe it was because everyone was new at it. But I grew bored fairly quickly. 

About the shadows. I don't think you can go very wrong with them. We can make them unpredictable, that way not much can go wrong, right? :P But yes, do ask, should you be in doubt or just curious ~
Oh, the creepy brothers Grimm. I grew up on those tales. - I'm looking forward to what you come up with ^^

I've been itching to write his wacky character. So, me too. ^^
Alas - Life is a bitch! quite plainly put XD 

LOL, I'm sorry all that stuck out to me in that paragraph was. 
he label's himself a 'masochist'
This might be the most interesting masochist I've ever happened upon. ahah. 

Anyways, I guess I'm a bit short with this comment myself. 
My attention span these days isn't very cooperative. 

Btw I happened upon this gif.
I don't know who the character is, but they reminded me of Jason ♥

Jul 14th 2021 - 2:15 PM

 For shame! 
Gosh, I'm so slow at this. 

I’m happy you are so understanding about my slowness. I have a lot of characters on this site, and well sometimes my attention gravitates towards specifics and when I’m as busy as I am this summer, if I’m not extremely inspired, my fingers are just telling me – “meh don’t bother”

I’m still very impressed about how faithfully you’ve stuck with this character of yours ^^ haha, I was bout to suggest that we somehow get sucked into this world of yours instead, but I guess we’re posed with the same old problem haha. A verse too familiar for one party.  

Btw, that little comment about playing a loli was kind of endearing to me.. ♥ thank you.  Also cool enough, that a 60-year-old man is rp’ing. I wonder if I’ll still be doing this when I’m 60 hehe. X3

Yea? I mean I feel the character you wield is best fitted into fantasy themes. And all my fantasy female characters inhabit this profile. Then I have a multi-profile filled with dreamy guys I’ve played over the years, lol. And another female account with two characters for realism. But I actually really like Bou and Jason's energy. I just can’t get into her atm. I should try and force this block broken someday when I have a bit of time and energy eheh. Ahh idk.. I really hate to make people wait this long.

Having a nice place to work, is very important. You can have only 12 hours a week, and if the workspace sucks it will feel like 40. xD So I’m glad to hear you enjoy your workplace ^^ though sorry that you have to work that much. 
Must be exhausting.

I’m alright, I’ve done my last exam, got the highest grade possible.  yay! 
Found a bit of substitute cleaning work, that pays the bigger bucks, while I wait for my kindergarten to be able to hire me for a month's time in September.
Chezza~multi chara

Jun 13th 2021 - 1:51 AM

Hubby has family to talk to. The more we go, the less the others talk to me. So I sit and keep a chair warm, or play with the kids.

May 16th 2021 - 9:01 AM

Thank you for being so understanding. 

yea, about muse, she is my oldest character, and as I already said she's been a bit overplayed. Might be a bit fed up with the whole wonderland theme xD  And honestly, I might feel a bit too old to play a loli, ahah. 
But I shall try and get back into it at some point :T 
I will not cancel her, because I still have two stories that I like with her. (yours included)
urgh.. full-time jobs are the worst I can not do those for more than a season. XD I hope you are holding in there, and that it at least is a job you enjoy doing ^^ 
and thank you again for your patience ♥ 
I hope all is well with you ^^

Feb 27th 2021 - 1:12 PM

That's very nice of you to let me know wolfie. 
I'm glad you like our story. ♥ 

Dec 19th 2020 - 11:34 AM

I have to agree. There is vast majority of people on site that makes it harder to wanna engage. But aalso there are those few treasures that makes you want to stick around. And thank you very much for the compliment. Always nice to hear. 

Hehe.. hmmm I might be guilty of some of those same things. I have a tendency to forget what have already been covered, so I might repeat myself as well. But if both you and I are forgetful creatures haunted by brainfogs. Then the repetition might not hurt that much hehe. 

But still my apologies if my reply felt a little messy. It’s been a while since I got into playing Bou, so had to warm up to her again heh. – Again this kind of character is usually not my thing. But because she and that universe is precious to me, i keep her around as long as there’s a good story to be told with her

Yea we tend to let those kind of things ward us off don’t we. When it’s usually people with the least flashy pages that surprise you with great tales. I will add her with this account though, since this one is for fairy-tale based rp’s and that seems to be the kind of character I will have the pleasure of possibly embarking on an adventure with. It’s nice to have some good long term friends to keep your fire burning for this hobby, i’m happy for you that she has returned. I can only say I understand her struggle. As this place has made me leave more than once in the past as well. 

Tee hee, this turned out rather rambly on my end xD gomen
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