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●The Spirit Detective.


(Since 2006 on Myspace)
Moved here from, from moving from myspace.
YYH-verse | Crossovers Welcome | One-Liner/Semi-Para

Action/Adventure/Fighting/Slice of Life.
No Erotic.



FULL NAME: Yusuke Urameshi
DATE OF BIRTH | AGE: July 31 | 29
NICK NAMES: Spirit Punk, Spirit Detective, The Former Spirit Detective
GENDER | SPECIES: Male. | Spiritually-Endowed Human (After 1st Resurrection), Descended from a Mazoku/Reborn as a Mazoku, After 2nd Resurrection/Temporarily a Ghost.
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Family members: Toshin Raizen (Ancestral forefather), Raizen's Lover (Ancestral foremother), Atsuko Urameshi (Mother), Yusuke's Father (Father), Yuri Urameshi (Wife)


Slim Muscular Build
Average Height
Human Appearance until in Demon Form

Demon Form Appearance
Slight Muscle Increase
Long Silver Hair
Mazoku Marks All Over Body
Long Hair Will Turn Black When Not At Full Power
Glowing Yellow Eyes



When Yusuke was 14, he was a loner hardass, treating everyone like sh*t. As time went on, going on his adventures and making friends and kicking demon ass, he softened up a bit.

Nowadays, Yusuke is much lighter hearted, being married and having friends. Still though, when someone treats him or anyone he knows bad, the hardass will come back out of him.




LAYOUT CODE: Enchanted Illusions-Ginny Weasley

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Here for:Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Somewhere in Japan
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:In college
Occupation:Retired Spirit Detective
Characters: Yusuke Urameshi
Verses: Yu Yu Hakusho
Length: One Liner, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Crossover, Video Game,
Status: Married
Member Since:April 19, 2013

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About me:



❝Today did start off weird. I went to school...�


Yusuke died at the age of 14 while saving a little boy from getting hit by a car. He became a ghost, floating around Earth. Koenma, acting ruler of Spirit World, saw the good and potential in Yusuke and decided to give him a second chance at life. After doing some other worldly deeds and making a self-sacrifice, Yusuke is brought back to life. Once back to life, he resumed his life, but now working for Koenma as the Spirit Detective, which entailed taking on strange cases for Spirit World that included criminal demons in the human world and spirit world. As spirit detective, Yusuke took on various cases. He sought out three demon treasures, became the apprentice to Genkai, developing his spirit powers. He put away the rouge demon Rando, went through Maze castle to defeat the four Saint Beasts along with Kuwabara, Hiei and Kurama and rescued his then girlfriend Keiko. He went on to rescue Hiei's sister Yukina, competed in the Dark World Tournament, taking 1st place, was kidnapped and rescued by his friends, defeated the former spirit detective Shinobu Sensui, discovered he was part demon and descendant of the demon Raizen. He was stripped of his spirit detective title due to fear of his demon side taking control of him, returned to Demon World to be Raizen's successor to keep the balance of power between the demon kings Mukuro and Yomi. Raizen died and Yusuke assumes his throne. Yusuke proposed a tournament to decide the overall ruler of Demon World. Yusuke loses in the second elimination round to Yomi, but the other rulers also did not win. The new ruler proposed this tournament be held ever few years to "elect" a new ruler. This first ruler has pushed for more peaceful relations between demon world and the human world. Yusuke remained in the demon world for a long time before finally returning to the human world to his friends and Keiko. Koenma offered Yusuke his Spirit Detective job back, and was immediately fired, to which Yusuke responded "that's too bad because I quit".

●I didn't know demons thought so logically


Since his return (where this rp picks up), Yusuke has enjoyed being a retired Spirit Detective. He and Keiko have gone their separate ways. Yusuke went between demon world and the human world, depending on his business and personal interests. He then decided to stay in the human world, training a successor in the demon world to watch over his kingdom until his return. He made new friends and had a period of time where he fought in tournaments. His official tournaments record was 1-1-1. He lost the first tournament he participated in, making it to the semi-finals. The second tournament he made it to the finals against his now good friend Goku, which ended in a draw. His third and last tournament appearance, which was a tournament he hosted, he won, barely. After so much fighting, he wanted to have more fun and meet people. He dated lots of women, went to parties, threw parties, had a couple of kids, adopted a kid, was married and divorced once, until finally he settled down with the love of his life, Yuri, whom he is currently married to and has been with for years now. They are very happy together and started a family. Their first child together was their daughter Aya, a little firecracker who has traits from both her parents. They are currently expecting their second child very soon! Yusuke continues to make friends and have fun, with his family being the most important thing in his life now.


-salutes- Salutations to those reading this. My name is Sousuke Urameshi, adopted son of Yusuke and Yuri Urameshi. When I first entered the family, I really didn't know what to expect. I mean, look at me; cat ears, an appetite for cat food, plus arcing electricity all over the place. @[email protected] But dad was very welcoming and looked past all that. We have awesome, intellectual, and logical discussions and he always looks out for me. He's one I can always turn to when I need to vent and/or ramble off my never ending train of thoughts. xD Also when I need help, he's there and prepared to assist. I definitely have the coolest dad in any realm. xP And also we are one heck of a force to be reckoned with, able to kick some serious carcus if the situation calls for it, but we prefer peaceful solutions. ^.^ -poses his hand like a gun- SPIRIT GUNNNN! xD I always wanted to do that. ^.^ Dad, you're awesome and the haters should take notes. There's no reason to hate to begin with, right? ^.^

●My Heart.


STATUS: Married.
BY WHO: Yuri
SINCE: 11.08.10
MARRIED: 01.27.13
FIRST CHILD - AYA: 11.26.18 @ 9:17PM
SONG:And She Said...
COMMENT:Hello dears! The wifey here to tell you all just why and how much I love and adore this man. We've known each other for so long and would you all believe that in the beginning I didn't like him. Funny isn't it? I went from disliking him to marrying him. But being with him has been the best thing to ever happen to me and still is. There is just so much to say about him and how i feel. it's hard to know just where to start. But the best place is just by saying that I love him. I love him like i've never loved anyone before. With each passing day, with each second and each breath my love for him just grows. And when i think i can't love him anymore than i already do i get proven wrong. He's the most caring, sweet, thoughtful, wonderful, and all around out of this world guy. He is my king, my god. my everything. My best friend and lover. oh god! he is a a damn great lover! Bitches be jealous he knows damn well how to give it to a girl and have me on cloud nine. But besides he's amazing bedskills, i love that no matter how crappy a day I've had or how i sh*tty i feel just hearing from him, seeing that sexy and goofy grin of his always makes my day and puts a smile on my face. I just feel so spoiled rotten because his love is that sweet and more. I know that there isn't anything he wouldn't do for me and just that though makes me smile and happy that i have a man that would do nearly anything for me. I know if he could he would move heaven and earth for me. He's my gift from god and i thank him for bringing Yusuke into my live. I couldn't picture myself without him. Just a day apart from him and i miss him like crazy. I know i might sound corny or like i've repeating myself but if i am it's because its all worth saying again. Yusuke I love you more than any words could ever express. And i know that no matter how much i love you it hurts to know that my love will never equal the love you have for me but knowing that only makes me love you more. You are my one and only. Love you so much baby!! ♥ ♥ ♥
Who I'd like to meet:
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Apr 12th 2023 - 7:20 PM

I hope you are having a fantastic day!
If you have time and would like to talk about a possible starter let me know!

Aug 7th 2022 - 8:00 PM

Sorry this took so long, a lot of things going on with me irl. Things have become stressful so its taking me some time to be able to do anything on here. Anyways, a trip off planet will be fun!! Meet a bunch of creatures and get into all sorts of trouble lol. Now, just how to get you off planet that would make sense.

ₛₑᵣᵢₒᵤₛ Dᵣᵤₙₖ.

Jul 30th 2022 - 5:17 AM

Oi! G’day Urameshi! Not a problem mate! Ha! How’s life treatin ya? It’s been a sec.

Jun 27th 2022 - 7:36 PM

Ah, Hello Yusuke. The pleasures all mine my friend.

Jun 27th 2022 - 4:16 PM

Yusuke honey how are you doing today:)
𝓖𝓸𝓭𝓪𝓲𝓶𝓮 𝓗𝓸𝓴𝓪𝓰

Jun 6th 2022 - 12:32 PM

You're more then welcome.

May 22nd 2022 - 10:37 PM

I do apologize for the l;ate response. RL has kept me beyond busy!! Anyways, are you wanting to stay on Earth? My character is not from Earth so I like to make sure to give the option!

Apr 6th 2022 - 9:58 PM

Hehe. Thank you! Ready to discuss?
ɪᴛ ᴡᴀꜱ ɪ, ᴅɪᴏ!

Apr 1st 2022 - 1:00 AM

Thanks for the add, Spirit Detective.

Mar 15th 2022 - 11:27 PM

I am doing good, Thank you for the well wishes. Its all good as you can tell, it takes me a bit to get to things as well. lol
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