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Hometown:Sharlayan , Eorzea
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Characters: Alphinaud Leveilleur
Verses: Multiverse/Crossover, Final Fantasy XIV
Playbys: Sam Riegel, Colin Ryan
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Genre: Adventure, Crossover, Drama, Fantasy, Open, Video Game,
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About me:
Female Admin • Multimuse • Multi-Verse • 17 years RP experience • Non-smut • Non-biased

Discord will be given only if I offer it.

Link to Noctis RoyalRebel Caelum:https://www.aniroleplay.com/RoyalRebel01



•I am very lore-based, so dark themes WILL take part in any RolePlays that happen.

•Please, unless you are musing an NPC from the FFXIV verse, or have Alphinaud on a Dissidia team, you may NOT approach me with a plot that our characters already know each other. No Preset Stories, not even for OC purposes.

•Alphinaud is canonly 16, a MINOR/underaged/-18 character. I will NOT age him up so you can ship with him, I will NOT make exceptions for your character, and I will NOT use AU (Alternate Universe). He is off the board for shipping.

•If you do not know my character? please PLEASE ASK, I am more than happy to help you learn about him and where he’s from, without spoiling too much about the story (or no spoiling at all).


Brief About
Born of Sharlayan, Alphinaud and his twin sister, Alisaie, were sent to Eorzea to live with their grandfather; Archon Louisoix. Their father, Fourchenalt Leveilleur, had disowned his own children and abandoned their mother, as they did not share his political beliefs. Trial after trial would come about their lives, their grandfather had made the ultimate sacrifice and gave his life to save Eorzea upon the Calamity that was wrought by the Primal Bahamut. Five years following that fated day, the twins lived among the Scions of The Seventh Dawn. Events following had deemed Alphinaud the new Head of the Scions. Time and time again, he works alongside the Warrior of Light. Devising strategies to stop the Empire’s plans and hope to save the Star of Hydaelyn from the apocalypse impending by the Ascians.
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Mar 13th 2022 - 11:39 PM

[I copied everything over here for you.]

 Xion Kagami
Alias: Remnant, Fragment
RACE: Human, Remnant
AGE: Unknown
Attribute: Ice & Light
GENDER: Female

BACKGROUND: Encapsulated in ice for what seem an eternity. She awakens to the sound of a faint voice. The words repeated until she realized it was her own voice & her wish to be returned to this world 'she' had left. Her past life filled with obscurity. Going by the name, Xion Kagami & those words that brought her back into existence what drives her forward. Xion can manifest soul bound weapons at will, Veralta and Berona. The weapons can be enhanced by her magic of ice & light. Xion is able to shift between these attributes evident in her armor and appearance change. The root of her abilities unknown to her, but carries a connection to the weavers of her existence. Only certainty she held was her lavender eyes and skills tied to the woman in her dream. Many questions surround her, but determination to solve the mysteries carries her into a new adventure to find the answers.

Mar 6th 2022 - 9:50 PM

My profile is not loading?
I can provide you links to my documents to skim over.
My character is original, but her abilities are based off two characters. 
One from FFXIV, Shiva from Eden Verse and another from a different game from her previous life/alternate personality.
I have completed FFXIV and I am stoked to write with you something similar. :)
I won't spoil anything for you given your status.  

Mar 6th 2022 - 9:24 PM

Thank you for accepting/requesting me! My name is Xion Kagami. If you would like to engage in a story please let me know. I can do para to novella-ish amount of writing. I have origin stories and starters to help us preapre for a story featured on my profile. If they don't please you, we can always discuss another topic. Until then take care

Feb 15th 2021 - 9:58 PM

"To the surprise of no one, Alphinaud." Her arms fold, and a broader smirk settles. "For all we know, it could also be G'raha."

Feb 15th 2021 - 9:48 PM

"Hey, don't look at me," she starts, raising her hands up defensively. "I only do it on occasion. And I mostly give my own carbuncles the treats, anyway."

Feb 15th 2021 - 9:42 PM

A faint smirk curls at the edges of her lips, and she folds her arms across her chest. "Keeps em' spry. What can I say?"

Feb 15th 2021 - 9:39 PM

"...Can you blame her, though? I'd do the same thing."

Feb 15th 2021 - 9:36 PM

"Merely jesting. I know you wouldn't abandon them after this long." Pallid fingertips reached out, offering the shorter elezen a gentle headpat.

Feb 15th 2021 - 9:30 PM

"I'd hope you've still got the intention on giving your carbuncles some attention despite the new proficiency with those nouliths, Alphinaud."

Apr 28th 2020 - 2:36 PM

-- He truly has. I love his character development through the story. One day, I hope to see him have the faith in himself to be the leader we all know he can become/is fully. How are you, Twinny?
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