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Birthname: Draeor Sevin.
Nickname(s): Sacris
Born: Zirox, The 23rd.
Zodiac: Zir.

Age: 28.
Planet: Planet Blitz.
Hometown:Slopeia Village.
Country: N/A.
Currently resides: The Steep (North).
Species: Blitzian.
Gender: Male.
Height: 5'8".
Weight:: 62 kg.
Hair: White.
Eyes: Blue.
Tattoo(s): Back of right shoulder.
Status: Not interested.
Since: Not interested.
Father: Droga Sevin.
Mother: Priscilla Clove.
Guardian:Mariara Clove.
Aunt(s) : Raega Sevin.
Uncle(s): Dysax Sevin. Sicks Sevin.
Cous):Saosyn Sevin.
Extra Info
Occupation:Hunter. Warrior.
Drinks: Occasionally.
Smokes: No.
Drugs: No.


Sacris naturally displays a hardened and serious surface despite his heroic-like qualities. He openly displays compassion and concern for the village people of Slopeia and has a great respect for nature and the livelihood of his environment. Regardless of the fact that he’s spent the majority of his lifetime outside of the capital, Sacris is shown to be extremely attentive to his surroundings as both a hunter and warrior, and proves himself to be efficient in understanding the politics of the world around him. Dynamic and creative, Sacris does not always go about achieving his goals and aspirations by conventional means. His selfless tendencies and quick-thinking makes him deadly towards his enemies, most often leaving them with a thirst for revenge if ever granted the mercy for such. However, as a realist he understands not everyone can be saved and more importantly some people are not worth saving.

Sacris firmly believes that combat is another tool for survival, and while it is heavily integrated into his arsenal, it is a single trade at his disposal. Not far from embodying the ideal of taking from the rich and giving to the poor, Sacris is willing to make a number of sacrifices to ensure those he cares about are protected. Although he has personally expressed not liking to be in charge, he has had to carry the weight of a leader and provider on various occasions while living in Slopeia, finding himself leading a number of strikes and missions on the smaller front of factions that litter the Steep. In light of this, Sacris has always prioritized tech scavenging and scrounging together other goods essential to prolonging life in the unforgiving cold of the Steep. Resources he does not donate or use to arm and equip his fellow villagers, he breaks down and re-purposes into other unique and useful items, showing a proficient level of experience with engineering and mechanics.


Sacris is a youthful man with a physical and agile build. He has spiky white hair, a near pale shade of apricot and a slightly darker tinge of blue eyes in contrast to the usual iconic hue of House Sevin members: a trait that he shares with Droga Sevin, his father. His outfit during the first part of the introduction arc consists of a steampunk theme, fitted with iron colors and gear bolts; looser black slacks, a matching sleeveless shirt and belt. In addition, he sports weathered boots, gauntlets with a pauldron over his left shoulder, and a band on his right wrist said to have belonged to his mother. He also wears a junky gear-like armlet on his left forearm fitted with a hypersonic device designed especially to incapacitate enemies and the larger creatures he hunts out in the snowy mountains of the steep.


Ultonic Energy -

Sacris was born under the Zodiac Zir and is able to manipulate energy. More specifically he has developed the ability to create Ultonic Energy; a unique class of radiation energy that requires Blitz Dna as a conduit to activate and control. Ultonic Energy is understood to be like that of a finger print and while it can be compared to other forms of radiation, it is in an entirely different grade of its own. Meaning it does not share the same limitations as Alpha, Neutron, and Beta particles. The same can be said of Gamma rays. Although the effect of Ultons on Blitizians are minor at finite levels, moderate to immense exposure to these particles still prove to be every bit as fatal and hazardous outside of the originating source.

Ultons are an excessive and rapid pattern of radiation particles when compared to gamma, and alpha radiation -- thus when emissions are at moderate to high levels Ultonic Energy is capable of over-penetrating the most durable and dense surfaces not limited to exterrestrial alloys, hides, non-living objects and living organisms all together; often resulting in a pungent wave of toxicity. Living organisms are the most susceptible to Ultonic Radiation Energy, as this energy can not only enter the skin but can be inhaled at a high enough concentration. This can lead to disease inducement, cell eradication, nerve damage and other excruciating experiences.

Ultons are known to travel viable distances in a variety of different manners and can be designated to a specific area as well as slowly elongated to persist overtime with enough focus and emitted force. Most forms of energy can be rendered Ultonic when coming into contact with it's radiation, allowing Sacris to overwhelm and corrupt a number of energy sources as they develop or exit a medium. Sound is an example of this, though it has only been demonstrated a handful of times. Almost into his thirties, Sacris has maximized his skills of producing, shaping, and projecting Ultonic Energy.


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Characters: Draeor ''Sacris'' Sevin.
Verses: Custom, Open, Sci-Fi, Fantasy.
Playbys: Cloud Strife.
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Member Since:September 16, 2019

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Draeor Sacris Sevin or simply known as ‘’Sacris’’ is the illegitimate son of Droga Sevin and Priscilla Clove. At the start of the War Makes Orphans Arc he is the only remaining member of House Sevin on Planet Blitz in the last thirty or so years, unbeknownst to even himself. Draeor was born on the 23rd of Zirox -- far removed from the Blitz Capital -- in the Steep Village of Slopeia. The child’s secrecy was a product of an ongoing affair Droga had with a steep maiden . What began as a simple pastime and abuse of social status, became a deeper connection for Droga following the arrival of his son whom he held a single time before the campaign people of the steep refer to as Terrorix’s Shadow. Between acts and assignments Droga carried out with Crest and Dysax, Droga often returned to the Planet in brief instances to provide Priscilla with resources and Merits he converted from royal coin. He would afford the two a decent living, not only to assure that the child was being properly cared for, but also in order to prevent Priscilla from stepping foot anywhere near the capital. About a year later Priscilla would come down with a maternal related illness and suffer the complications of Draeor’s birth.

Around the time when this occurred, Droga would leave Priscilla’s younger sister, Miriara with a sack of merits to keep the child safe -- and a set of instructions to follow upon Draeor’s fourteenth birthday. During the immediate aftermath of King Terroix’s campaign on the collection of planets under the jurisdiction of the Parim Federation, a fraction of Parim’s fleet would storm Planet Blitz in retaliation, and Terroix’s response was to prioritize the evacuation of his sons and those closest to him. During the onslaught, Parim’s cells wrought havoc on the Blitz homeworld and even abducted citizens of the capital to recoup their losses at the hands of Terrorix. Droga, returning to the capital from Slopeia as he had typically done, would be the last to receive Terrorix’ directive and would find himself stepping foot right in the middle of the brimstone that would become the capital. Undergoing a dramatic change of heart once more due to his son, Droga took a stand for his people, once more favoring his rebellious ways instead of leaving the planet. Ultimately, this resulted in his capture and enslavement by Parim.

To be continued...

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