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Oh, Mother Night! Fold your dark arms about me. Protect me in your black embrace. I sit alone, an impotent exile, whilst this form, this presence, returns to torment me!
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Characters: Raphael De Rosso (Human version available), Konraka
Verses: Custom, open, Supernatural, urban fantasy, sci-fi, crime
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Comic, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
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About me:


NAME: Raphael De Rosso
NICKNAMES/ALIASES: Konraka, The Demon Sultan, Meatball Bello
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral
WEIGHT: 190lbs
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
OCCUPATION: Undertaker / Private investigator


The obsidian creature stands at roughly twelve feet tall, held up by two strong hind legs -- akin to a grasshopper -- with the muscle plated body and arms of a regular humanoid, with two large bat-like wings that protrude from the shoulder blades, and a six foot dragon's tail that joins up with the spinal column. The head is smooth, with two horns that curl out from the temples, and another two horns that arch upward from the back of the skull. The face is nonexistent, with nothing but a wide toothy maw, and a long thrashing tongue.


When the Interplanetary deity and eater of worlds, Lord Shigal, attempted to consume a neutron star, it had accidentally blown itself to bits in the ensuing supernova, not only resulting in the destruction of the CS-835 galaxy, but would see the birth of the world eater’s first heir, and dark priest; Konraka, translated from the tongue of the abyss as “THE DARK STAR” or “THE BLACK STAR”
As a newborn, he spanned an impressive four hundred feet long, and weighed at a staggering one hundred sixty-four thousand tons, and would only double in size as he entered adulthood.

For eons he travelled, leading the ancient deity upon the celestial waves, morphing and assimilating himself into countless races and cultures, spreading the good word of the abyssal lords, driving each planet into ruin, before it would be consumed by his father.

All hopes of opposing the great world eater were futile, for he was the enemy no one could ever see coming, terrible yet swift was his attack, thousands of years of civilization would be wiped out in the blink of an eye.

However, there was one who would challenge him...

Xanro -- a scientist belonging to the Arthropod race from the planet of L’th -- had survived the destruction of his home world, and dedicated himself to the task of killing the eater of worlds, spending years obsessively perfecting a weapon that he would call “THE ION STORM” a cannon that was capable of wiping out planets in a single shot.

He ventured the furthest reaches of space, following a trail of ruin left in the wake of the eldritch traveller, and it didn’t take long until Xanro had finally caught up with his prey.

The newly created Ion storm would tear lord shigal apart with its wrathful bolts, leaving the great world eater to be injured beyond regeneration. so, in an act of desperation, he wills himself to self-destruct in an explosion so great that it rocks the entire gulf of space, and the newly born universe.

Xanro’s ship is badly damaged in the explosion, and High Priest Konraka is speculated to have been thrown into another reality from the force of his father’s death, resulting in him drifting through space, more dead than alive.

Planets, races and Gods are reborn from the ruins of the past, a new universe lives and breathes, with its destroyer sleeping at the very heart of his involuntary creation.


In the dreams of his death like slumber, the voice of his father comes from beyond, summoning the astral beast, guiding his spirit to the planet known as “EARTH” where mighty shigal lay at the planet’s core, where he speaks delightful words of madness into the minds of those ready to receive them. One fateful night, the children of the abyss gather for the ritual that sees one of their most devoted, a witch by the name of Viola, be impregnated by the stygian king, and bear his demon seed.

Though born in the likeness of man, the black priest was far from human. In undying devotion to the great world eater, and the dark star, the children of the abyss would take this boy messiah, and make him into a beast.

For thousands of years, Demons, Angels, Gods, all knew the might and wrath of Konraka and his vicious bastard avatar, whose thirst for power and destruction knew no limits.

The year 949 AD would see the planets align, the time was right for Lord Shigal to roam free once more, and reclaim what was his; t’was the sole duty of his son to recite the litany of awakening, and bring about the end of this fledgling planet. However, a little organization known as the Order of Magi had something to say about that, and the waking ritual was interrupted, and head mage, Seth, had sacrificed his sanity in battle with the black priest.

Yet he managed to endure the torture inflicted on his mind by Ka, and was able to prevent the summoning of the eldritch deity. This is where the priest would be stripped of his power, and sentenced to death.

He would defy his father, and massacre the children of the abyss, but would ultimately be defeated by the order of Magi, after they brought the black temple down on his head.

The black priest was sealed away in a tomb buried deep in the bowels of the earth, just underneath the headquarters of the magi...


Ka’s avatar raged within the confines of his own lifeless body for half a millenia, screaming for vengeance, vengeance that the lords of the deep would soon grant him. In the wake of the black priest’s defeat, another had rose up to lead the children of the abyss, one known as “THE CRIMSON IDOL” the magi were at a complete loss on how they should deal with this new threat, so in their desperation, they consulted the only one who knew anything about the cult.

The Avatar was finally raised from his five century long sleep, and was thoroughly questioned about the cult, and the God(s) they worshipped. Though his knowledge was limited, he provided them with more than they could ever hope to find out, his generosity didn’t end there as he offered to wipe out his former subjects for the magi.

Though apprehensive about it at first, an agreement was reached that if he could bring in the crimson idol, then the priest could be a free man, albeit with his powers greatly nullified, it wasn’t good, but it was the best he could get.

The priest’s knowledge of his former subjects served him well, as he ventured the land, butchering them like Pigs, and destroying their temples, just as he had done to non-believers in the name of Lord Shigal. This would soon result in an encounter between both Priest and Idol, who was revealed to be Azatar, brother of Konraka.

Despite the disparity in their abilities, the priest was able to ultimately prevail over his brother, dealing a critical blow to the children of the abyss. However, things didn’t quite turn out as they should, and the order of magi went back on their agreement; The priest was freed from the shackles of death, only to be made a servant of the magi, while his brother was condemned to the same living hell as he suffered years ago.

Now divest of his pious duties, the avatar of great Ka was finally his own man, even though he was not technically a FREE man. A period of “Rehabilitation” took place, where he reclaimed his own mind, and cleansed it of the corrupting Dogma that plagued it for so many years. He adopts the name of Raphael in tribute to the artist, -- whose work he had come to admire over the years -- though the last name of De Rosso remains something of a mystery to most.

Raphael was one of the order’s top agents, and was assigned jobs that no other could complete, he had no area of expertise in the organization, he simply did what was told of him, beit espionage, assassination, or retrieval of ancient magic artifect, he did it all.

Though as one could imagine, he grew contemptuous in his servitude to the order of Magi, and yearned for his deliverance from their clutches, and it came in the strangest of ways.

Cyclons -- a race of ten foot tall, skinless cyborgs with metal angel wings -- had launched an attack against earth, after having travelled the Cosmos for thousands of years, looking for Shigal. They didn’t care about the human lives they endangered by destroying the earth, but they knew that having the world eater in such a weak state was once in a lifetime opportunity, and they needed to capitalize.

With the help of his son Sebastian, and a reemerging Xanro, Raphael was able to destroy the cyclon fleet, saving the world for the second time in his life.

Such a feat was not overlooked by the order of Magi, and a party in Raphael’s honor was held, with the intention of awarding him a medal for not only saving the world, but to celebrate the years of service he put in as an agent of the order.

Raphael hatched a plan that night, that would either see him die at the hands of his colleagues, or see him leave a free man; Raphael would pull his gun upon the elder as they were about to award him his medal, and in the blink of an eye, he had gunned all three of them down.

The halls were struck silent by the violent act, and mages watched in disbelief as one who was so subservient to the order of Magi, had suddenly turned on his masters - that’s when the magi attacked, throwing everything they could at the eldritch hybrid, and relied purely on his marksmanship, brute strength and durability to see him through.

Nearly a hundred magi were killed that day, but it was Raphael who would end up succumbing to his wounds, and perish at the hands of those who he served. That’s when he would be imprisoned once again, this time with no chance of release in sight.


Raphael wouldn’t see any kind of freedom for the next ten years, and by this time a lot had changed. The Cyclon invasion of earth had the major governments of the world on edge, this would bring about the founding of DELTA GREEN - an organization equipped with advanced technology for dealing with all kinds of supernatural or extraterrestrial threats.

It wasn’t long before Delta Green had the Order of Magi in their crosshairs, and something of a witch hunt had begun, with Mages being hunted down and executed in cold blood, those who were smart went into hiding.

The order’s numbers had dwindled substantially, and they were no longer the powerful organization they used to be, chances of weathering this storm were very slim. However, hope had soon presented itself. Bella De Rosso, Raphael’s youngest daughter, had been unfortunate enough to inherit a lot of her father’s abilities, one of which was the ability to turn herself into a sixty foot monstrosity that could wipe out an entire city, and that’s what she almost did when she lost control one day.

She was immediately taken away by Delta Green, after she had turned back into her normal self. She was taken to one of their top secret facilities out into the west, where she was experimented on by the science team, overseeing all this was one of Delta Green’s most successful projects, Agent Morris.

The order of Magi had unearthed Raphael’s decaying form and updated him on the state of the world, and of Delta Green taking his youngest child. There was no arguing about it, Raphael accepted the job on one condition, he did it his way.

He went off the rails, interrupting a news broadcast to warn the government and authorities of what he was going to do, lest Delta Green released his daughter, saying that he would go on a killing spree.

Agent Morris called the Hybrid’s bluff, and a staggering five hundred people were brutally killed and cannibalized in one night, with another two hundred followed the night after. Delta Green sent out heavily armed task forces throughout the country, but could not find Raphael anywhere.

Pressure was soon put on the government to stop the killings; the government then put pressure on Delta Green, Morris had to do something. That’s when he made a television appearance, requesting that Raphael contact him immediately.

An agreement was reached between the two that Raphael would collect Bella at Delta Green’s private facility, but things didn’t quite go that way, it was an ambush. Their weapons were able to greatly wound him, yet it was sheer determination alone that got him through Delta Green’s finest, But was left weakened when he finally came face to face with Agent Morris.

Morris would end up crippled and immobilized in their fight, and in a strange act of compassion, he left him, feeling that too many people had died at this point. He went to collect his daughter from the lab, he tried to rouse her from what he thought was a deep sleep, it was upon further investigation he discovered she had no heartbeat, no pulse...
For the first time in his life, Raphael broke down in tears, cradling her lifeless body.

He’d soon have her securely taken away from the facility, deciding to stay behind to personally deal with Morris. Letting rage consume him, he transforms into Konraka, taking a couple of nuclear warheads from the facility, and flies off with them.

The first would be thrown down upon a nearby city, killing two hundred thousand people in the explosion, the last one he saved especially for Morris, throwing the bomb directly down on top of him, completely annihilating the super agent.

Raphael was racked with guilt, as he watched the chaos of Konraka’s wrath unfold before him. From that day on, he hid himself, living in shame for his actions, and went into deep seclusion for the next few years, working as an undertaker.

The year is now 2020: Raphael has been making appearances back in the underground, taking on jobs as a private investigator for supernatural cases. Sometimes getting freelance work from his former employers at the Order of Magi.


Listen up, and listen good; I've had my fair share of bad eggs over the past few months, and I think it would be wise to lay down some rules to avoid any further aggravation and confusion.
  • DRAMA: Yeah, bit of a given this one, isn't it? well some people tend not to follow this golden rule, and proceed to bring drama my way. Do not drag me into your conflicts or petty vendettas with people, and don't expect me to take sides, leave me out of it.

  • REAL LIFE ROMANCE: Am I single? yes. do I want to date you? no. I am here to write, and hopefully make some friends along the way, what I don't want is for someone to take any in-character attachments, and bring them into the real world.

  • SHIPPING: Okay this is for in-character romances, and I am pretty stern on this one. I do not like the thought of exclusivity in roleplay, these are fictional characters, and attaching real life commitments to them is very foolish in my opinion, and tends to impose great limitations on what you write. This is why I choose to Multi-ship, where each pairing takes place in it's own timeline.

    If you're into exclusive shipping, then all power to you, but it's not my thing, let me do me. If you ask me to ship with you, and you obviously haven't read my profile or rules, then I will flat out refuse.

  • SMUT: This character is very sexually active, so he isn't going to say no.

  • DISCORD: Yes I have discord, you can find me at: BLACK PRIEST#0585

  • READING MY RULES: I typed these rules out for a reason, so I can greatly reduce the chances of me running into anymore weirdos, or people wanting me to do things their way. so please, for your own sake as well as mine, read these rules before we interact, just so we can save each other a lot of hassle.

Who I'd like to meet:

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Like A Phoenix™

22 hours ago

Her emerald hues widened for a moment before she saw him bashfully begin to write up a check and she laughed a bit, her shoulders shaking. It was really a riot. Not how she had expected to meet this long-fabled individual. 

"No worries here. Please, you're a guest. I wouldn't fathom charging you for the hospitality I hope Diana has treated you well and, um...honestly, the stories are payment enough. Your reputation proceeds you, Mr. De Rosso."

Sep 26th 2020 - 6:18 PM

Sasha smiled gently and warmly as she could tell his curiosity inched it's existence in his tone. "Well...i am expecting. " 

Sep 25th 2020 - 5:32 PM

Sasha batted her lashes rapidly as her glossy lips parted once he spoke. " that is why my flowers are blooming at a exhilarating rate...but ah thats not why I invited you here...though I will be talking to Penn about that little sorted detail. "

Sep 23rd 2020 - 11:05 PM

"Our previous Don...lost his wife, tragically. He was broken, damaged and he sought many" Bring her back? Diana was not sure what it could be called. To her, it was the desperate, delusional attempts of a man who'd lost the love of his life to the cold clutches of Death. Conjuring back the dead or bringing them back to life sounded like nonsense. Though Mr. De Rosso continued with his investigation, informing Diana in delicate, but concise terms. 

"...War. Not only on this scope but...supernaturally, correct?" She asked, inclining her head to favor her left shoulder. "I will help you, Mr. De Rosso, if...possible...if you could not tell my Don. I understand you wish to confirm and run things by her, but...she is already dealing with so much. It is my responsibility to make sure that the Russos are well taken care of, even...if they don't know it."

The maid bowed her head respectfully, her hands closed over her lap, but with such a tight grip it caused her gloves to shift on her hands. "Use me. I am yours, Mr. De Rosso, however, you see fit."

Sep 17th 2020 - 9:02 PM

Taken a seat across from him, her gray optics peered across at their welcomed guest. She merely blinked when he mentioned the Russo Family being a mob. She would not agree or disagree, but merely gesture with her hand for him to continue with his questioning. His inquiry, honestly, was not something she would have expected.

"I believe so. The Russo Family has only been three generations here in the United States, but in Italy, it runs far deeper. Excuse my wording, but...there have been rumors with our previous Don--rest his soul--and he...may have dabbled." Diana said, tilting her head as her finger lightly rested against her chin in thought. Black locks loosely falling down to frame her face before she nodded again.

"...We even have some Family members that are, well, not natural. I say this in the most respectful way possible, of course."

Sep 17th 2020 - 6:15 PM

Hello, There,
My name is Charlie.
I look forward to getting a roleplay going with you.
We can discuss or just wing it! I don't mind sending over starters randomly!
Uhm, What else? I'm not great at these.
Did I already say thank you for adding me? No?
Oh, Well THANKS!
Hope to hear back from you soon.

Sep 15th 2020 - 11:42 AM

While he collected himself, she was silent and gently rested the tray onto the marble coffee table before re-folding her hands in front of her. "Hm, certainly a problem." The Russo Family was in the midst of transitioning between leadership, Don Nice Russo (their long-standing Don) was stepping down and her daughter, Bianca was taking up the mantle. Some big shoes to fill, but it was the process of succession. So, things were a little muddled in the Russo Estate.

"...Perhaps I can be of help?" Diana was the closest to Don Nice Russo and had basically helped in raising Bianca to the woman she was today. She tilted her head a moment, a few loose strands of black brushing her shoulder. "Feel free to ask."

Sep 13th 2020 - 8:00 PM

The tray she kept in place, only within arm's length of him and that was enough. It opened the floodgates as he went for a bottle after bottle of the sweet nectar, all varying in different colors, aromas, and floral signatures.  Een as he shoveled spoonful after spoonful down his gullet, the maid didn't seem the slightest bit phased. In her line of work, she'd dealt with far worse requests and it was honestly beyond her to think that anything was 'worse'. If Don Russo wished for her guests to be satiated with nothing, but honey--Diana would do so.

The jubilation and sheer child-like wonder radiated off the man as he salivated over the next bottle that was sure to come, Diana was quickly seeing that the tray was growing lighter. His declaration caused her gaze to briefly peer upwards. One thing was for sure, Diana would neglect to inform him of the seasonal apiaries that the Russo Family owned. 

"Sir, will that be all?"

It was like watching a human garbage disposal, Diana thought this in the most respectful way possible. 

Sep 13th 2020 - 7:15 PM

The maid kept her stance, hands gently folded in front of her, while her misty eyes stared ahead--as if she were awaiting the next command. The two were bathed in a silence that could have been sawed through with a knife, but she didn't seem perturbed even when he finally made his request. "Of course.  We have Acacia honey, Alfalfa honey, Avocado honey, Basswood honey, Beechwood honey, Blueberry--"  She paused then, realizing that this could go on for another ten minutes before she bowed once more. "I will bring an assortment, excuse me." Still bowed, she backed up and then straightened herself to acquire what was requested.

About five minutes later, she knocked upon the door once more announcing her arrival an came in. A large silver tray in her hand with many small bottles of honey, none that shimmied or moved as she took her steps--almost gliding across the floor as if she were on ice. Before she paused in front of him. "Please."

Sep 13th 2020 - 5:12 PM

"It's a pleasure to meet you. On behalf of the Russo Family, I welcome you." The maid gave a graceful bow, her black locks falling to shield her face for a moment before she rose up to the proper position again. "I am Diana. Should there be anything that you need, please, do not hesitate to speak with me. I will fulfill any request to the best of my ability."

Clad in the classic style of Maid uniform, the only embellishment being golden rose that wound along the hem and up to her waist. As Head Maid, Diana had many responsibilities. Arrange the Estate, attend to guests, take out the trash, and tidy up.

ooc: Never know which people prefer to greet, so hey there. 
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