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About me:
.vicarious{Second Hide Blurbs Code}
Who I'd like to meet:

Legal Information
NAME: Hotaru Tomoe
NAME PRONUNCIATION: Ho-ta-roo To-mo-eh
NAME MEANING: “Firefly Sprouting from the Earth”
NICKNAMES: Hime/ Princess (Haruka), Firefly (Haruka and Selentis)...
ALIASES: Sailor Saturn, Messiah of Silence (as Mistress 9), Princess Saturn, Goddess/ Soldier of Death and Rebirth
DOB/ POB: January 6/ ???
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Tokyo, Japan (unless discussed otherwise)
Physical Information
AGE: 12 (Infinity arc), 0-5 (after being reborn), 8-12 (after being re-awakened), 14-15 (Parallel Sailor Moon/ after Galaxia arc), 16-18 (AU)
HAIR/ EYE COLOR: Black/ Violet (Purple in SM Crystal)
HEIGHT/ WEIGHT: 4’10” (Infinity arc), 5’1.5” (AU)/ Weight unknown
GENDER/ SPECIES: Female/ Human (part cyborg in Infinity arc)
Relationship Information
BLOOD RELATIVES: Keiko Tomoe (mother; deceased), Souichi Tomoe (father; alive in SM, but deceased in manga and SM Crystal)
ADOPTIVE RELATIVES (CANON): Haruka Tenoh (Haruka-papa), Michiru Kaiou (Michiru-mama), and Setsuna Meiou (Setsuna-mama)
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Taken by Atem Muto (Millennium Puzzle)
As Hotaru: Timid, Quiet, Resourceful, Expressionless/ Inhibited (at times), Responsible, Patient, Ambitious, Loyal, Distrustful (at first), Kind, Warm-hearted

As Sailor Saturn: Stoic, Serious, Less Empathetic, Lightly Sarcastic, Fond of Chaos and Destruction, Still willing to do anything to save/ protect Earth
Miscellaneous Information
OCCUPATION: Student, Sailor Guardian, Saturn Princess
LIKES: Her best friend Chibi-Usa, Her father, Gothic or Dark clothing, Dim lighting, Nihon Soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles), The color purple, Collecting lamps, World History, Playing the violin, The gemstone fluorite, Reading
DISLIKES: Kaolinite, Milk, Hurting her closest friends and loved ones, Being teased and bullied, Evil forces, Marathons, Sports
BIRTHSTONE/ ASTRO. SIGN: Garnet/ Capricorn
» Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you. Easy peasy lemon squeezey.
» 1 paragraph, or 5 sentences minimum, to multiple paragraphs preferred (semi para is tolerated).
» I'm not here for smut or ero rp, but I'm by no means a prude. (You can thank Deadpool for that. xD)
» I prefer role-play in messages though fine with status. Ooc can be sent via messages or comments.
» A discussion before a role-play is preferred, but I don't mind random starters (rarely) and banters.
» What happens in our role-play, stays in the role-play unless we discuss or agree otherwise.
» I will NOT change my character to be a character you want/ request me to be.
» No number adders, drama, god modding, trolls, auto-hitting, auto-killing, etc.
» Real life sucks, but always comes first. Gotta pay the bills or else I can't be here. Don't rush me - it's just a hobby.
» I welcome OC's, mirrors (maybe), canons, AU's, and so on. Cross overs are encouraged.
» Discord? You have a VERY small chance of me saying yes and giving it to you - don't get your hopes up.
» Please don't confuse or mix-up reality and fiction (or in this case, role-play).
» I'm here to role-play, not to find a real life relationship - no offense. However, I don't mind at all if your character becomes interested in mine, or vice versa and they end up in a relationship...if there's chemistry.
» I'm content with violence, blood, gore, etc even though I haven't gone that route in a while.
» I DO NOT claim ownership of the character (or the character(s) used to make Teen Hotaru (AU)), the images used, the music, or the profile layout.
» More might be added, but until then, how about we get to chatting or discussing a role-play?
Hotaru Tomoe/ Sailor Saturn

Hotaru Tomoe is the only child and daughter of Professor Souichi Tomoe, and the look-alike reincarnation of Sailor Saturn.

Want more info? Learn more here!

Present Day

Right now, Hotaru Tomoe is currently living with Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna. She spends her time collecting lamps, hanging out with her friends and family, going to school, playing the violin, eating Buckwheat noodles (not all of the time), and/ or reading anything revolving around World History. She has a dream to either become a nurse, a scientist like her father (AU), or a World History teacher (AU).

Connection Name Here
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Connection Name Here
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Navigation Powers & Attacks

POWERS/ ABILITIES: Death and Rebirth (possesses the power to completely obliterate/ destroy an entire planet, thus reducing everything and everyone on said world to complete and utter nothingness by swinging down her Silence Glaive; after the destruction all would be reborn in the future), Foresight/ Precognition (pretty much the ability to foresee events that have not yet come to pass), Healing (known to heal wounds), Fast Growth (it’s complicated to explain), Illusions (possesses the power to project, through illusions, what’s on her mind), Erection of Force Fields (Silence Wall)
ATTACKS/ MOVES: Death Reborn Revolution, Silence Wall, Silence Glaive Surprise, Galactica Glaive Surprise (under S. Galaxia’s control), Galactica Cannon (under S. Galaxia’s control)

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♑ of 𝒮ilence's Friends Comments
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Nov 17th 2021 - 12:01 PM

A pleasure of meeting you Hotaru.
Your very welcome hon.
I hope so. I like making friends.
Whenever your ready we can if you want.

Nov 12th 2021 - 8:05 PM

Hello Ma'am.
I'm Serenity Hellscythe-Forge
Thank you for accepting my request.
I hope to roleplay or chat with you soon.
-The female spartan bows her head a bit-
Numbuh #4

Sep 14th 2021 - 4:58 PM

I'm doing alright thanks for asking. Things have been okay, could be better though. This year has been a mixed bag. I'd love to discuss a potential storyline, that would be great. I'm open to ideas that seem plausible. Hope your day is going well.
Self-Righteous Aura

Aug 17th 2021 - 12:09 PM

No more lamp contests?! ;-; That's a sad toot..

Yeah. Something like that! Since Pokemon can be dangerous there are restrictions and people need to be qualified to be a trainer and what not. It would have been a way to have kept the outside world from knowing about Pokemon and things like that. And you know that I have Genshin Impact but I've never played it! v-v I haven't played many games..Work sucks the life out of me.

But if you think we are good to start I can set up a starter where people are making their way into the islands via VIP transportation!

Aug 13th 2021 - 6:07 PM

//*Smiles politely.* So nice to hear back from you, and yes, I agree. When I get sick it's not so much that I don't feel like responding it's just finding the energy to do such. Covid is definitely not a fun one, or so I've heard. Thankfully I haven't been afflicted with that specific ailment, or else if I had I hadn't know that that were what it were. Hopefully you get feeling better. Take as much time to rest up as you need to. As stated before I don't plan on going anywhere so respond when willing and able. *Smiles again.*

Now about storylines. I suppose the first issue to address would be where-in would we like to begin? Dark Kingdom, Black Moon, Dead Circus, post-Stars, pre-season, AU? I can adjust accordingly. I know a lot of people tend to prefer the post-Stars route which is fine; but I'm not picky on when or where we begin. If I have to decide I'll just roll a die and go from there. *Chuckles.*

Hoping this finds you well.
Self-Righteous Aura

Aug 6th 2021 - 10:33 PM

Lamp #1 and my choice is final!
Self-Righteous Aura

Jul 27th 2021 - 10:15 AM

*Nods nods* I can see that. In that case how about we start with a slice of life theme for the beginning of the roleplay. Dark and the Gym Leaders and Elite Four of Johto can hold a region-wide festival in order of a victory over Team Rocket. This festival will be branching outside of regions and inviting select people to bring along one more guest to the island. Hotaru, or Chibi, could have been the winners and as thus bring the other over. This way they can meet Pokemon, see all different kinds and have fun! However, the invitation will only last a week, or less if nothing unexpected happens (hint hint), and even if Hotaru or Chibi find Pokemon they like they won't be able to take their Pokemon outside the regions, or even carry them until they have a Pokemon license.

The outside world outside of the regions isn't ready for Pokemon yet so Gym leaders and factions are strictly set to keep any Pokemon from leaving. Later in the story, maybe Dark and his team can reach out to install Pokemon services outside where Hotaru and Chibi can transfer their Pokemon into their owns, with limited access.

But that's for another time! Right now I think that main important thing is to let our characters interact, no? So a lot of fun with roller coasters and more may just be what they need! The threat will come later. ;P

Jul 27th 2021 - 2:46 AM

//Alright so this has been a long time coming and I apologize, but I first want to thank you for accepting or otherwise sending the invitation. It is very nice to meet another Sailor Moon role player. Would you perhaps be interested in discussing a storyline? If not, it's perfectly understandable as I know a lot of verses and muns/muses on this site have since died, but I am hopeful that at least some will make full returns. Feel free to respond when able, but only if you so choose. There is no immediate rush or need I just don't want people to feel as if they are being ignored or turned into numbers. I also am just wanting to let others know that I am active and openly seeking partners to write with. However, if that is not your forte than I am alright with just getting to know people as well. Nowadays it's so hard to find people with similiar interests, wouldn't you agree? But I'm rambling on.

Whatever you decide. I hope you remain well, and are fruitful in your future endeavors.


Self-Righteous Aura

Jul 19th 2021 - 10:50 AM

None to worry! Or if you want to do a crossover of Pokémon and Sailor Moon we can also have it so our characters are in different continents. With Sailor Saturn and friends (unless you want to have it as just her) keeping the Negaverse at bay, the Negaverse reaches outside its hold to draw in Pokémon organizations like Team Rocker, etcera into Tokyo. With Queen Beryl losing her generals she seeks new subjects like Giovanni and others to control, using their Pokémon to create new youma. This will also give Dark a reason to chase the organization outside the region.

Apologies. I can keep throwing out ideas for days! xD Or maybe there something you want to do? Something you've been wanting to try?
Self-Righteous Aura

Jul 17th 2021 - 8:12 PM

It's a modified idea which I haven't been able to get going! Maybe it's too much. But so long as we can have an adventure and enjoy our stories that's what's really matters! ;D

I know you haven't roleplay in away and I'm not going to be nazi about how rusty you are. Is there something you don't like? We can always start smaller. Have our characters be crime fighters until someone makes some deal with a demon or something with the Negaverse. Maybe do a Hero Academia thing also. Whatever you feel comfortable with.
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