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March 04 2020

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~ Woswari ~

Nov 13th 2019 13:46

Hey you found a cute one though!!

Nov 11th 2019 19:47

He does! That’s where the gold highlights and coloring of his stripe just like his sister. All of Lazarus’ descendants starting from him will have that mark. He’s the second born of Lazarus, and this won’t be inheriting the throne. That’s for Nava, his sister. His mother is a golden lioness by the name of Kacela, who also has an account here. Azriel, as the second born inherits the military under his sisters rule when they’re older. 

Azriel as a cub is a total mommas boy. Not sissy or anything but he goes to his mother for everything. It’s not that he feels like he can’t talk to his dad it’s just he grows closer to his mom throughout his life. the reason being: Laz, in order to get his daughter ready to be Queen, spends a lot of time with her teaching her what she needs to learn to be a good ruler. This can sometimes make Azriel feel left out in the beginning, he’s a tough kid and the feeling of not getting enough of his fathers attention sometimes arises but not too often. Kacela noticing this, decided to teach Azriel how to fight from a very early age. This gives Azriel an outlet and something to focus on while also getting the same amount of attention from his mother. 

Don’t let that fool you though, Laz still loves his son very very much and as the cubs grow up they actually become thicker than thieves. No two in the pridelands as close as the brother and sister with more responsibilities than the cubs to come after them will ever have. As they grow they realize that they both have their own hugely important place and that becomes a way of bonding very very close.

So more about Azriel and just Azriel. He’s rambunctious and tough, he likes to try to be like his dad even when he looks silly doing it and often will get into trouble as a cub and young adolescent because of it. He’s witty and quick while also being very caring and understanding of certain circumstances that his sister isn’t. Because of this, when Laz passes and Nava takes over Azriels insight proves vital in making sure she makes good decisions for the pride. 

As an adult he’s a total flirt, never disrespectful and never a whore but also never afraid to be... extra kind to a lady. There’s actually so much more to discuss but I feel I’ve rambled enough. Haha sorry about that. I’m typing from thought on my phone so I apologize if this isn’t super polished 

Nov 11th 2019 16:11

Greetings! Couldn’t help but notice while I was snooping on your profile that Woswari was mentioning my son. I do still have him up for adoption and I don’t have him posted! He’s right here if you wanna see him. His name is Azriel
~ Woswari ~

Nov 11th 2019 07:30

Good to here Lass, I don’t think he has it posted so you may have to ask him about it. Also I’m doing great! Just getting to replies and thinking of note back story for Swari
~ Woswari ~

Nov 10th 2019 20:34

Sure, Lass! ‘Ere ya go. 

~ Woswari ~

Nov 10th 2019 20:23

Aye I hear ya Lass. Make sure you pick a cute one! Haha
~ Woswari ~

Nov 10th 2019 20:15

Yeah then I’d give him a try. He’s a good dude as long as you’re serious about the role xD but welcome regardless! I’d offer you one but I don’t have any characters in mind xD
~ Woswari ~

Nov 10th 2019 19:04

Ah! Glad to have you back Lass. Have you tried with Lazarus? I heard they have a son they need Rped. I know you’re a female but that’s the only open role I know of. But I know a lot of people all they do is make look after look. I dunno how much substance they have other than “look at this look I made” but I’m sure there are plenty of characters for ya.
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