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Lady Red, The Fiery One


There’s a saying that goes, “Monsters aren’t born, they made.” The same applies to this tale. The tale of Lena Kimura. She goes by many names in Japan. But before things get complicated, let’s begin with her origins. Her birth was tracked by to the late 1900s. She is the daughter of a former Oiran who had an arranged marriage. Due to this, both parents were wealthy and Lena’s mother retired for her daughter. She had high expectations that her daughter would follow in her footsteps to become an apprentice geisha (Maiko). At birth, Lena Kimura was born with dark brown wavy hair and eyes. At the age of eight years old, the young Lena started to developing--both in personality and physical form. She grew into having curves, a busty chest, and a lean body. Her height grew to 5’7. She has a personality that intrigued others. Often attentive to people, she was observant to things. Competitive against other women and men alike--she observed the competition well. A natural spitfire that’s feisty to all. She’s sassy to all who triggers her short temper. As she grew older, she became highly flirtatious to men.

After watching fellow Geisha at a young age, she put her own twist to the Geisha lifestyle as it was to entertain men. Lena was trained to be a Maiko since she became nine. Always observing, always following the lead of her mother who became a celebrity due to this occupation. Her mother was popular in the entertainment industry. However, Geisha are often mistaken for prostitutes which isn’t true at all. Geisha are hostesses that specialize in Japanese music, dancing, witty games and conversation. When she turned fifteen, she became a Maiko. For her age, she became popular for her age. Not because her mother was known but for her body. Unlike most asian women, they lacked curves. It was a fortunate case that made Lena stood out like a light in the darkness. This is by appearance alone. As they got to know her personality drew them in to become daily customers. Her customers became fans of her engaging conversation and her talent in music. For being paid half of an actual geisha, Lena earned more of that amount due to getting customers regularly. They was all men to her who wished to be entertained. Nothing more, nothing less. She tried not to pry into their personal live despite how open they was with her. This all happened in the city of Kyoto. The city she was born in.

During this era, myths of all sorts would roman the Earth. Both mythical beings and creatures a like. Rumor has it that the four sacred beasts were seen at different times. All of them were separated from one another doing their own motives. If they were to appear before a human, it was said to be a blessing or end in disaster. Which one it would be? No one was around to tell the story. Lena Kimura only heard from customers that two of the sacred beasts existed in Kyoto. He gotten this information from being ‘saved’ by one of them. However, he hesitated on revealing which mythical beast it was. This intrigued her greatly. As a young girl, she was told stories about myths and legends. Hearing more about them excited her so she pried into this man’s life. Something she don’t normally do.

The man she became so interested in became infatuated with her at first sight. The fact that he were able to tell her secrets and she confided with him created a connection. It was then she realized, she mixed love with business. But she went for it anyways, fascinated by his story and seemingly genuine nature. Little did she knew that even he had some baggage to carry behind closed doors. He was accepted into the Kimura family a year after seeing Lena. However, months in, Lena’s mother warned her about mixing business with pleasure. It could end disastrous. Lena took it with a grain of salt and continue seeing him. Within months after they became engaged, things started to spiral out of control.

Lena received death threats in letters that was anonymous to call off the engagement. To quit her job as a Maiko. Not knowing who sent the letters, she didn’t do what they asked. Instead, she reached out to one of her customers, who was said to continue a ninja clan’s legacy. She never spoke a word about it knowing this man was dangerous. In exchange for this information, she offered a free session with him. The ninja descendant accepted this form of payment. Once telling him that she was seeing a certain customer and his story, the ninja informed her that she was seeing a spy who gotten involved with the Yakuza (Japanese mafia). Even the ninja warned her to move on. Instead of moving on, Lena asked him to teach her how to fight. He warned her that learning a ninja’s way of fighting (Ninjutsu) isn’t just something easily taught. It was also another lifestyle entirely different to Geisha. She accepted his words knowing that someone will come for her.

Lena was sixteen when she went under training with ninjas. Her mentor was a middle aged chinese woman in her forties named Master Ying Yue. She was baffled when she first met Lena. Fierce in spirit, Ying Yue wouldn’t turn down a person who needed help but won’t sugarcoat or take it easy on someone. Thus Lena’s training began at night. Due to this, she was able to avoid any signs of being targeted. As she was trained under Master Ying, Lena grew more of a backbone than before. Once gentle, she was now someone ferocious like fire. However, one night on her way to her training grounds, she was attacked by a large number of masked men. She took out all but one. Hearing a voice she knew all too well, she was reacquainted with her fiance. He shot her in her moment of weakness and captured her.

She froze when she seen him and she went unconscious among getting shot. When she regained consciousness, he was there waiting along with a few men of the Yakuza. He asked her sorts of questions: “Where did you learn to fight?” “Why didn’t you fight back?” “Why didn’t you listen?” She answered none of the inquiries. She refused to because if she did what they requested, it would hurt her pride. Instead, she retorted with a question. “Are you the one behind the death threats?” Her fiance groaned as a response. That was her answer. “Why?” She answered with a cold tone. “Money. What better way to gain it through a wealthy family?” As he said this, anger rose inside her like an uncontrollable fire.

Fire erupted from the roof of the building they was in. A giant hole was in the roof but it was more enough to see what caused it. Lena’s brown eyes grew wide as she seen a large birdlike creature with reddish gold feathers and golden eyes. To her surprise, the rumor of a mythical creatures surfacing in Japan was true. The myth of a phoenix. Her anger slowly dissolved into excitement. She heard the cry of the phoenix when its eyesight was directed to the Yakuza men. Releasing fire from his beak, it turned the Yakuza henchmen to ash. Meanwhile Lena who was bind by rope was fred. As the phoenix flew into the building, Lena’s fiance goes to escape. The phoenix landed by Lena and touched her with it’s feathers. It caused her to heal her bullet wounds. As their eyes locked onto one another, she could feel the bird’s form wasn’t a physical one. The phoenix was a mythical spirit. Lena showed no fear at this point. Her strong resolve is what attracted the phoenix to her. Thus, it decided to merge its spirit with Lena’s.

By merging with the phoenix, she experienced drastic changes. Her hair turned crimson red and her eyes become a golden color. Lena also obtained the power of the phoenix.Before she went to go find her ex fiance, the phoenix talked within her. It wanted to lend its strength to her. Lena knew from then and there that the phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, creation and destruction. She seen it as a sign of justice. By this time, her ex fiance have gotten away. But not all was lost. She gained power in her moment of need. Her view on that man changed and so did her personality. She wasn’t as enthusiastic as before but became hellbent on revenge.

She decided to return to her training grounds out of guilt. The descendants of ninja were surprised at her appearance. Something about her changed too: Her spirit. She told them her story and asked if she could return training on the side. They accepted the offer and her as a friend of the ninja family. It gave way for her to become a rogue ninja that undergo assassinations. The next day she returned to her parents and told them about her ex finance’s deception. Her mother then forbid her to mix her feelings into her line of work. Lena agreed and learned her lesson. After all, her mother was always right. Even she could see this now through her stubbornness.
There will be a time where you must wear your crown on the throne. Never lose sight of it!

Basic Information

Full Name: Lena Kimura
Pronunciation: Len-A; Key-mor-ra
Nickname/Alias: Lady Red
Meaning: Lady Red is Lena's new identity after being infused with a phoenix. It is catered to the phoenix part of her.
Hair Color: Crimson Red.
Hair Style: She wears her hair in a ponytail, tied back in a golden ribbon. Some of her hairs remain near her face.
Eye color: Golden
Attire: She wears modified kimonos, red and gold is the colors of the attire. Tabi shoes is her choice of footwear.
Nationality: Japanese.
Skin Color: Peach colored skin color.
Age: Ageless.
Birthday: June 20th.
Occupation: Female Ninja.
Weapon(s): Kunai, Katana, Tanto,
Deathday: Every 500 years her form dies and gets revived.
Species: Phoenix
Height: 5'7.

Love Life

Status: Single
Dated: 00/00/0000
Engaged: 00/00/0000
Married: 00/00/0000
Children: Name (age). Name (age). Name (age).
Our Song(s): Song by artist. Song by artist. Song by artist.

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Farewell, I've gone to take my throne above, but don't weep for me 'cause this will be the labor of my love

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