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29 years old
The Edge,
United States

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June 24 2020

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EXIT Whisper Call out Gallery

Discord: Ask, I'm very friendly.


Name:Hiro Seiken
Age: 27.
Birthday: December 10th
Gender: Male.


Eye color: Emerald/Green
Hair color: Black/Blue-ish discoloration.
Skin Color: White.
Height/Weight: 6'1"/178 lbs.
Physique: Lean/Athletic Build.


Species: Human.
Occupation: Ex-Captain of The Edge.
Family members: Father: Kojiro Seiken, Mother: Unknown, Brother:(Twin) Ukyo Seiken
Abilities: Highly Attuned to Sealing, Offensive, and Defensive Magic(High-Fantasy)
Special abilities: Sunpō Shifuto (Dimensional Shift) (Simplified: He can move through portals he himself opens, and just about any form of physical substance can pass through the portal. I.E. Spells, Weapons, and people.), Riaritishifuto (Reality Shift) (Simplified: Hiro can pull a victim into one of his portals, a.k.a. his personal realm, where he has complete control of physics and senses, almost like a physical illusion.)

Under Construction

Under Construction:

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Orientation: No Answer
Body type:No Answer
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Hiro Seiken/Non-Pareil
Verses: Any/Crime/Supernatural-Aspects/Dark Themes.
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery,
Status: Single
Member Since:December 04, 2019

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About me:

Hiro Seiken

"Insert Quote Here"

"Insert Quote Here"



Hiro is from a dystopian inspired metropolis positioned on "The Edge of the World", known simply as "The Edge" a location of corruption, grief, anguish, and betrayal. It is here where unique beings with unimaginable powers and abilities known as the Others became an upstart cooperative within the very heart of The Edge. This cooperative, for better or for worse usurped control of the Government, seized control over the land and brought what was known as "The time of prosper", and as it's namesake describes, it was a time of democratic growth and those whom possessed less, were given the protection they needed. Upon seizing the throne, the Commander of the cooperative became the new political leader. With his new age underway, he appointed ten captains sanctioning their own portion of the world where they would carry out the laws and protection of the people. Hiro was one of the cooperative members granted the title of Captain, and the same could be said about his paternal twin brother, Ukyo. Hiro is a genius, specializing in scientific research and discovery. Hiro, whilst not the most powerful among the Captains, was equally formidable due to his wit and tactical versatility. "The time of prosper" would soon come to an end at the very hands of the cooperative itself. Two members planned a coup, and at the very heart of the betrayal was Hiro's own brother, Ukyo. Posing as Hiro, Ukyo used his similarities to Hiro as a cloak to extract his personal revenge on the Commander himself. Hiro, suspecting a plot to take over The Edge, arrived shortly after the assassination of the Commander inside the throne room with Ukyo hovering over the bloodied corpse. In a moment of clarity, it is revealed to Hiro that when the cooperative usurped The Edge, the Commander, a man who had deity level status due to love and respect was the very man who gave the command to murder the royal family. Under his command, far worse ensued. Children were murdered by the hundreds, wives were raped before their husbands, and the very heros that freed the city were revealed to be a band of murderous criminals who flew too close to the Sun. Hiro knew he had no options, he fled and ultimately took the blame for the Commander's death. Hence forth, Hiro has been on the run doing whatever he can to avoid capture whilst equally trying to avoid his contribution in all the evil that has ensued since. Under Construction.


The Edge; The world through his eyes --

Cultural emphasis on the raw perfection of nature led to a romantic synergy of technology and biology, exercised to the degree that tangible augmentation to the environment was considered abhorrent and, given that, were it to fail any noninvasive inspection, such as tactile or visual, it would be disposed of like a useless laboratory prototype. This unusual discrimination encompassed all aspects of life in Hiro’s world, from architecture, to living beings, to government. Even minor flaws, like birthmarks, were deemed intrinsic to the ideal, and kept as honor badges. For this reason, discussion of anatomy beyond the scope of superficial examination is mundane, and the obvious is therefore noted in that bones are lightweight and durable, musculature lithe and powerful, organs secure and resilient, intellect prompt, humors self-purifying, senses keen, and femtoscopic devices–equipped to rapidly and effectively regenerate body tissue from a distributed gene schematic–operational. Bluntly put, anything incapable of inciting a carnal reaction would be of no consequence to these people. Having conquered all else, it is their luxury to be so shallow, so animalistic; nevermind that just beneath the surface they are immense hypocrites, synthetic sans the improbable exception of a soul. Their perfection in technology is most evident in its lack of evidence, and analysis of a multifarious system, such as the eye, can readily demonstrate this. Within himself, there are no distractions. Instead, one will find the exquisite design god intended when weaving life into his mother’s womb; every gold fleck and streak of viridian, cobalt, and storm in place; each inflection, tear, capillary, and twitch unadulterated. His are beautiful sponges, capable of viewing electromagnetic fields writhing around a star like a turbulent bramble in the wind, aural collisions oscillating as a ripple across a pool, ethereal tendrils tergiversating with the very emotions to which they are bound, and gravity exerting itself upon the most divergent spectrum of light. Highlighting these features is not meant to gauge the mechanical supremacy of his people, but a tremendous attention to detail and a pursuit of thrilling the senses. Science has little else to offer for those who have so utterly abandoned faith. For them, innovation was ruthlessly obtained, and unabated conquest and pleasure invariably yielded in them a haughty scorn for morality, a ready example of which is their transit system. Perambulation is sufficient for short distances, a healthy jaunt enjoyable, but an insatiable itch for instantaneous gratification birthed a heinous method of long-distance travel sustainable in even the most liberal of societies. Spirit tagging, a slang term, utilizes the energy of a recently executed creature, for which intensity of spirit was a primary factor in efficacy, to transport an individual to a preset location. It was therefore practical to exploit a sentient, highly-evolved species, and so they turned on their own lower-class. Vast facilities were constructed to harvest early-stage fetuses and maintain vitals within genetic signature transcription capsules, which were consumed in the same manner as wax candies.


Who I'd like to meet:

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kiηg f ħєลяŧ$


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ᶜᵃᵗ ᶠᵃᶜᵉᵈ вυтler

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𝒢ildedᶠᵃᶰᵗᵃˢᶤᵉˢ [Writer Needed]

Kiss of Death


BE 𝒜𝑔𝑔𝓇𝑒𝓈𝓈𝒾𝓋𝑒



ᴾᵃᵖᵉʳ Tʜɪɴ

₴Ⱨ₳₮₮ɆⱤɆĐ ł₵Ɇ

Fenrirus. *Seeking excitement*

Royal Blood


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🗦 ş𝒽aҡu 🗧

May 4th 2020 22:11


Sorry it took me a second to officirunally greet you! I'm running on very little sleep, so I'm a little extra spacey (and likely 3.5 seconds away from finding any flat surface so I can lay down! xD )

But I did want to reach out and see if you wanted to hash out some sort of plot with me sometime! It's interesting that your character is on the run from his past, and essentially a crime he didn't commit.
Shaku is also running from her past, both in a literal and figerative sense. It'd be easy, I'd imagine, for their paths to cross somehow!
Mad Mady

Apr 27th 2020 17:15

Here is that copy and paste greeting. I hope you find it inspirational. Also, your links on your profile do not work. I had to do backflips to send this to you. I would recommend fixing that for more activity for others. ~
Pedals made to ache and break.

                Welcome stranger to the toxic world of Madelyn, a ballerina in way over her head. Madelyn is a petite blonde girl who moves with the beauty and fluidity of water on the stage but often finds herself the victim of clumsy tragedies anywhere else. Madelyn appears to have it all on the outside: fame, beauty, and financial refinements but, in truth, she lives a much darker reality. Behind the mask of a lovely and pampered prima donna of the Glass Menagerie, Madelyn is a girl forced into slavery living her life only by permission of her owner: LEVIATHAN O'CONNER.

        Suffering from constant abuse, with no end in sight, leaves Madelyn extremely desperate. The deeper the bruises go, what boundaries will she be willing to cross? Maybe if she can't beat her oppressors, she will learn how to join them. It may only take being swayed in the right direction.

For now, she smiles and sings on stage.
At night she cries alone in her room plotting her escape. 

- - -

OOC: Hello there. Thank you for requesting or accepting my request, etc. etc. Firstly, yes, this is a standard copy and paste greeting. If you are serious about writing then you seriously know how frustrating it is to give time and effort to creativity when it will be wasted. Alas, let us get past these trifles and I promise I can be far more uniquely appealing. Above is a concise introduction to my character which should inspire some discussion ideas, a random starter, or tell you if we can make a cross-over work. I hope this finds you well in lieu of this COVID 19. Be safe and talk to you soon. 
There is nowhere to run when you know about every wolf in the world. They’d sooner kill you than let you pull the comfort of warm wool from their backs. You see, freedom doesn’t make you free. Ignorance does, and I have never craved bliss more than I do at this very moment, standing here with you.
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