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"All weakness in this world, stems from a lack of ability."

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Characters: EMIYA \'Alter\' IV Beast
Verses: Fate Origins, Fate verse, Fate Grand Order, FSN, Nasuverse, Open
Length: Multi Para, Novella
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About me:

Who I'd like to meet:
AAlter also known as the heroic spirit EMIYANot the Mumei (無銘, lit. "nameless"; per Extra, 銘 refers to the naming of a blade) that was borne of society, but a disgraced, heartless executor (執行者, shikkousha lit. "one who enacts") who has cast aside his own name.

His memories are damaged, and his past is similarly lost. The man has forsaken morality, and scorned the bonds of affection—sneering at himself who has become as a dead man walking as he continues along his way.

Of course, should the life of a single human vary to such an extent, a reason necessarily exists.

That which abased the spirit of the man who was as the steel of a sword is said to have been a woman akin to the Holy Mother in her compassion. The price that the man came to pay in pursuing the subjugation of her Malice (魔性, masei?, lit. "demonic nature"; often used to refer to "demonic allure") was the 'disposal' of her many followers; by their martyrdom did he fall to the Path of the Heretics (魔道, madou?, lit. "demonic path"; in Buddhism, a walk of existence beyond the Six Paths, from which there can be no salvation)

Brief Synopsis

Finding himself traveling from the route noted within the Mind of Steel, Due to Archer following his pursuit of his ideals and severing everything necessary to become a sword needed for 'justice. He would further travel the world, Using his projection in order to combat enemies of that nature, most typically humans, typically.

Finishing various tasks in protection of the people, To seek salvation for the entirety of the world by sacrificing the few one particular assignment has shattered him completely after going after an insane individual with magical prowess. This individual was known as Kiara, A leader of a certain cult. In this cult, men would go insane over her as they would follow her endlessly, the end result would be that the followers would commit suicide since Kiara did not bed with them and reciprocate the love they wanted. The men killed themselves because they could not handle her, and this cult was certainly large for Kiara. Emiya found upon the cult and this is where the story of the man begins.

During this history, Emiya Alter massacres all of Kiara’s followers and her entire cult with his projection magecraft the wanting created from Emiya Alter to kill Kiara is similar to how she would ensnare men to their doom. Kiara would commit suicide and kill herself as she jumped off a building, and for Emiya Alter to look at what he had done. In reality he had killed hundreds of innocent people who were only tricked by Kiara, and by doing that, he looked at himself in what disgusting type of person he had become and that became his crack in the shell. With him branded as an murderer with no sense of right or wrong.. His entire being began to shatter under the weight of his actions.

Personality and traits

EMIYA Alter has little emotions, an authentic battle machine akin to his foster father Kiritsugu, He kills his targets promptly, without hesitation, and without losing his way. A calm calculative individual who assess a situation to create the most optimal chance for success when taking on a great deal of his assignments. Consequentially, his heart of steel remained as steel, his emotions eventually withering away with little to rise to the surface from his former self, While the chance of such a thing happening is literally 0 there is a slight possibility of retaining his personal ‘ideal of heroism’.

EMIYA exists with only a single personal motive, To deter & crush the strong while protecting the weak, Strictly speaking, He values power within a person’s ability to fight and face an enemy, To utterly crush opposition in order to gain the upperhand. Alter will make use of any tactics to accomplish the objective. If that means convincing two enemies to eliminate each other and striking the other while weak he’d take such a chance without a second thought. Sending the enemy forces as human wave’s to reduce numbers it will be done. Optimizing any small chance of victory and manipulating the enemy into an open field is personally EMIYA’s most useful.

Compared to EMIYA(Archer) who is a very bitter person not because of the events of his life, EMIYA (Alter) appears to find some form of enjoyment in the destruction of enemy combatants. Everything that needed to be shaved away in order to be effective as a weapon a man who laughs at his own situation caused by his ‘idea of Herorism’. Due to his affiliation as a Counter Guardian, a being that is forced to "clean up the messes humanity has made", EMIYA find’s it a justifiable means in order to protect what remains. If humanity self-destructs than there is nothing worth protecting. To sacrificing a few to save the majority is a more successful claim than trying to guard the entirety of humanity. It would make any man go insane, With these beliefs it’s made Alter the perfect weapon for the battlefield.

He claims that his memory are constantly in a haze, Due to his corruption he tend’s to at times forget even the most brief of exchanges but still has the capability of retaining what knowledge is necessary for important tasks, More importantly, EMIYA (Alter) does have some memories of his last few days within the Grail War. Having to effectively carry out the elimination of both Rin & Sakura as a means to save what remained of the world. Yet such actions have taken a heavy burden on him as a person the spark that ignited the events prior to his meeting with Kiara.


Much like the counter guardian EMIYA, Archer is not an regular Heroic Spirit who was revered as a hero, but instead a Counter Guardian who made a contract with World for power. He is a Heroic Spirit from the future, so he does not gain any blessings normally provided by fame. The difference between the two had been the corruption that was branded into his being due to Kiara's interference of his inner world which is a reflection of himself.

In combat, Archer is proven to easily overwhelm his former self, The pollution that clouds his inner being

Though Archer possesses weak parameters he is a powerful servant regardless of this fact. So he is deemed as a heroic spirit that's unconventionally strong. This is mainly due to the fact that Archer can compensate for his weaknesses by refining what little talents he has. Never focusing on trying to strengthen what he's weak at but rather by advancing his best abilities to their absolute limit, In addition Alter has decided to hone his abilities


Due to lacking an actual Noble Phantasm, Archer's basic abilities are below those of other Servants. His main strength lies within his versatility and adaptability, shown through his exceptional use of tactics and battle experience making his combat style very distinct from those of other Servants. but instead from single-minded refining of what little talent he had in life. He had nothing at first, and through improving himself for reason that he was not extraordinary, his techniques trained by his will alone reached the point where it is obvious to Shirou that he should be naturally considered strong. He is not fixated on the exact method of winning, opening many possibilities not available to those who fight with chivalry and codes of honor.

Unlimited Lost Works: The Void Creation of Swords is the Noble Phantasm of EMIYA Alter. Although the "Infinite Creation of Swords" is one amongst the crowning achievements attained across the lifetime of a certain magus, this particular version of the Reality Marble -- comprised of those weapons he witnessed that bore the Concept of "Sword", aggregated in their entirety -- is made to manifest within the opponent's flesh by certain means. The minuscule Reality Marble becomes an incredible force, shredding the target from within. It also allows for the use of Reinforcement and Projection. As a "blacksmith Heroic Spirit", it includes the “all the elements necessary to shape swords”, allowing for the replication of Noble Phantasms. All weapons are copied upon seeing them once, he has thousands stored as of the Fifth Holy Grail War, and all can be freely deployed. Many varieties of weapons can be summoned for melee combat, though he primarily utilizes Kanshou and Bakuya his personal Gun variants. Swords can also be summoned and modified to be fired as arrows and utilized as Broken Phantasms by overloading them with energy to generate overwhelming destructive power from exploding upon contact. He also has the ability to summon weapons in the air and fire them like arrows in the same way as Gilgamesh uses his Gate of Babylon. The key difference between Alter's & Archer (EMIYA)'s reality marble comes from their inner visual landscape. While Archer perceives himself like a machine one in which the machinations of gears can be seen high above the sky and a darkening atmosphere. Alter lacks all and any light inside of his Reality Marble, One in which shrouds itself in bleak darkness with an blistering unflinching cold that chills to the bone.


The similarity between Archer (EMIYA) and EMIYA (Alter) could be their inner worlds. With Archer possessing Unlimited Blade Works and Alter possessing Unlimited Lost Works an even darker inner world that holds very little light. Alter’s basic abilities have gained some considerable advantages though he is still classified as an basic Servant compared to Divine and other Heroic Spirits. While he has the capability of fighting classes such as Saber & even Berserker if really pushed. These tactics could be considered much more heinous and manipulative if it guarantees victory. So much so that it has been quoted by Archer (EMIYA) that ‘the man can certainly turn the tide of battle, but the results are usually sickening to the opponent.’

He can fight in a variety of ways depending on the situation, allowing him to match or even exceed other Servants even without an actual Noble Phantasm of his own. Utilizing Broken Phantasms requires for the destruction of a Noble Phantasm, so it is not something able to be utilized by a normal Servant without sacrificing their strength. Due to him being able to replicate as many weapons as he wishes, the use of Broken Phantasms became a trump card available only to him. He can turn the odds in his favor by assaulting melee Servants with such long range attacks. Even if he attempts to replicate an Excalibur-class holy sword, he does not have the magical energy necessary to bring out its full potential and may simply end up fading away after using all his energy in a suicidal attack.

Close Combat:

Though he is of the Archer class, which originally focuses on long range combat, he is highly accomplished in melee combat with swordplay and due to his wish to conceal his trump card, he mainly focuses on melee tactics, primarily utilizing Kanshou and Bakuya when engaging other Servants. Even when told to fight seriously by utilizing a bow as expected of the Archer class, he continues to rush into close combat without intentions to draw his bow. He will also use other weapons like Caladbolg II to thrust at the opponent's heart or Durandal to perform powerful strikes and incorporate martial arts moves, with particular preference for elbow & knee strikes.

Kanshou and Bakuya are his preferred weapons, and his usage of them has allowed him to develop a style of fighting perfectly suited to him. Though he can fight with a single blade, he generally wields them both at once. The advantage of projection allows for him to replace swords if they are destroyed or if he is disarmed. He has no trouble projecting twenty-eight pairs during a strenuous clash consisting of over a hundred strikes and constantly being disarmed. His greatest strategy, Triple-Linked Crane Wings, involves utilizing multiple projected pairs in succession to completely seal the opponent.

Ranged Combat:

If needing access to his bow, Archer utilizes a bow that he projects when he does make use of projectiles, A bow completely different to that of (EMIYA's) is a clothed, western-style straight bow, Taken from the Greecian Hero Alcides with alterations & reinforcement constructing the bow into a form more suited for usage by Alter. With low enough magical energy regular arrows for quick and accurate attacks that cost less magical energy than Noble Phantasms. Their accuracy is spot-on, and their power is still great enough to bring down houses with a small barrage released in quick succession. Releasing over a dozen arrows at once, they are accurately fired at the opponent whether as a sneak attack or support for another. He is capable of performing Broken Phantasm shots from various distances, from hundreds of meters away up to eight kilometers away from the target.

His Clairvoyance, a visual ability also called Hawk Eye (鷹の瞳?) that affects the accuracy of bows, allows him to execute his "ultra long-range sniping" precisely even against targets moving at high speeds as long as they are within a eight kilometer range. (Though this is only possible with a bow, the range lessened to 1 kilometer with Kanshou & Bakuya) With accuracy transcending the realm of men, it is an ability often used for scouting that is able to fully survey the town simply upon looking down from a high location. Utilizing the "must-have ability" of the Archer class, such strikes greatly differ from his regular arrows, and they are a means to certainly kill the opponent. Differing from his former Japanese shooting method, nocking the arrow in the palm of the left hand, Archer utilizes the traditional European method of nocking the arrow over the back of the left hand. He is skilled enough to mark two enemies and fire a single arrow with the intention of striking both, surpassing the normal rules being unable to alter its course.

He can make use of specific strategies to defeat opponents from long range, such as Saber, who would not fall in single combat easily even inside Unlimited Blade Works. Burdening her with protecting Shirou and keeping her from utilizing Excalibur, he is free to fire upon her without worry of being counterattacked and increase the power each time. If such tactics are unavailable, such as with Assassin, it is possible that fighting directly may lead to his defeat. Utilizing sniping can cause him to falter when suddenly forced into close combat, as returning to his true method of attack leaves him unable to draw his sword and respond properly due to focusing on his arrows.


Although classified under the Archer class, he was not a swordsman nor an archer in life, but a magus at his core relying on his one spell, Unlimited Blade Works, to fight. Despite being a skilled combatant, his true unique strength lies within the manufacturing of weapons rather than their use. His abilities in life were unremarkable overall, utilizing Reinforcement with difficulty and the "structural analysis" step of projection more often than anything else. Only Projection had any worth, having granted him the many Noble Phantasms and combat skills they hold. Aside from Projection, he can also use magic detection and magic resistance, which are considered very basic. He does not posses the ability to utilize offensive magecraft that work around the lines of nature interference. His dark skin, white hair, and gray eyes are a side effect of extensively using Projection Magecraft.

He has weak Magic Resistance, D rank, that is only the equivalent of an anti-magic amulet, leaving him only able to nullify spells of one bar and thus it can easily be overcome by a relatively strong magus, as his affinity with magecraft is much worse than Heroic Spirits of ancient times. He may have been a magus possessing the unusual Projection magecraft, but they were those who saw magecraft and even Magic as commonplace. Due to that resulting in his low ability, even spells greater than two steps can be fatal to him.

Without any support, he is at a serious disadvantage against a Caster, capable of great sorceries and ritual spells, and even spells from magi Masters must be watched carefully. When holding both Kanshou and Bakuya, however, due to the spells of warding he has crafted over them, his magic resistance is improved to the point of being capable of deflecting even Caster's A-ranked spells, though they still pose fatal danger should they strike him.


- Archer has extensive skills when it comes to firearms, And at times will make use of weapons lacking magical potency against his enemies if it meant conserving his energy.
- Archer’s version of Kanshou & Bakuya are gun blades, With the blades being attached under the bottom. He also possesses the ability to fire noble phantasms from these weapons. He can summon the original versions of Kanshou & Bakuya lacking the firearm piece if melee combat is his forte
- A strategist at heart, While Archer does enjoy the prospect of direct combat. This servant will take the initiative of fighting from multiple lengths if it’s within his battle plan
- Despite Archer (EMIYA) having a detestable like for (Alter), Alter actually enjoys seeing the previous reflection of his former being. He considers his other half to be completely unspoilt and otherwise naieve in a sense. At times he can be competitive with the man despite that they are one in the same existences and at the same time quite different in some regards.
- Archer (Alter) has access to the original bow possessed by Archer (EMIYA) though after fighting with Alcides has managed to make use of his projection magic in crafting a similar bow in design, One in which is a cut-above his counter parts.
Leave no stone unturned
Alias: Nori, Norikata, ALTER
Nickname: Counter-Guardian, BEAST IV, Executioner of the innocent, Primate Murder, Satsujin
Age: Timeless Zodiac: Unknown
Kanshou & Bakuya Kanshou and Bakuya: Gān Jiàng and Mò Yé (干将・莫邪, Kanshō - Bakuya?) are "married" twin swords representing Yin and Yang, crafted by the blacksmith Gān Jiàng (干将, Kanshō?) of Wu during the Spring and Autumn Period of China. They were crafted more for the sake of crafting, as if questioning the meaning of the swordsmith, than for any real idea behind their creation. They were created without vanity, and lack a sense of purpose found in other swords. They contain no fighting spirit to defeat others nor a competitive spirit to beat other weapons, and they contain neither the desire to be famous nor the faith to accomplish great deeds.

Archer's Bow: is a matte black, western-style straight bow, with a simple design that was constructed to be resistant enough to fire Noble Phantasms. It is a completely original weapon, a projection whose structure and composition is not directly taken from another hero's bow.

Species: Human{formerly} Servant
Eye Color: Pyrite
Hair Color: Ashen White
Origin: Japan (formerly)
Allies: BLANK

    Strength| C
    Agility| C
    Luck| E
    Endurance | B
    Noble Phantasm| ?
    Unlimited Lost Works | N/A
  • Status: Single
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Started Dating: 00/00/00
    Official: 00/00/00
    First Kiss: 00/00/00 | Where at?
    Song Dedication: Song Title - Artist
    Lyrics: Lyric that relates to your relationship
    Love Songs: Song Title - Artist | Song Title - Artist | Song Title - Artist
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