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20 years old
Clinton, Indiana
United States

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Legal & Physical NICKNAMES: Junebug (Shiro), Four Eyes (Jirou), Junie B Jones (Alois), Sugar Cube (Xira), ...Daddy's Boy... (Seneca), Mister Deep-Pockets (Yumi), J-Spice (Jimena)
ALIASES: Michael Finnegan (emergencies only)
DATE OF BIRTH | AGE: 09/18 | 19
ASTOLOGY & ZODIAC: "Those don't exist..." | Virgo & Rabbit
PLACE OF BIRTH: Quebec, Canada
ETHNICITY: 1/2 French, 1/2 Japanese
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
HEIGHT: 5'9" (170 cm)
WEIGHT: 132 lbs (59 kg)
BIRTHMARKS/SCARS: One little white scar on left forearm Family & Relationships MOTHER: Mariko Fujisawa
FATHER: Ibrahim LeFievere
STEP-MOTHER: Starla LeFievere
BROTHER(S): Jericho LeFievere (half-brother)
OTHER Family: Grandparents Mina and Bunji Fujisawa
ORIENTATION: Way too nervous to even think about it Education & Employment High School Graduated
College Enrolled
Major Electrical Engineering (Robotics)
Degree Undergraduate
JOB DESCRIPTION: Suffers awkwardly while dealing with customers as a means to hopefully one day better his social abilities so he can relate to other people even if it means suffering eternally because so many customers are ridiculously insufferable and needlessly complicated but he has to keep his mouth shut anyway and do as he is told for the low low wage of $8.50 an hour.
EMPLOYER: Jack Merlow -- the b*st*rd
History & Origins

Juno's life growing up wasn't easy, but even still he has always tried to make the best of things and stay positive. Gifted with a lovely mother who faced a terrible disease, and cursed with a brute of a father who could only see his own ambitions, Juno wanted nothing more than to please them and make them proud. But after his mother was admitted to a hospital -- permanently -- Juno's mental health took a turn, and making his father proud proved to be more difficult without the steady hand of his mother to calm him. Juno had always been quiet and kept to himself, but it got to the point where he could barely even manage to speak to those he was close to. In an attempt to pull him out of his rut, his father tried to push Juno into social situations, repeatedly getting angry with the teen when he failed to perform as expected. Even when Juno did try to speak, the man would grow angry and cut him off, causing the inventor to be even more nervous and jumpy than he had been prior, and cursing him with a stutter that could grow out of control when he got nervous.

One day, Juno finally decided enough was enough and ended up leaving his home at the age of sixteen. He wasn't lost forever and chose to seek out shelter with his grandparents, hunkering down in a small town as he finally had the freedom to explore who he was as a person without the over-bearings of his father.

Juno's love for robotics had started at a young age, much to his father's annoyance, and even though he wasn't sure if it was possible at the time, he knew he wanted to grow up to create robotic inventions for all the world to enjoy. Although his life took a turn he hadn't expected in his adolescence -- a turn where he nearly lost everything dear to him -- Juno was determined to keep pushing forward. As introverted and socially awkward as he was, he was determined to make his dream a reality, no matter what the cost may be.

FACE CLAIMS: Joker (Persona 5), Yu Yang (Here U Are), Jung Se-Ju (Memories of Alhambra), Misc

Juno is an open character and can fit into almost every verse and story-type, the above is just a general guide to understanding why he acts the way he does. All themes are encouraged, so please don't be shy to ask about cross-overs or story ideas! If they take place in feudal / renaissance era, Juno would be an inventor instead. And if it's a supernatural verse like BNHA or K-Project then we can discuss abilities that would work best for the story. For more information, hit the little + below this box <3

Happy writing~


LIKES: Robotics, books, studying, school, math, science, sweets, baking, being able to relax around others

DISLIKES: Loud noises, enclosed spaces, being yelled at, being cut off, his dad

WEAKNESSES: Easily startled / embarrassed, fearful, doormat, talks in monologues when trying to explain or justify himself

STRENGTHS: Intelligent, hard-working, clever, kind, cautious, slow to trust, witty at times, can talk in front of a crowd with a surprising degree of success

PHOBIAS: Enclosed spaces, horses

MENTAL HEALTH: Stable, anxious

FAVORITE FOOD: Anything cheap and fast (make him food and he will love you forever)



FAVORITE SMELL: Vanilla, roses




LEAST FAVORITE SMELL: Victoria Secret's "Dream Angel, Eau de Parfum"

DISABILITIES: Extreme anxiety -- will shut down mentally when frightened

Present Day

Although he is sometimes perceived as rather cold due to his introverted behavior, Juno is actually quite kind and friendly towards everyone he encounters. He isn’t the best at social interactions but will try hard and do his best to bond with people around him, even if he’d much rather just stay home and work on his inventions.

Most of his time is spent tinkering and creating new inventions, from little gadgets to a full-blown robot he calls Hayami. With high hopes to become an official inventor with a robotics degree, the student spends most of his time in the library and at his school to learn as much as he can in what little time he has there. Although he has an excellent work-ethic and can easily complete more in one day than most people can in a week, Juno constantly feels like there isn’t enough time to complete everything that needs to be done.

Along with his robotics, Juno has picked up the artistic hobbies of photography and painting as an outlet, a way of putting his mind at rest so he doesn’t overthink and overwork himself. With his own personal, hand-crafted camera, Juno has a clever eye for artistic beauty and is surprisingly good at catching beautiful, humanistic realities in the lens of his camera. Also specializing in Water-Color art, Juno uses black acrylic lines to carefully captivate and surround the colors in a delicate outline. He doesn’t share his art with many people, afraid that he’ll be criticized and talked down to for it, even though he is rather gifted.

Juno has no physical talent for sports of any kind, actually being rather clutzy when it comes to anything of that type, but he highly respects everyone who is even remotely good at sports. He isn’t very hard to impress and will automatically respect nearly anyone who is skilled in a court or on a field.

Juno LeFievere
Left handed
Hates hot weather
Frequently forgets to eat
Only goes out in nature if he absolutely has to (good thing he loves you, Shiro)
Listens to classical music as he works
Has a black cat named Remi
Frequently creates tiny robots when stressed
Has an advanced bot named Hayami
Loves it when people are affectionate towards him
Loves pet names
Is impossible to shut up once he’s comfortable
Legally cannot say fuck
Shiro Maeda-Cotillard

"I also want it. To be with you. I’ll wait as long as you want me to if it means we’ll get to be together again… like before."

"Even if we have to part ways for now, we're only doing so in hope that we can finally be able to reunite in the future. To live a quiet, happy life together. We'll get to re-meet in Japan and finally, finally be happy. That's all there is to it, right? I want everything we talked about. We'll get as many birdfeeders as you could possibly imagine, just please... Promise me I'll get to see you again soon. Maybe that's selfish of me to ask, we both know it's not that easy. But I'll grasp at straws, I'll wish on nothing, I'll do whatever it takes to keep believing in us. Because at this point... I can't live without you. I don't want to live without you."

Alois Shinozaki

"I always thought that people being afraid of their own shadow was just a cliche, but you... You proved me wrong. Just like always."

"I don't know whether I'm terrified of you, or if I adore you. You want only to protect your little boy at all costs, and for that I admire you. You won't tell me what's happened or what you've done, and for that I'm afraid of you. Sometimes I worry about what you have done despite your consolations, but if you tell me not to worry... Then I won't worry. Shou means the world to me, a-and I know I'm not the best with him, but... I want to stay with you. You protect me, you care for me, you may have even saved my life. I just wish you would tell me what it is you're so frightened of. Maybe we can get past it together, if you could only find it in you trust me. Nevertheless, I'll choose to trust you. For the both of us."

Seneca Mellon

"Juno, come on. Let's be real. How long do you really intend on letting your f*cking dad rule your life? I abandoned mine. Let's abandon yours. I kinda really wanna f*ck you up."

"I... think I'm jealous of you. All that success and freedom, you're able to do whatever you want to do and say whatever you want to say without any repercussions or fear. You aren't afraid of anything and anxiety isn't a word that exists in your dictionary. No one is holding you accountable for anything. It must be nice. I've never been one for being able to put my thoughts into words very well, or organize them very gracefully, but you don't even have to think twice. It feels dangerous, how good you are at convincing me to do things that are bad for me. You're like a drug, the thrill I feel with you is so addicting, even if I don't want to say it. So... please keep bothering me for a little bit longer. I think I'm addicted now."

Jirou Yamada

"Wait, I thought I was the dumbass in this relationship."

"You-- I-- AH--! You stress me out so so so so much. You're reckless, crazy, delusional and so much dumber than I thought any human could be. But... Somehow you make me feel like I can't live without you. You try to decrease my anxiety, but only end up making it worse. You hound me everyday, you constantly need my help with everything, you make things so much more complicateed than they ever need to be!
...But when you kissed me, I realized just how much I love to take care of you... So, congratulations. I really can't get enough of you."


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Body type:Average
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: Juno LeFievere, OC
Verses: Open, dark, crime, mafia, bl, yaoi, straight
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, Slice of Life, Supernatural,
Member Since:December 31, 2019

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Jul 3rd 2021 - 4:40 PM

He did it 😊 On a scale from 1 to Surprised, where did the reply leave you? xD

We are nearing the close of the France chapter. I only have one more concrete plan for my next reply. Once the arc transitions to Japan, if there’s any ideas you’d like to run with - go for it. On my end it’ll be the Risako-Juno ideas, and of course the fall out of Shiro and Juno's international stunts lmfao


Jul 1st 2021 - 9:13 AM

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

sorry for the lateness but i hope my starter sufficed for you! ^^; if not just lmk and i can switch things around for ya.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Jun 30th 2021 - 11:39 AM

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

yaaaaaaaaay i'm excited for this too! wholesome vibes is my favorite too! ヾ( ̄ω ̄; ) there might be vague magical girl shenanigans but it's kind of low-key and more shoujo related stuff instead of super life-altering stuff, if that makes sense? 

lemme see.. we could do high school? like just near graduation so that way they're becoming young adults but also experience the dramatic changes still, then if we wanted to could possibly have it bleed into his college years too. but yeah i'm super set for this! i think i'll start us off with him not being in class and her finding out that he was hanging out at a cafe instead? 

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


Jun 21st 2021 - 10:40 AM

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
i'm glad you enjoy my idea so far! (*´∀`*) the idea of her being something he's drawn to escape his misfortune just comes across so sweet and wholesome to me, which will also give him a proper window into her life and see just how strange her life can be because there's a few layers that are usually revealed as we continue to write. 

if they both go to the same school i think that'd be a good enough reason for our characters to continually see each other but sometimes visit the same cafe (which can be the reason why she notices him in the first place as most schools are pretty huge?), plus if he's not always able to attend school then it'd also give her a reason to come over and offer homework versus just being a random lady. honestly i'm super excited to start! 
𝔇𝔢 𝔩𝔞 ℜ𝔬𝔰𝔞

Jun 18th 2021 - 9:12 AM

So ~
I hope this reply is okay, 
As we've already discussed this is a completely new approach for me, so I'm hoping to grow with 'assignment'? XP 
This reply has been typed up in first the airplane, and then last weekend on the train. 
and I just brushed it off rn X3 
I made the assumption that at least some of the staff knows about the relations of Juno and Ibrahim. 
I hope that's okay :3 

Also thank you for sharing that song with me, cool that it makes you think of Jimena ♥ 
I knew it already ^^ as I low-key kinda like Sabrina Carpenter. 
( have a lot of hipster friends though, so I try not to brag about it too much XD LOL )

Btw this gif kinda felt Juno to me ^^

Jun 14th 2021 - 6:27 PM

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Juno is so precious, you did such a great job making him so relatable! I kinda love this idea of modern Daphne meeting him because they're totally opposite. I'm caught in between already having them be childhood friends or just now coming across each other when she is transferred to his school? Or maybe they go to different schools but she always comes to his cafe because she loves the way he makes her drinks and becomes a friend.

Since she's a little magically inclined I think she'd feel the need to help him out every once in a while with secret favors that improve his lifestyle or abilities if he never discloses or expresses some troubles he's experiencing, but I also think that she'd definitely try to become his friend! Her chipper outlook and his more careful, reserved personality just feel like it'll be so much fun because Daphne doesn't really think ahead and someone definitely needs to bring her to reality sometimes about how life works. Of course, I'm for more ideas but that's what I had in mind so far! („• ֊ •„)
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Jun 13th 2021 - 4:33 PM

You and these one liners to close out your replies man 🤣🤣🤣 I love 'em!

Jun 12th 2021 - 9:49 PM

Great. I am happy the idea appeals to you and -- agreed, I think it'd work well in the interim of Shiro making his way back to Japan. I do have a few things planned both for that and before all of that happening too. Hope it'll be enjoyable to you once we get to all of it.

Jun 10th 2021 - 12:49 PM

I think Risako loves Juno a lot and to that end, I think you should maybe let me write them bonding some more in the future without Shiro present. I've actually been sitting on this idea forever, was just never sure how to execute. Basically I would like for Juno to get know Shiro through his parents, especially Risako (since the reverse for Shiro/Mariko is sadly not possible). So many of the reasons why Shiro is the way he is tie right into how Francois is with Risako, the reverse, and more. It's a very nuanced and subtle idea, but I'm hoping you'll be interested.

Jun 5th 2021 - 4:28 PM

What day is Juno referring to when he says they should have stayed home?
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