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July 07 2020

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Characters: Original Character
Verses: fantasy ,Magic, supernatural, mature, Character Development
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Fantasy, Historical, Thriller/Suspense,
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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:

Basic Overview

I have an open plotline style from childhood-Adulthood.
They are playable.

Most of my information is relegated to Blogs.

Basic data is Open
Full data is limited friends only

Twins can be played together or separately.

I am open to OC's. For Cannon characters please understand there may be a knowledge gap for me depending on where your from. I don't have a lot of downtimes, and it's usually spent writing, with anime playing in the background.

Twins main story can be modified, creating an "AU" Version of them for the story. This will require heavy discussions.

I welcome hero's and villains alike. I enjoy varied tales from the light and jovial to the dark and tortuous. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. I won't judge based on the kind of story you're wanting. There are some things I won't do, but I am open and honest of what those are.

Still interested? lets see what we can build together!
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Elvish Twins Kira & Kiri's Friends Comments
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Tʜᴇ Bɪɢ Bᴀᴅ

Jul 5th 2020 18:50

I'm just debating if I'm going to add minor details or
if I am going to put in his whole backstory, I can give 
you a bit about Jagger, though, so no worries!

He's a predator. He enjoys the hunt. He's charming and witty
and seems like your all-around genuine arms dealer. Funny, to say
I know, but he's a fun guy to have around.
He's manipulative, cruel, merciless, doesn't take no for an answer
and the Lycan side of his persona gives him an uncontrollable hunger.
He demands control and is a ruthless man when the urge hits him.

It's why I always ask if anyone has any triggers they would like to avoid
so that I may keep them out of our stories, I want to make you as comfortable
as I can with a very uncomfortable character. I don't really tone down my writing.
Tʜᴇ Bɪɢ Bᴀᴅ

Jul 4th 2020 15:16

Let me start off by saying that I appreciate the add, thank you for that.
My name is Jagger, most call me Jags, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
I like to keep introductions and greetings short and sweet.
I am welcome to discuss a story with you if you're interested. 
If so, you're welcome to respond in my inbox.
If not, we can chit-chat in comments or discord.
lσrd oғ ιnnιѕтrad

Jun 14th 2020 02:18

It is indeed, fair one. I'm pleased that you're enjoying it just as much as I. 
Sorin already finds the two elf-sisters who now serve him to be quite -- exquisite. 
They may go far together indeed, particularly with both Kiri and Kira vying for his eye. 

I've left you a request on Discord -- I'm certainly not opposed to having your company there. 
Perhaps we might trade smaller interactions therein. I'm always eager to have more time with your elves, hmhm. 

Since you're already abed when I'm sending this, I do hope that you are slumbering sweetly,
and having lovely dreams, my dear. 
lσrd oғ ιnnιѕтrad

Jun 13th 2020 18:05

Of course, my dear. 'Tis the least I can do. 
Particularly for a tale as enjoyable as ours. 
I'm glad to hear the feeling is mutual, at that. ♥
Aw, while I wish the same, we must make do with what we have, yes?

Thank you for this. I will reach out to add you when next I am on Discord. 
My own circle there is kept fairly small, though I see no reason not to include you in it. 
Such will allow us to better keep in touch, after all, a privilege reserved for valued writing-partners. 

I hope you're well too, dear. I should have a reply for you soon~
lσrd oғ ιnnιѕтrad

Jun 11th 2020 05:45

That's all right, fair one -- though I do appreciate you letting me know, too. 
Rest assured I can surely be patient for you. 
All is forgiven~
I do hope you're still enjoying our tale, as well
The Eagle Prince

Jun 9th 2020 00:57

I think having a mix of our own creation will benefit us both. I am not hard set on being 100% true to the actual world of Fantasy Warhammer. That is no fun as having your own creations fluorish is a great feeling. Multi-para to Novella is my go-to for stories! At least I try my best to get as much out as possible.

Leon has a big sense of adventure and always seeks to help out others, so Leon would most likely take the leap into this adventure. With Kiri having great magic abilities, it would definitely help if she does plan to offer her skills for him. Which he will in turn have Kiri help his kingdom and possibly the Empire he is apart of with the evils and other threats that plague the world.

I am definitely willing to jump into that idea full throttle. I will also bring along one of Leon's siblings into the mix trying to save Kira from being a slave. Ulrich will most likely be the one to get tagged along, which is also a powerful magic user.

Perhaps we can start with Kiri waiting to meet with Leon within his castle within the city of Marienburg? I can start with Leon entering a meeting room where she is waiting and introduce himself. In the starter I can set the scene of Leon's world, such as the city, his kingdom he will inherit, and the Empire that the kingdom is apart of. Then we can go from there! What do you think?
Grimm Noire.

Jun 8th 2020 09:41

Hello I am Grimm Noire and I must thank you for accepting me. "Grimm bowed his head as smiled. "Thank you. I hope to create an amazing story with you
Demon Knight

May 31st 2020 15:07

A bio is coming, a full layout as well. I've commissioned someone here for the job and it's gonna be grand. The name of my character is Red Arremer. You'll find him rather interesting. 
lσrd oғ ιnnιѕтrad

May 31st 2020 00:28

Ahh, I definitely get you, there. Certainly it keeps the wound fresh if you have to keep talking about it and thinking about it. Well, do know that if I can ever offer you any distractions, just let me know! I understand that getting back into your rhythm takes time, and is made harder the more the wound stays open. I can't promise I'm an expert at distraction, but I can certainly talk about other things with you. Be that our roleplay, or anything else, for that matter. 

You're dear to me, your company and your presence, beyond simply being a roleplaying partner, after all. 

Hey now, take all the time you need, all right? I'll be here; you've proven that you value our tale, and I doubt you're going to up and disappear on me. And if you ever feel like talking, be it ICly or OOCly, I'm right here -- all you need do is reach out to me~
lσrd oғ ιnnιѕтrad

May 30th 2020 17:55

Hey there, dear~
I saw that last status you posted before it disappeared -- and while I'm loathe to pry, I did want to offer my condolences, and say that if there's ever anything I can do to help, whether that's an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, or a warm embrace to offer...simply know that you have but to reach out to me and ask. 
Truly. I value our roleplay and your presence here has proven to be quite wonderful, 
and I'd like to do all I can to ensure that you're wearing a smile. 
Hang in there, hm?
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