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Characters: Celtric Von Edwin
Verses: Custom Themes|Fairy Tail[AU]|Black Clover|High Fantasy
Playbys: Arthur Penndragon[Seven Deadly Sins]&Others
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crossover, Fantasy, Spar/Fighting,
Member Since:March 19, 2020

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basic information

Name: Celtric Von Edwin
Age: 18(Past)26(Present)46(Future)[Depends On Rp]
Actual Age: 340[Seasoned form]
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Classification: Foreign Noble
Occupation: Eldritch Knight
Nationality: Other Worlder
Fighting Style: Not Defined.
Primary Weapon: Broad Sword
Secondary Weapon: None learned.
Primary Magic: Slain Spirit: Calamity Clover
Secondary Magic: None learned.
Guild Affiliation: None
Kingdom Affiliation: None
Relationship Status: My Dragon pillow.


Celtric Von Edwin was born in a far off land that has long since lost its name. He was born to the Edwin family of nobles, but never cared for them too much. For the most part his life was quite slow going, and held little problems for him. Even from birth he seemed to have been pampered to some extent, but something always felt off to him. Unlike other infants he actually possessed some semblance of sentience. Able to think, and plan over situations as if he were an adult. While he was unable to determine the exact reason for such a phenomenon to have occurred. Because of this he was able to observe numerous situations of political intrigue from up close, and without being discovered as he was actually able to understand them. Through this method alone he noticed that his family, despite being Noble was actually pretty minor.

They held very little power within the kingdom, and often times required the aid of others. From faulty business practices to organizing heists of national banks. They did all of this under the pretense of helping the family stay afloat, but in truth they loved the thrill of it all. It wasn't until Celtric turned 3 years of age did his parents bring him into the fold. They used him to lure young women down dark alleys in order to be kidnapped, and sold into slavery. From then on he learned how truly vile his family had been as they attempted to convince him that it was the right thing to do all along. They deserved to be sold so that they could serve the truly gifted. Little did they know that this single speech sparked a fire from within him. He vowed that one day he would end his family line, and start it anew.

Turns out that ending an entire line of nobles was quite the daunting task. Humans were always out for themselves, and within the kingdom of Secaria corruption ran free. This was something that Celtric learned swiftly as he came of age. No matter where he went the various noble families were only honorable on the surface. Fore within the depths of their souls they held darker intentions. Greed, and ambition united in order to push them toward a path they could never back away from. It meant that the rich got rich, and the poor remained that way. In order to off set this he decided to join the Royal Guard, and change the country by snuggling up to the Royal Family. Primarily the 3rd princess who was similar in age to himself.

Love interest

Status: Single
Name: Who
Since: Forever
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  • Celtric is a noble from a now plague stricken kingdom in another land. Once called Secaria it is now ruled over by an unknown Eldritch Being, and its horrifying forces.

  • Celtric has become a disciple of the Eldritch being calling itself Mathos the Ever Envious. Through its teaching he has learned numerous spells, and was gifted the secrets of Slain Spirit Magic through it as well.

  • Due to the influence of his patron, Celtric constantly experiences lapses within his own temporal existence. Meaning that he can rapidly age, or revert to his younger years at will. Changing his personality as a result.

  • Women&Men with grit are highly attractive to Celtric. While those who behave in an fragile, or frail manner are less attractive. Often times causing him to shun them as a result.
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  • Trivia

  • Seasoned, or Elderly Celtric is a form that is a gift from his patron. It confirms that he still has a future ahead of him, and is manifested during times of great strive. Often at the height of an intense battle.

  • As a more wise, and war stricken version of Celtric he was lived through many battles. Experienced things that the boy had not, and witnessed the death of numerous friends. It has left him scarred.

  • Does not recall what happened to the guild he created, or if any of its members actually lived through the great crisis that left them in ruins. However he does know that his patron was involved somehow, and it surely has the answers he desires.

  • He no longer wields the original blade that was forged by his patron. Instead he has managed to acquire a Katana of similar nature. It is called by the greek word Kolokýthi meaning pumpkin due to its color, and design. He obtained after some complication with his beard, and a rice farmer's daughter.

  • After spending so much time with Eldritch beings, and there like he has become similar to them. Numerous parts of his body have been strengthened, and his anatomy has shifted. It is evident by his beard that now has the ability to take on the appearance of tentacles that he can freely manipulate at will.

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