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27 years old
Itako, Ibaraki

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June 16 2020

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Body type:Athletic
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About me:
Name: Ryu. Age: 26. Gender: Male. Species: Werewolf. Sexual orientation: Bi. Height: 6 ft 4 inches. Personality: The werewolf can come off as quite brutish or intimidating at first but when you get to know him, he’s just an overgrown puppy. He loves nothing more than giving attention and cooking for people. Cooking is also one of his passions in life alongside gardening. Ryu comes from a long line of werewolves that have been weaponised by the military. Code: W A R D O G S. Werewolves are able to see in the dark, run faster than man, practically bulletproof, are excellent fighters, stronger than average and heals fast, however hard to train. As soon as Ryu was born he was taught to obey, to sit, to fetch, to kill. He’s a man of strict procedures and is recruited often for missions. Ryu is able to shift from a human, to anything between, to a werewolf. He has 4 main phases. Delta shift - wolf ears and tail. Beta shift - something you see more in the tv shows where he looks like a half way point between a lycanthrop and a man. Alpha shift - a full blown werewolf; claws, teeth, and a lot of fur. And finally, he’s able to shift into a giant, browny-red coloured wolf. Its much larger than your average sized lupus. He’s very much in control of the phases, however once a month on a full moon, he doesn’t really have a grasp on it.
Who I'd like to meet:

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― SPACEᴘᴇᴀ ✪

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MøҧŤęŘ! ~ Semi-Hiatus

May 7th 2020 - 1:47 PM

Hello There!
how are you? 
Its Nice to meet you!
(small chance we might already know each other)
I Recently got deleted, But now im Back!
My Name Is Toxic Ritsuka
I Hope we can talk and/Or Rp soon!
better yet lets become friends?
I hope thats alright with you?
heh dont worry, i wont bite ;3
>_>; hard 
also feel free to add me on
Discord ----> ToXiCRiTsUkA#7643
ひまりGoddess Himari

Apr 26th 2020 - 3:29 PM

"Thanks for accepting my add! I'm Himari Hayashi. It's nice to meet your acquaintance ^^ Would you like to roleplay with me?"
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