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~~ A Star-Witch Speaks ~~
{ Out-of-Character Remark }

Tidings of sweetness be with you.

I am Aza-Vela.
But you may also call me Diana.




What do you think?

Do give your feedback when it is convenient for you to do so. I encourage my potential writing partners to take their sweet time to respond, whether for banter or writing a story together.

Stay safe and may you have wonderful days ahead.
'D')/ 💙💙💙

Musichttps://od.lk/s/NjFfNjk0MzgzNzVf/14%20Empire%20of%20Angels.mp3 https://od.lk/s/NDZfMjc5Mzg5MjVf/11%20When%20We%27re%20Together%20%28Instrumental%29.mp3 https://od.lk/s/NjFfNjk0MzgzNzVf/14%20Empire%20of%20Angels.mp3 https://od.lk/s/NDZfMzE4MzA2NDZf/01%20Le%20Festin.mp3 BlueBell#4201 єlєgαиcє Message for The Dream (507443) Tidings of sweetness be with you. <3 It should be ever so obvious to my fandom seething from stream interaction, I would be nothing short of delighted to write a story with you. I love the Sandman graphic novel series and to have The Endless grace the DC/Vertigo landscape is just bliss for this gal. I will try not to be obnoxious with my level of enthusiasm. But yeah. Big fan of Sandman.
S t a r b o r n .

. https://www.aniroleplay.com/511636 https://www.aniroleplay.com/511625 https://www.aniroleplay.com/511681 https://www.aniroleplay.com/511633 https://www.aniroleplay.com/511583 https://www.aniroleplay.com/511591 https://www.aniroleplay.com/511626 https://www.aniroleplay.com/511650
Heroes a rey of sunshine!#7189

“Uhm... Your Highness.”
“What is it, Diana dearest?”
“There’s this big scaly thing that made an acquaintance with me lately. I can feel a bit of your presence from it. I meant that in a way as if you’ve met it yourself during your time and I can feel the residual energy of you meeting each other, if that makes sense.”
“I see. Can you tell me more about this being, please?”
“The cosmic power emanating from it is... it’s overbearing. It’s as if I am peering into the last seconds before a universe ends. Holy f....”
“Oh my.”
“D-Do you know it, Your Highness?”
“I do, my fairest Far Life.”
“What is it then? Who is it?”
“A friend... and a foe.”
“Why... Why both?”
“It is... complicated.”
“Aza-Vela, I’m not going anywhere. If it’s crucial that I should know what or who it is, whether it’s nothing or no one for me to worry about or the polar opposite, please, tell me.”
“It predates even myself. Its divine or damned duty is to see realities end when their respective doom comes and its fangs sink in to consume each into Oblivion. Its hunger is believed to be insatiable, making it a dreadful threat to countless in Existence, desiring consumption at the cosmic level. There is even an archaic rumor of it being the latest successor to previous beings with the same transcendent task of devouring a dying reality warranting its needed end. But that is simply a rumor.”
“That sounds a lot like a cosmic being.”
“One may surmise well, such notion. But its behavior deviates from the conventions of a cosmic entity. Intriguing enough, it can stay its own hunger to be an incredibly powerful ally. A cosmic entity is meant to be amoral, only acting under the preservation of a domain or abstract one governs. It, however, seems to choose sides whenever it desires, short-lived or enduring. That is why I mentioned that it is a friend and a foe. My Empire calls it the Beyond Beast.”
“What does it want with me?”
“You are who I will become eons from past my own lifetime, Diana. Perhaps it senses me through you. What you do is solely yours to pursue. I can only guide for so long and for so much.”
“Will it harm me?”
“It may do so, yes.”
“If it does, what should I do?”
“Muster as much courage as you can, Diana. Fight back. You must realize by now, you do not need to bear the burden of conflict alone. You are in good, no... in great company, more than you know. It will be an arduous feat, keeping it at bay, perhaps exiling it from your reality and many others. But it can be done. It is only a matter of perseverance and your conviction to see that it will not be a tyrant over all that you hold dear, sweet child. Do not be its food. Let it feel the ferocity of your right to live and those of all else.”
“I won’t let you down.”
“No, dearest Diana. You will not let yourself down.”
“Thank you, Your Highness.”
“No need to thank, my dear. Fight on. Show it who 'the boss' is, haha!”

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Characters: 𝐀𝐳𝐚-𝐕𝐞𝐥𝐚 { 𝙳𝚒𝚊𝚗𝚊 𝙻𝚊𝚗𝚎 }
Verses: Starborn {Original Multiverse}
Playbys: Elsa of Arendelle (Visage) / Cherami Leigh (Voice)
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Science Fiction, Thriller/Suspense,
Member Since:April 14, 2020

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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:
~ Beauty. Born. Broken. ~

Among the countless life-forms in the Cosmos, there remains the undiscovered. Perhaps there are also those discovered but with so little known of them. One of these beings is a nigh-Primordial civilization residing on the edge of the universe. Kyá-Rü, they are later given a label. Smart scavengers of Celestial technology. Daring drifters between the Light and the Dark. Mad minds who delved in rigorous experiments, ambitious and atrocious.

Aza-Vela was born from one of the most prominent experiments. Her existence came to fruition after a series of long-term calculated assaults against several women abducted from different worlds in the name of science and lust. A bitch daughter of barbaric breeding. A beauty in the filth.

She was the reason her mothers, exhausted from the daily egregious exploitation and experimentation, still endured it all until each one's dying day. Aza-Vela is the gleaming good that came out of the grim and the grime as fate turned beyond ill for her mothers.

Alas, those womanly wonders of her cherished childhood later perished from life. She rose to certain age. To her great dread, it soon dawned at Aza-Vela that she herself was to be subjected to these atrocities for progress and for pleasure. In the early years, she did not understood when she was young why her mothers had undergone through so much suffering. But then she did.

Aza-Vela had no power to stop the congregation of ranked members and unnatural beasts from proceeding with this woman's first and official defloration. An unbridled carnal violence. The agony was unfathomable. They took turns, even worked in unholy unison. The woman screamed and cried until she could no longer do so. Every minute, she was not given remorse. The tiniest moments of pause were her only solace. But as they lessened, so was what speck of hope Aza-Vela had; clinging to the hope that the gods would hear her body and spirit screaming in prayer for the torments to cease the suffering. Death would be a boon. But the Grim Reaper never showed to take her away; far away from this sanctum of sinful sorrow.

Her woes were not just limited in carnal callousness done to her. Aza-Vela was used as a recurring and effective test subject for many experiments. Concussive attacks. Psychological terror. Biological weaponry. Endurance from outer and inner discomfort done by multiple agents, organic and inorganic, to break the fiber of one's being. And as a way to bolster the ranks of the Empire and did fall under the category of research, Aza-Vela was required to consummate with many kinds of creatures for as long as each consummation requires to last and bear... blasphemous lineage. Hours. Days. Weeks. Sometimes a whole year.

Aza-Vela can recover from the trauma of violence and physical deterioration because the unique way she was fashioned down to the molecular level. This means that she can be deflowered again and again, though never will be as prominent and ceremonial as the frightful first. They do their best to soothe her mind with sedatives and narcotics. However, in many times, they just left her to think bare of what unconscionable things were just done to her... before proceeding to the next one.

The mind of the beaten and broken beauty split as the horrors endured with extreme prejudice. The hatred. The love. She harbored the same hatred her mothers did. They were no friends, no brethren. They were monsters, the lot of them. However, Aza-Vela also developed... a craving. A discovery. She was starting to feel this writhing pleasure from all the indescribable pain. An abyss of morbid appreciation that may take lifetimes to fill. Perhaps never.

After millennia of degradation, Aza-Vela manifested powers worth killing for, both of Creation and of an Anti-God. The grand fruit bore from mad science the Kyá-Rü of old and new secretly aspired for her to achieve. With her mind programmed to not turn against her tormentors, she became the primary weapon of the race when traveling into or invading other worlds in search of new subjects.

They instill into Aza-Vela what amounts to eternal youth. She is not just invaluable as a bred being who can obliterate obstacles. Aza-Vela is also a captivating goddess; one which darkest desires can be ferociously freed into. There was no ego accompanying her deeds. She performed each because she was capable; competent to conquer the overwhelming odds. She regrets her atrocities upon all else, but accepts those which is done to her like a battered wife.

Aza-Vela keeps on living her life both blessed and wretched; if one is convinced that her damned life is truly one worth living. She has then been given greater freedom to roam the Cosmos than her younger days as a subject of sin and science. Well, she still is. However, each is out of her own desire to be so, being a low-ranked Overlord. She is among few who are leading the Kyá-Rü civilization further away from extinction. A far more powerful and calculated generation than her bastard ancestors who made Aza-Vela what she is. A sultry Witch-Queen.

~ Diana Lane ~

Aza-Vela was reborn on Earth during the 21st century within the Lane household. No relation to Clark Kent's significant other. Diana is the name her Earth parents gave her. She is the youngest daughter of 3 children.

Her father, Steven, is an engineer and a former member of a symphonic rock band, though short-lived. He has quite a history of cringe-worthy break-out singing upon his kids and extended family. They can't help but feel embarrassed on his behalf. Her mother, Veronica, is a surgeon who could've been one of the top in the world if it wasn't for her detoured investment. Spending what time she can with the lights of her life: her own children.

Veronica was also a member of her now-husband's former band. Actually, it was Veronica who hired Steven. Veronica is rather strict, perhaps uptight, sometimes requiring Steven to double down on his silly antics to suggest that she should lighten up at times and not worry about the little things. There is a slew of dysfunction and lust back then, the latter ironed out into love before they pursued careers outside music and got married. Well, the moments of dysfunction still carried into what their family has become, Diana being the youngest of them all.

Diana's elder sister, Anastasia or Anna---the oldest of the 3, is a model, actress and singer. Anna, in spite of accumulating quite the accolades of recognition for the quality of her work, is plagued by an... an addiction. Anna tries her best to be a role model to her baby sister; trying not to show she is haunted by certain demons.

Diana's older brother, Nathaniel or Nate, is a physicists who has worked around the globe. He later landed a job at CERN. He is the reason why Diana enjoys comic books and manga. He shared with her during their childhood his passion for these graphic novels. Anna and Nate had actually done plenty of make-believe activities with Diana when she was young, mainly live-action role-playing. But despite the great memories of yesteryear, Nate---like Anna, has demons of his own.


~ A B I L I T I E S ~

{ Anti-God }
Skill Level: Novice
Details unknown. Further analysis is required.

{ Magic }
Skill Level: Advanced
The supposed reason why she is labeled a Witch. Aza-Vela draws powers from within the same universe or other dimensions to bring into effect results that defy scientific explanation.

{ Matter Manipulation }
Skill Level: Intermediate
Whether Magic or science-based, it is unsure where to appropriately lock onto the source of how she is achieving this feat. Refashioning the existing matter in the universe but in a limited range is one of the first abilities Aza-Vela was taught to be decent in performing.

{ Self-Healing }
Skill Level: Advanced
Aza-Vela can heal herself from physical trauma done by concussive forces. Her molecular structure can reconstitute though it may take time depending on the severity of the damage. She has survived while being at the heart of a powerful hypernova but took several millennia to heal herself. From getting struck by such a cosmic-level event, she may very well self-resurrect herself but with so much time passed from when she supposedly die.

{ Space Manipulation }
Skill Level: Intermediate
Aza-Vela can bend Space at her will to certain extents. She can conjure Portals to go from one point of place in a world to another. If pushed further, she can extend the god-like journey by traveling from one edge of the galaxy to another. But the greater the distance, the more energy is used and the more strenuous the process is for her. She can also create Small Dimensions to hide in them or trap someone or something else inside. She also uses this to move objects and relocate matter in locations of interest. Sometimes, feats by this specific ability are mistaken as a telekinetic force.

{{ Writing with the Witch }}

Why, sweetest salutations, potential partner in story-telling. ^.^)/

May this portion of my profile be of some assistance to you in providing an idea (or a few) regarding what I want to role-play about with others. I hope they'll give you an idea with what you want to role-play with me about when the time comes.

My character Aza-Vela (a.k.a Diana Lane) is inspired by the cosmic landscape storylines from comics such as Marvel and DC. Perhaps snippets of inspirations from more than a handful of other media that I also enjoy.

She is an Original Character of my own fictional Omniverse. The Multiverse Concept, Cosmic Horror and psychological thriller are some of the prominent ideas in story-telling I am eager so eager to dabble into. Conflicts to tests my character's mettle---body, mind, heart and soul, really gets me motivated to write back. ^o^)b

I try not to limit myself into verses, as in she is supposed to be from this media or that. However, I welcome delving into others, even if I'm not too knowledgeable of the media, perhaps even 99.9% clueless of a media's contents and contexts. xD I will adapt Aza-Vela/Diana to the best of my abilities, should she require tweaks in her backstory and be of much better fit in someone else's verse.

The genres of a story are where I steeply lean my desire on what to write about much more. Among these genres are action, adventure, comedy, crime, drama, fantasy, horror, music, mystery, psychological thriller, science fiction, supernatural and suspense/thriller. It would be lovely to write a combination of a handful of those mentioned. Slice of life is welcome too, though hoping that it won't be too dull for my tastes.

I also welcome romance and it's, uhm.... it's more intimate associate of a sub-genre. However, they are better applied as options than mandatory inclusions. Also, the progress on how they are practiced in the role-play should feel organic. Also, pretty-please realize that the romantic and/or carnal relationship our character have is in its own continuity.

I'm fairly versatile (I think haha). So what story you and I may weave true, I hope it will be an enjoyable one for you and I.

{{ Kindly Take Heed }}

✨✨ I am 100% NOT interested in having any romantic relationship with anyone Out-of-Character. I'm already off the market, blissfully so and resolute in keeping it that way for as long as my better half and I can~. vDv)7

✨✨ Whenever you see a pair or two of curly brackets such as how I began this clause, it means I am Out-of-Character. I am often so unless I'm (greatly) aware that I'm engaging in a role-play or an IC banter. s(^-^;)z When I'm using div, I usually would start out an {Out-Of-Character} disclaimer on the beginning of a message or comment. So, keep that in mind, please.

✨✨ Please understand that I will respond as I see fit, when I see fit. (u3u; If I deem it proper to request a postponement, I shall do so. I may enjoy this hobby, but I have no interest whatsoever to have my life be ruled by it. If my prolonged silence displeases you, the delete and block features are tools you are welcome to use at your discretion. I have the divine patience for waiting. So, please, and I do sincerely mean this, take all the time you need to respond, whether Out-of-Character banters/discussions or role-play entries. d(^u^

✨✨ Pretty please, separate the OOC and IC interactions when responding to me. ;A; I understand and see the dedication and amusement of meta-interactions, the writer speaking on the behalf of the character for something that would not be remotely perceptible for the characters in a role-play. I would appreciate a clear divide in these two kinds of interaction. Thank you~. vDv)/ Buuuuuut, I issue an excellent exception. If the ability to break the 4th wall is something your character is capable of doing, albeit I hope it is done with careful consideration and moderation, you are ever so welcome to employ it in our role-play. d(nDn

✨✨ I do not ask perfection in regards to your grammar and syntax use. °3°)7 But please, do your best to keep such a vital aspect of (the English) literature well-practiced on a constant basis. If something does not make sense because of the choice of words, I will reach out to you Out-of-Character to clear things up. This is a two-way street, of course! You're welcome to reach out to me OOC if stuff on my part that may seem/sound confusing. I won't deny that I'm bound to screw up at some points and unintentionally make it harder for you to understand what I just wrote. ;w; I, uhm... I tend to be... flowery with my wordplays at (shy of many) times. xD #BlameItOnTolkienLUL

✨✨ Relationship between your character(s) and mine is self-contained in each story. However, if I enjoy a story well enough, I may express reference of details outside its/their existing/concluded continuity. I implore you to be mature with interactions should you find my character flirting with others on role-play streams. Remember, our role-play is what should matter, not what I'm having with someone else or a general role-play for all to just enjoy. Jealousy may lead to dark paths in which reason maybe forsaken. It is a rather unsavory vice to latch onto and allow it to fester in oneself, jealousy. (v3v

Birth Name:

(Hybrid Eternal)

Diana Lane
Space Elsa



~As Aza-Vela~
Adventurous, (hyper-)cautious, contemplative, cynical, intelligent, masochistic, (hyper-)paranoid, (hyper-)promiscuous, volatile.
~As Diana~
Adventurous, curious, humble, insecure, (semi-)intelligent, kind, meek, mellow, optimistic, (semi-)paranoid, promiscuous, protective (of loved ones), respectful.


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wιnd dragon

Jul 18th 2020 - 9:09 PM

Not only did your comment OVERWHELM me in prese station, I actually got own away by the sudden story idea.

While I would call Shura a dragon warrior PER SAY, yet the dragonic spirit within is indeed a thing.  He too also have moments that could be added to their adventure.

WHAT I AM SAYING IS: Yes. :D Let us do that

Jul 8th 2020 - 11:30 AM

First off, can I say that your heading and format of your comments is f***ing amazing?? Like that's so cool!
That idea you have I dig a lot! The setting is set up nicely and I like how you're intertwining your oc to fit the MHA verse! You mentioned that your chara is in their early 20s - technically, Firella is between her 20s and 30s, though I do alter her age depending on the roleplay to what seems fit. Would you prefer her to be a student during this time, or her actual age? Mind you, once she graduates, she does become a hero while balancing her environmental job as well. If you prefer her to be a student of UA, I have an idea on how their paths will cross!

I do apologize for the delay. I do a lot of stuff when/during my downtime and I tend to get distracted; then there's other days where I'm just far too drowsy to think due to work. Thanks so much for your patience overall! I really appreciate it!
The Dark Shinigami

Jul 4th 2020 - 6:37 PM

Its a pleasure to be finally meeting you Aza, been waiting for you to come and see me. I like your style, you got right to the point of building a story, its the best way to bond and make friends. So I'm totally looking forward to seeing how well we interact and write together. Let me give you a run down of how I work. 

I am a Shinigami from the Bleach as you well know lol but due to the fact thst the Bleach verse is pretty dead, I've focused my attentions on crossover rps. Bass travels the world outside of Bleach to interact with all sorts of different people and beings. So you don't have to place yourself in the Bleach world if you don't want to but we can still do that as well. Been crossing over for years which makes things always more fun. 

So as far as the story you've put out there, I like the premise so if you wanna go that route we can do that. From thst premise we can expand the story to go alot further so I'm. Really looking forward to this. Can't wait to hear back from you Aza. 

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