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About me:
Serans lore can adapt to nearly any setting or story! feel free to discuss ideas, as Im in my rps for the long term fun! serans life began with the wish of one woman, A story of this manner taking place in all possible Realitly that Existed. There was a lonely girl, and unable to bear a child. she wished and wished but nobody answered her call. untill one night a Man known simply as the cosmic rider showed up. Promising with his magical power he could make her the child. her heart swelling in joy, at the idea of having a kid she could raise with all her might to love and keep company agreed to it. knowing the child was to have a unique Destiny. After Proving her his magical prowless the pair would make love , and within 3 days of this rigorous baby-making. the Cosmicrider vanishes without a Trace. The woman Bound to a promise to never mention the specifics of his father. To the son she was soon to have. Serans father Basics The cosmicrider Is a mysterious being from a plane of reality that Vastly supersedes Time, space, soul, matter and physics itself , This being is so powerful In fact he cannot Enter Reality Due to the sheer density of his raw power being a threat. So he from his home Universe Creates Highly advanced magical attuned bodys. These bodys soo advanced that science cannot tell and only the most keenly magical could tell. He uses these bodys like a battery so he can interact with the universe in the same way as the other souls do. his Power is without limit. Though his son does not inherit these traits. Serans body side effects Due to him being the Earthly son of both a normal woman and this Celestial cosmic being, naturally these forces clash. Its a Miracle that Seran could even be alive, Due to the massivly heavy cosmic Resonance drowning out his Earthly one, serans growth is Stunted. destined to be forever Smol! prone to easily faint,and seems to be missing soo many things like body body hair, luckily none of these are life threating! Serans Powers Serans powers are merely the Side effect of being The born Son of his father. Who only Existed as a highly advanced Drone for this mighty Spirit based entity possessed to control from beyond. As a result Serans Body is Essentally a Empty battery, And antenna that Picks up on these signals. the effects of these signals and there Effects are as follows 1- Night Aura- as Its coined by many. is a power that passively and without limit gives a 20X boost in abilitys in all beings that thrive on cosmic forces or powers of the night. its effect works within 20 feet of Seran In any Direction . strong enough to make vampires immune to the sun, and Seran forever pale! 2- Mythic Alternator- any "magical" force channeled into him gains a 100 fold boost . weither it be a spell casted while contacting him, a potion , an item that has contact or even activation on contact spells! Though Due beware if a spell is cast upon him that Requires a link like illusion casting one may get more then they bargained for! 3-Astral Tank- due to the Sheer advanceness of his body it has unforseen effects should one meet him in a spiritual realm. his mind body and soul all as one connected thing and are locked by some unknown means it makes him immune to soul theft and body swaps. but unlike his body his soul itself is very powerful having an astral presence that Rivials demon lords! All effects to this are unknown! 4- Cosmicriding- basically he can not only live in space but can thrive in it. in space he has access to powers unknown to him on planets!
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Aug 13th 2021 - 7:01 AM

I might have edited you a pic lol I hope that's alright! I've been practicing how to edit more.
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