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"You're either useful or in my way. So, if you're not going to help can you... you know... move aside already?"

23 years old
Clarence Town, Long Island

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October 29 2020

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Sass' body originally belonged to an ordinary girl.
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    Sass's Interests
GeneralIn any story where Sass can discover things about himself. This opens the door for slice of life with small domestic moments, action/adventure or mystery where he can pursue clues, the drama that comes with being inside a body you don't understand or meeting those who knew the woman, adult themes, ect.

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Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Verses: Slice of life, comedy, dark, mild action/sparring, suspense, mystery, crime
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Drama, Open, Science Fiction, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Thriller/Suspense,
Status: Single
Member Since:May 19, 2020

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About me:
Naoki (Sass) Kireno couldn't tell anyone much about himself, even if he wanted to. Even the name is fake. Vague memories come over him in waves but nothing has been substantial enough to help him get to the bottom of all the mysteries around his past.

What he does know was that he's endured some things. There's scars all over his body, most of which are surgical, to indicate this. That, and if he closes his eyes he can recall exactly how certain wounds had felt. The fear that hammered in his heart and his nails bending back from his frantic effort to escape.

The real funny thing is that all of the scars in his mind aren't reflected on his body. In fact, most aren't. He's also damn near certain that he hadn't had tits before that initial day he finally started to create tangible memories.

Desperate for leads, Sass skips from town to town searching for any clue. Who's the woman he sees when he looks into the mirror? What happened to him? Some days he thinks he'd be satisfied just to know why his temples ache.

Will you help him on his search and be a friend, or will you take a different path?
Who I'd like to meet:
Name: Naoki (Sass) Kireno.
Age: Unsure. He only recalls his last few months and the memories that come in waves.
Gender: Male.
Sex: Female.
Personality: Can be rather forward to the point of developing a bossy attitude. He likes to give the feeling that he's in complete control but becomes flustered in moments when even he can't buy that BS. Against his better judgement, he's soft. Likes: Is certain that he knows he liked his dad. Discovered he loves either pineapple or sausage on pizza, just not together.
Dislikes: Zero cleaning skills turns the task into a chore. Sass can, at best, perform basic tasks like grouping clutter together or rinsing off a dish.
Occupation: N/A, ex-experimentation.
Residence: Living bunked up with his favorite old hag, aka a 20-something year old prostitute.

Presentation: Eyes: Had been - ?? | Currently - Brown
Hair: Had been - ?? | Currently - Green
Height: Had been - ?? | Currently - 5'6
Voice: Had been - ?? | Currently - Gruff, androgynous.
Scars: Had been - Several | Currently - One trailing from the collar to the base of the stomach.
Sass presents as gender neutral/masculine. He has a lithe build and a petite chest. Baggy layered tops disguise his hips. He holds himself with an apathetic, comfortable posture.

Abilities and talents:
As of now, unknown.
Be prepared to discover sci-fi/supernatural themes.

Sass spent years enduring experimentation that was wiped from his mind. The only change he's noticed was that he awoke in the body of a female, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. One of the few things he does remember is the shadow of a face. Someone he presumes to be his father. He doesn't know enough to track him down, but as soon as he does... he's going after him.

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Sass's Friends Comments
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Meiko !!Dangerously Explosive!!

Oct 19th 2020 - 2:37 AM

Super excited to hear from you again! I was really liking the premise of our RP and was afraid you'd disappeared

Oct 17th 2020 - 1:14 AM

Ah yeah I do happen to know it.
Tho it has been awhile.
Very intoxicating indeed.
▵Sŧąŋfσŗđ F. Pïŋes▿

Jun 25th 2020 - 10:56 AM

*Clasping his hands with a sharp inhalation, he'd halfly shake his head* 
Goodness Galileo gracious-
Pleasure to be back. I'll admit, i'm still not at 100% peak with my stabalization of recovery but, my determination to "get back in the game" (when it comes to collaboration) is there. And concurably so! Upon examination of your character's information I can see where the pontential of a cross encounter lies, also interesting concept on your part, I dig it. 
Fret not. I may be still mentally recovering and partially still screw balled and erratic, occasionally even a bit aloof but now that i've got somewhat of a handle on things, you can expect the application of effort when i'm in the right state of mind. I do have to give the disclaimer that occasionally things may be delayed, though it'll come around. I gotcha. 

By the way; you're most welcome. 
I'm- i'm just going to let you go off on that. I won't question it. ebhdgwjfs
▵Sŧąŋfσŗđ F. Pïŋes▿

Jun 22nd 2020 - 6:24 PM

Ah, greetings and salutations! 
Sincerest apologies on account of the delay in relaying a response.
Seems as though i've been a tad bit busy and at times mildly preoccupied-
introspection whilst in isolation was a theme for a period of time, now the focus has shifted more towards the taking of action into my own hands with the revisitation of former hobbies, to which i've sought aim to reaffirm my presence here. 

I do believe I would be most interested in a story collaboration of the sort actually, to further admit some unexpectancy in regards to the addressment of "baby". But, heck. bfhsjdk
Meiko !!Dangerously Explosive!!

Jun 16th 2020 - 3:14 PM

Yeah, some people who didn't like me just mass-reported it until it was gone, Ani's report system is busted. It didn't even have anything NSFW on it.
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