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Verses: Avatar: The Last Airbender Legend of Korra
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Personality Easygoing, open-minded, wise, comforting, generous, advising, kind, and humorous, Iroh treated his self-imposed exile during Zuko's search for the Avatar as though it were an extended vacation. Something of an epicurean in his old age, he did not devote his full energies to the pursuit of the Avatar, clashing with the dedication of his nephew.[50] However, beneath his easygoing attitude lays a wise man experienced in the ways of the world, a seasoned and wily strategist, and an incredibly strong and powerful firebending master. Although he appeared hedonistic, Iroh's life philosophies were about living life to the fullest and choosing your own destiny. He was a firm believer that everyone had the power to create their own destiny.[32] He appeared laid-back because he understood that there were things in life he could not control, but he also believed that a person is fully responsible for the parts they can. From Zuko's point of view, Iroh seemed lazy,[34] but from an objective point of view, it could be seen that he understood that Zuko was misguided. Throughout the last year of the Hundred Year War, Iroh constantly asked Zuko what it was that he wanted in life, asking him if capturing Aang was the destiny that he chose, or a path that others told him he needed to follow.[32] Iroh was a father figure to Zuko. Iroh was particularly fond of tea, the strategy game Pai Sho, and music. He founded a music night for the ship's crew,[51] among whom he was popular, involving singing[26] and the playing of instruments.[52] He displayed skill at playing the tsungi horn and liuqin, as well as singing lullabies to pacify a crying child.[11] He had shown himself to be an amateur botanist with knowledge of a wide variety of plants and their effects on the human body, though misinterpretation of some plant characteristics led him to accidentally poisoning himself.[53] Ginseng,[54] followed by jasmine, are pronounced to be his favorite teas. Probably as definitive of Iroh's character as his love for tea was his sage advice and wisdom. Iroh was known by his niece and nephew for his sometimes cryptic proverbs and lengthy anecdotes. Throughout Books One and Two, Iroh constantly guided Zuko during his exile and critical, character-shaping decisions. He had also advised Aang[5] and Toph[10] to great effect. Closely related to this wisdom was Iroh's affinity for spirituality. He constantly advocated maintaining the balance between elements, as demonstrated when he implemented waterbending techniques to divert lightning.[7] Iroh was the only character besides Aang who was able to see the spirit of Roku's dragon.[20] During the Siege of the North, Zhao also mentioned a rumor that Iroh had traveled to the Spirit World. Later in the battle, Iroh threatened Zhao for capturing the Moon Spirit and disturbing the balance of world, breaking his typical easy going manner.[8] Iroh had no desire for power, not protesting when his brother took his birthright title of Fire Lord.[4] He soon retired from being a general, and stated that "there is nothing wrong with a life of peace and prosperity".[32] Though an honorable man, he was not above a spot of pilfering as he once pocketed perfumes from an abbey.[55] He also demonstrated respect and appreciation for all cultures, which seemed to be a rarity among those of the Fire Nation. This partially stemmed from his trip into the Spirit World, which left him with a certain spiritual awareness. Despite his age, Iroh could be quite the ladies' man when the need arose, often flirting with various women on his travels. Many of these were older women but some have been much younger, such as the bounty hunter June.[55] He was also addressed as "handsome" on multiple occasions.[56] However, as a young man, Iroh was a much crueler and ruthless individual, enjoying being a renowned Fire Nation General and reveling in his status as the Crown Prince, eager for the power of the Fire Lord,[17] as evidenced by his admission in the letter he wrote to Zuko, Azula, and Ursa after he had broken through the walls of Ba Sing Se, that he hoped they could see the city if he did not "burn it to the ground first".[4] He lost this desire for power, however, after the death of his son Lu Ten and his father Azulon shortly thereafter, being so distraught and grief-striken that he even withdrew from what was a near victory over Ba Sing Se.[17] The deaths of Lu Ten and Azulon and losing his claim on the throne of Fire Lord filled Iroh with a deep sense of sadness and failure, though his journey across the world by the side of his nephew Zuko healed and transformed him into a kind and wiser man, changing his perspective of the world completely from when he was the Crown Prince and a general.[31] He rarely held grudges and did not seem to care much about his own welfare, which was made evident when a man attempted to mug him in Ba Sing Se; he did not fight back but instead helped and gave advice to the mugger.[1

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bold italic underline LinkIroh and Zuko were now branded traitors by the Fire Nation.[8] After a confrontation with Azula, Iroh and Zuko learned of a plot to capture them and return them home in chains. After escaping from Azula's nearly successful plot, Iroh and Zuko cut their top-knots both to symbolize their new life as fugitives unable to return home, and also to disguise themselves.[27] The two later took refuge in a river village[28] and other Earth Kingdom towns and caves, acting as homeless beggars. While Iroh was able to adjust to a life of simplicity, humility, and poverty, Zuko was not, and Iroh soon suspected that Zuko had been obtaining items for their day-to-day life by theft. The older man attempted to persuade his nephew that those who maintain hope in the face of adversity are the ones with true strength. However, Zuko thought otherwise, and the two separated.[29] The two were soon reunited, as Iroh covertly followed Zuko in case he needed assistance. When Zuko got in over his head in a three-way battle with Aang and Azula, Iroh intervened, as did Aang's companions. The six of them confronted Azula together, but she managed to wound Iroh with a blue fire blast to the chest, and she escaped.[10] After recovering from his injury, Iroh decided to teach Zuko the advanced firebending techniques he would need to defeat Azula. He first tried to teach Zuko how to create lightning, but his nephew's emotional turmoil prevented him from making progress with the difficult technique. Instead, Iroh taught Zuko a technique of his own creationโ€”to absorb and redirect lightning, which he developed after studying waterbenders. Zuko soon demanded that Iroh attack him with lightning so that he can redirect it, but Iroh refused to perform such a dangerous test.[7] Iroh and Zuko in tea shop Zuko and Iroh at the grand opening of the Jasmine Dragon. In reality, Iroh was a grand lotus of the secret society, the Order of the White Lotus.[1] The Order of the White Lotus, which transcended the boundaries of the four nations, had members spread far and wide across the world โ€” even in desolate remote villages of the Earth Kingdom. Iroh and Zuko sought their aid in avoiding the bounty hunters Master Yu and Xin Fu, who temporarily decided to seek the two fugitives from the firebending nation rather than pursue the Avatar and Toph. The Order managed, on short notice, to produce fake passports and other paperwork to smuggle Iroh and Zuko into Ba Sing Se.

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Jul 11th 2020 21:17

For you ~

Jun 21st 2020 21:49

Thank you for accepting me I can't wait to rp with you.ย 
If you could please read over my short list of rules we can get things goin!

Jun 9th 2020 21:21

Behind the Muse
If it's my name you want, You may have it. take it all. But even and I will still be different people. and that cannot be changed. None of us can be anything other than ourselves.

Hello, there my name is Lacus Clyne, and it's very nice to meet you, I really hope to become good friends and write amazing stories together. I do tend to be a bit slow due to work but I hope that won't be an issue. This is not my first time as Lacus and she is one of my favorite muses, and we share some of the same beliefs.ย  She is a talented singer and not afraid to fight for what she believes in, but she does it with a kind heart. Lacus is overall a beautiful character and I hope that I write well as her.

I would like to say I am a multi-para to Novella writer depending on my mood, though I don't expect my partners to write past their comfort zone. Discord friendly though ask me if you would like it due to trolls I don't like posting it, well thank you for either accepting me or requesting me. I really hope to hear from you soon!



Jun 4th 2020 23:12

So I can assume that you're up for writing then? :D
ส€แด‡๊œฑแด›แดส€แด‡แด… สœแดษดแดส€

Jun 2nd 2020 13:08

ย Hello, Zuko here.

Thanks for accepting my add, Uncle, I appreciate it. I look forward to talking with you more and maybe starting some kind of story together if you're willing. Until then, take care.


May 31st 2020 12:45

Thank you for accepting me! I'd love to discuss a storyline with you!

May 30th 2020 23:42

OOC: Thank you for accepting. I'd of course would love to get a rp going with you. I could have Marcus as he is (He can get into other universes) and running into Iroh might actually shift him a bit from his usual cruel ways BUT! Could also have Marcus be based in the world of ATLA if you would prefer.
า“ษชส€แด‡ สŸแดส€แด…;

May 30th 2020 15:33

GRAND-UNCLE IROH! It's so good to see you. I hope you are doing well. Thank you for sending me your friend request and welcome to the verse! I hope you enjoy your stay. When you have the time, I would love to get some sort of storyline going with you. If you have any questions about my version of Izumi, as a lot of her background information was left on the writing room floor, please feel free to ask.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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