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^ D ^)/

I'm Ruci Jivana.

"Ru" like "rutabaga."
"Ci" like "Cheetos."

Don't wear it out!

You can call me Serena as well.
~(n _ n




Feedback, chats on your end, do so at your earliest convenience~.

Toodles for now~!
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{{ Some Dork Gone O-to-O-to-C }} A lil' birdie named Kimiko spoke of you in high regard. (o u o So... Me-o Interest-o is piqued-o~! o 0 o)/ Sweet salutations! ^ D ^)/ I'm Ruci Jivana. "Ru" like "rutabaga." "Ci" like "Cheetos." Don't wear it out! xD You can call me Serena as well. ~(n _ n I'd be delighted to write a sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural/psycho-thriller story role-play with you~. If it's alright with you, the story can start in a time period a few decades the year 2000. During the many years before /they/ meet, there have been changes in the world. Major ones. Official visits from extraterrestrials and inter-dimensional beings, some leaving a lot to be desired. Creatures from the magical realms established contact with the human race. Technology advanced to the point that the enigmatic force designated as Magic can be mimicked with the proper tools and methods. And with all of these come not just comfort for how modern society has pushed forward but also unrest, perhaps even prejudice brewing in mankind's hearts and minds. Not all, but enough that there have been gatherings dedicated in maintaining the purity of the human race and all of its values. Zealots vehemently unkind towards many things and individuals with properties straying away from what it means to be human being, at least what the hate mobs believe and are perpetuating for anyone else to believe. Serena gets caught in the middle of this long-running war fought in a few to more than several corners of each nation. She unconditionally yet unintentionally chooses a side after... performing a /certain feat/. Confronted with a sense of vitriol by a displeased few, something stops them from harming the woman. As if they are willed to cease taking further action by something... or someone. And forced to disperse against their will. She escapes the unfriendly group. However, the woman comes a cross something quite unique. Someone is speaking with her. Someone who can do so without being remotely anywhere in sight. Someone who knows what she is thinking. Not just what she did, but what she's doing and what goes on in her mind. At first, she's scared. But as she acknowledges further that she is speaking with someone who also has abilities far beyond human, she gradually becomes less and less self-conscious. What she has gained is an intriguing disembodied chatmate. Can Serena found out who this person is? Does she even want to find out? It all depends on where her curiosity will take her. Well, that's something to start off with. We can flesh it out much better. d(^u^ Pretty-please, give your feedback and provide any future replies without needing to hurry up. It warms my heart when my would-be role-play mate goes about what we're doing here feeling inspired and entertained, not obligated and stressed. ; u ; Well... Toodles for noooowwww~! ^ 3 ^)/
MoviesThe blackest gates open, separating the labyrinth of dreams and the landscapes of reality. From such transition comes a light piercing through the darkness. At first, all is vague. A great big blear. Fleshly curtains shut but just for a bit, only to then swing and open. They do this again at least twice more. Bit by bit, all are being made clearer. Outlines become sharp. Colors become vivid. And what was dreamt before, a painful to recall, perhaps even forgotten. Now, what are there demand focus. Regained senses discloses understanding. Windows to the soul are bearing witness to a grand mural of the macabre. Rubble of wood, steel and concrete, many once aloft tens and even more than a hundred feet above ground, are toppled in disarray. Bright flame stay to gnaw on what many things it endures from being extinguishing by wind. The rest follow suit. Ears bring news of crackling flames, howling winds and songs of sorrow from the distance. Nose sniff only to smell brimstone, burned rubber and foulness from an unseen corpse, maybe several.

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Characters: Ruci Jivana ~ Serena Sybil
Verses: Original Verse
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller/Suspense,
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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:
True Name: Ruci Jivana
Earth Legal Name: Serena Sybil
Race: Janita
Creature Type: Cosmic Entity
Birthplace: Pre-Creation
Age: N/A
Human Age: 12 to 29
Human Height(s): 4' 10" to 5' 6"
Human Eye Color(s): Black, Hazel, Ocean Blue
Human Hair Colors(s): Black, Brunette, Auburn Red, Midnight Blue

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

adamant, adventurous, cynical (sometimes), energetic, friendly, loving, lustful (situational), mischievous, morbidly-curious, outspoken, psychotic (sometimes), sarcastic (situational)
~ The level of her intelligence depends on how her Creator (MEANING ME, BITCH!) wants to express it in any given story, from the extent in which she's be as bright as a wet match in a dark cave up to the brainpower on par with Batman and Reed Richards. The same condition applies for her capacity for humility and/or narcissism.

Special Trait(s):
Multiversal identity shift, Muliversal identity merge
~ Think of these traits as dissociative identity disorder, a.k.a. multiple personality disorder.

Multiverse travel, performing Magic, sightseeing, stargazing, listening to music, soothing space travel, training martial arts, jogging, long walks, reading, drawing
Magic, strawberries, ice cream, surfing the Web, YouTube, iDubbbzTV, her expanding library of texts acquired from across the Multiverse, her expanding music archive, right to free speech, passionate/rough sex, achieving an intense orgasm
Deadpool's wit & unfiltered personality, Rick Sanchez's intellect & party skills, humility, fun conversations, beef bourguignon, practical jokes, smoothies, sunsets, art museums, flirting
Chaos King, Shuma-Gorath, excessive political correctness, hypersensitivity, incompetence, disasters that follow and worsen after using Magic or cosmic-tier abilities

The Ancient One, The Wizard Shazam, Stephen Strange, Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Deadpool, Owen Reece, Diana Prince, Karen Starr, Kitty Pryde, Wanda Maximoff, Starfire, F.R.I.D.A.Y., Kokoro, Momiji, Talos, Molag Bal, Heraemus Mora, Clea, Umar the Unrelenting, Nightmare, Mister Mxyzptlk[*], Chaos King, The Beyonders[*], Eternity, Infinity, Oblivion, Rick Sanchez C-137[*]

[*] - citation needed


Begotten, not born. The Janita race is believed to have existed before Creation. These mysterious and powerful cosmic beings has and still are able to resist the unchallenged reign and insurmountable digestion of Oblivion. Even the Watchers are incredibly limited in wisdom as they are still documenting the existence and known activities of the Janita. They truly are an enigma among many within and outside the Multiverse.

Among the Janita is an entity that The Ancient One of Earth later gave the name Ruci Jivana. The Janita took the form of a young female human being. Naive as a child at first, Ruci gradually learned how to speak at least by means of the language The Ancient One taught her and several other things a mortal should at least learn to function well in society. But The Ancient One did not hold Ruci's hand every step of the way. Ruci had to learn many things with hardship. To know how to pick herself up when she falls. To know how to cope with defeat, disappointments and despair. To understand and make true peace with the constant notion that the universe and even the Multiverse is often cruel, uncaring, merciless and riddled with torment.

Ruci, under the tutelage of The Ancient One, was provided wisdom on how to use Magic. Ruci was incorrect plenty of times, until she then succeeded in casting the spells she was taught to conjure. Although Ruci was raised with discipline, the insatiability of knowing more was eating her inside. She developed an inconsolable fascination over a concept she has then been wooing for eternities to come. Curiosity. It is one hell of a suitor. And by succumbing to Curiosity, she found spells that were far too advanced for a pupil still requiring to learn more and were able to cast them. The result of her Curiosity gave concern for The Ancient One. This girl. This being. Is she even with limits? Is she far beyond even the Vishanti Triad who gave The Ancient One a grand wealth of wisdom over the Mystic Arts?

The Ancient One consulted many beings of knowledge from across the Multiverse, even a friend from outside, the ancient Wizard Shazam, if they have better understanding of what Ruci is. The words "Concept Incarnate" were what the Sorcerer Supreme of Old received as some sort of vague answer and in different linguistic renditions. The Ancient One and Ruci had conversations. Curiosity never left Ruci's side, for she herself had long wondered what she is.

When a time came where the Ancient One was required to be somewhere else, a different reality, Ruci was being flirted at greatly by her faceless lover. While indulging on a wonderfully-brewed tea, Ruci attempted to just will a change in the Sanctum she is residing. No Magic spells. Simply will. To her great surprise, the realm had many parts of itself moving in different directions. Elements were changing in their states of being. Earth became water. Water became earth. Fire became frost. Frost became fire. The air Ruci was breathing nearly choked everyone in the Sanctum to death due to its atomic compositions being changed into something that was harmful to humans. Even Ruci herself was a victim of this change as her mortal body was suffering from the effects. Thankfully, friends of the Ancient One arrived before it was too late and cast powerful Magic spells to revert everything back to normal.

Ruci was imprisoned, bound by strong Magic spells to hopefully suppress any uncanny capabilities she has hiding insider her. The girl was left in a dark place, devoid of light and company, only fashioning tears. Even her lover was rather unhelpful and had become silent for ages. She did not know how she did what she did or what she did is considered wrong. Nevertheless, the mortal Janita accepted her punishment, an imprisonment that lasted for centuries.

The Ancient One opposed to this sentence, considering it too harsh for the girl. However, Vishanti, Old Gods who granted the Sorcerer Supreme wisdom of the Mystic Arts, reassured the Ancient One that all shall be well. Ruci, despite her incarceration, will be cared for. Ruci, although succumbed by despair, meditated to focus herself. To reach into the depths of her incomprehensible mind and seek not just answers but thoughts worth knowing. For one, how did she perform such a terrifying and terrific feat without Magic? Was it... is it something she can do on her own?

By the time Ruci is freed, a new Sorcerer Supreme had risen to power by proving oneself in succeeding the Ancient One. Doctor Stephen Strange welcomed Ruci with open arms. He is ever so aware of her name and what she did centuries ago, regardless of how history written in texts by other sorcerers spoke of her with ill-will.

Doctor Strange explained to Ruci an excerpt from the last will and testament of the Ancient One. "If the current Sorcerer Supreme is wholly convinced that she will be of no threat to existence, the young mistress sorceress Ruci Jivana is to be freed from her imprisonment. Kindly take good care of that fairest being who had long fallen deep in love with Curiosity." And wholly convinced, Doctor Strange was... and still is.

With his great wisdom of the Mystic Arts, Doctor Strange had shown the girl many things that occurred in this reality. He filled her mind with what transpired, even before the eras predating the birth of Stephen Strange himself, and also what have been transpiring. At first, Ruci was obviously overwhelmed, screaming in agony from absorbing the vast knowledge passed onto her by the Sorcerer Supreme. But bit by bit, her threshold to withstand the tormenting flood of information increased and later understood why it had to be done. It is to continue understanding what she truly is, Ruci.

Only a fairest few of the Avengers and from the Mutant Community are aware of Ruci's existence. Hank Pym, Prince T'Challa, Hank McCoy and Professor Charles Xavier are among the fairest few. She even made good companions with other Avengers and those from the Mutant Community, most notably Kitty Pride, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Wanda Maximoff and Deadpool. She even made a warm kinship with the former lover and wife of Doctor Strange, Clea, as both of them consider Ruci an unofficial stepdaughter.

The gathering of super intelligence deduced that Ruci is a multiversal cosmic entity whose specific classification remains an enigma, aside from being called Janita, a Pre-Creation entity. She is, however, on par with the cosmic beings Eternity and Infinity from what Doctor Strange had observed. This makes Ruci incredibly powerful. It seems that the ability to warp reality down to the atomic scale is innate within Ruci, even without the aid of Magic. What she did in the Sanctum centuries ago was a mere fraction of a fraction of what she can do. Perhaps she can even change the fabric of reality beyond molecular structure of anything she desires to change.

Ruci had chosen to confine herself in this reality possibly because of the kinship she had with the Ancient One, her tutor and more or less her first foster parent in the mortal realm. The role has then been passed onto Doctor Strange and at times Lady Clea, both assuming parenthood in his or her own way. And what joyous dysfunctions each offered. However, Doctor Strange is more lenient in allowing Ruci to be far, far away from his presence. After all, Ruci agreed to have her location traced by several spells and by highly-advanced nanotechnology, regardless of where she is in the Multiverse. But when opportunity presents itself, Ruci is to return to the universe where Doctor Strange freed her from imprisonment and at least mingle with those who had welcomed her and she befriended in turn during the 21st century.

Her lover Curiosity returns and dares not leave her side. This time, Ruci shall be eloping with Curiosity and has decided without a doubt to push and to heighten her sense of adventure and be intimate with her abstract lover far beyond she could ever imagine. Perhaps she can also discover more about what she is and what it means to be a Janita somewhere in one or several of her adventures and misadventures to come. And so, Ruci Jivana bid farewell, a temporary one, the universe she confined herself in and sailed through time and space. Her destinations unknown.

The Multiverse awaits!




Although Ruci Jivana is her official name, the Janita took on another label. One she is more inclined to introduce herself as nowadays while interacting with all forms sentience, mortal and immortal, concrete and abstract. And it was neither an accident nor merely out of the blue that she chose to then call herself Serena Sybil. No. The name is an eternal tribute for 2 dearest irreplacable friends she spent much time with and unfortunately lost while traveling the Multiverse.

While in the space-time vortex after leaving the universe she confined herself in, Ruci became aware that there were others traversing the same wormhole as she was. Two other beings! They both revealed themselves and then expressed great mischief by daring to knock Ruci out of the vortex. The Janita could not tap into the ability super high-speed travel just yet and these two were like bullets fired from a gun due to their lightning-fast agility, leading to the success of this practical joke.

Ruci was soon falling into an alien planet in another universe unknown to her. The two other cosmic travelers followed the prey of their prank and assisted her descent. It seemed that these two jokers can manipulate energy to cause total cessation over an incredible amount of momentum, nearly mimicking absolute stasis. Who knows. They didn't explain it to Ruci. All she cared about was that she is grateful to them for-- more or less-- saving her. Ruci could actually have destroyed the nearby civilization should she had come in contact with the planet surface bearing the velocity and energy she had.

The two introduced themselves to Ruci as Serena and Sybil. One is Mutant formerly of Earth. The other is a self-exile citizen from Zenn-La. Or that is what each tell towards anyone they meet, according to them. Ruci introduced herself in return, but doesn't mention what she is, only where she thinks she hailed from.







Advanced Healing
Astral Projection
Attack Powers
Berserk Strength
Death Touch
Dream Manipulation
Electronic Interaction
Energy Absorption
Energy Blasts
Energy Manipulation
Energy Shield
Force Field
FTL Travel
Gravity Manipulation
Mind Control Resistance
Matter Manipulation
Multiverse Travel
Object Manipulation
Oblivion Resistance
Oneiric Creation
Power Mimicry
Power Sharing
Probability Manipulation
Psionic Manipulation
Radiation Absorption
Radiation Immunity
Self-Molecular Manipulation
Super Speed
Super Strength
Time Travel
Unarmed Combat


Hello, awesome possum peeps~.
^ o ^)/

Welcome to my role-play page~.


I'd truly appreciate it.

Provided below are details you should know, such as what kinds of role-plays I'm into, the genres I like dabbling in, etc.

I do hope the details below are sufficient for your considerations and future decisions when contacting me for a role-play discussion before we begin why we got acquainted in the first place.
d(n _ n

Role-Play Length: Multi-Paragraph
Minimum: 2 Paragraphs

Preferred Genres:
Crime Drama
Psychological Thriller
Science Fiction
Thriller & Suspense

** Fantasy and Science Fiction are my most favorite genres. Action-Adventure, Comedy and Horror come in close after.

** I am not into Slice of Life. Yep.

** I have no preference for time periods and verses. As long as the genres I enjoy are applied well in the story, consider my intrigue afloat.

** I adore dabbling into the Multiverse Concept. Ruci/Serena is designed to be a journey-babe who treks in and out of different realities, even places outside any known reality, even pocket and abstract dimensions.

Mature Contents: Yes.
Types of Mature Contents:
Alcoholic Beverages
Bad Ending
Belief Extremism
Criminal Activities
Domestic Abuse
Emotional Trauma
Physical Abuse
Physical Torture
Political Violence
Psychological Abuse
Psychological Torture
Relationship Infidelity
Sexual Violence
Strong Language
Violence Glorification

Furry Verse: Yes.
Serena's Furry Forms:
~ Neko
~ Kitsune
~ Were-Bunny

Romance: Yes.
- If we're going to have underage playbys, kissing will be the highest form of intimacy between our characters. No touchy the boobies and what each has going on behind the trousers/skirt.
- It has to make sense as an organic part of the ongoing story.
- If the application of the genre in the story doesn't continue to meet my standards, I'll drop it. No second chances.

Erotica: Yes.
- No pedophilia.
- No underage playbys by all role-players involved.
- It has to make sense as an organic part of the ongoing story.
- If the application of the genre in the story doesn't continue to meet my standards, I'll drop it. No second chances.

Once I have it all set up, you can request me the link to Serena's kinks. Please be advised that Serena will not openly admit she's into the kinks provided on the list, unless she verbally confesses so.

Thank you for reading~.


1. Patience is a must. You're not as important as you think you are as I know I'm not. I take my time with all of my replies, especially role-plays which are always and heavily dependent on my inspiration and motivation. Get over yourselves.

2. Do not be a dull dust bunny (i.e. boring). "Hello" and "how are you" or any rendition of it does not pique my interest in wanting to chat with you. Have some personality, will you? Even a shy person can possess and express personalities which makes one a breath of fresh air to talk to.

3. Have some common sense. Think about this. Before you even ask me "if I want to role-play," does it say somewhere on my profile or when viewed privately if not befriended/while offline that I'm not willing to role-play in general? Does it? Does it?! DOOOOOOEEEEEESSSSSS EEEEEET?! O-O No? Then that's a pointless and obnoxious question to be asking, ain't it? Yeah, you can totally ask that to someone else. But leave that senseless inquiry when sense is present. Or else, sense will hyper bitch-slap it into at least 12 different dimensions. Also, since there's a portion on my profile that does provide info on what I'm into as far as role-playing is concerned, asking me what genres or verses I'm into just displays your lack of awareness over what are already provided. In short, you chose or are choosing to be ignorant. So, before you speak to me with the intent for us to role-play, how about you first pay attention and equip common sense into your every word?

4. DO NOT AUTO! Stating my character's action(s), her location and placement in your post, what she's thinking, providing the result(s) regarding my character when it should be me that's posting the effect of the action(s) or event(s) or that had happened on your post connected or not regarding how my character should be reacting-- NONE OF THAT SH1T!!! If you can't avoid doing Auto on your post(s), don't bother role-playing with me.

5. Easy on the OOC drama. Yes, there will be times, I'll lend an ear-- well, eyes and brain since I'll be reading what you typed (Semantics!) for me to then think about-- to listen to your doom and gloom. But keep it in mind that I don't need to acknowledge them all. We all have hardships, some worse than others.

6. Yes, from the looks of her abilities, Ruci/Serena is indeed insanely OP. But do not let those deter you from us having fun, wholesome role-plays. I power her down a lot, BIG TIME, so she can experience mortal lifestyle well. Most role-plays, I remove majority of her OP abilities. The abilities are mostly for story-telling purposes. And I actually use them as major disadvantages to my own character or the cause of conflict/hardship for her. Chances are, if your character(s) has a fair amount of abilities that make him/her/it/them strong, yours will be stronger than Ruci/Serena in the story if they indeed do battle with each other.

7. You are required to respond with a minimum of 2 wholesome non-character-quote paragraphs per role-play reply, please. I don't do role-play or respond to a role-play that is lower than multi-para. Sorry. It's just not my cup of tea.

8. I'm always Out-of-Character outside a stream role-play or a specific role-play I know or I was notified ahead of time that I'm a part of. If you're contacting me In-Character or having a conversation with me outside in such manner an established role-play, cool-- good for you. Just to let you know, I'm not gonna meet you halfway or even 0.01% of the way In-Character when I reply back. I keep my In-Character self only in the role-plays I'm involved in.

9. Each relationship between our characters and the story resolution/ending STAYS ONLY IN OUR ROLE-PLAY.

10. I'm not into having Ruci/Serena be part of a family, be it for IC purposes or in a story. It's just not a relationship type I want her to partake, sorry.

11. If you don't want to discuss and want to go straight to the role-play, just f*cking say it. "Let's wing it, our role-play." Is that really f*cking hard?? Let's not waste each other's time and brain cells.

12. I'm not providing my Skype, Discord, Kik, etc. for the time being. I will never provide real-life pics. Yep~.

Those are all for now~.

~ Face Claims ~

โ€œThe universe is a crazy chaotic place.โ€

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ใ€Œๅฆ– ; ๐ด๐พ๐ด๐‘Œ๐ด๐‘†๐ป๐ผ.ใ€

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zฯƒะผะฒฮนั” ั•ฯ…ัฮฝฮนฮฝฯƒั

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