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Will rp in almost all of rp. Keyword being almost.

35 years old
Takanosu, Akita

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July 09 2020

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About me:
Rules 1. I will rp in almost everything. I don't limiting myself to just fighting, for the rpers that don't want to do that or has no interest in it. I do want to expand my options with people. 2. I felt that I need to make this a rule. My character does not take part of Ero rps with just everyone. I will explain this in another rules. But I don't want people to make assumptions that I am one of those rpers that want to get into bed with random people. 3. The only time my character does get into bed with someone if that person is my character's lover. Meaning I want to be with someone and love them, even in rp. And I don't want to cheat. 4. Coming from my last rule, when it comes to romance, my Goku is not with Chi-Chi. And I won't limit to just Chi-Chi. I hope that people see this rule and not asking me in rp or otherwise about Chi-Chi. 5. I can rp different versions of Goku. Like from early part of Dragon Ball. Or say end of Cell Games saga of DBZ. Which brings me to Super or GT. I don't have a preference for either one, meaning I can rp from either Super or GT. However, I will say this, I won't rp Dragon Ball Evolution Goku. I rather forget that movie that I waste my money on. I will think of more later.
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₩ u t a i Я o g u e

Jun 2nd 2020 22:03

||Th eWu t a iBa n d i t ||
"Stealin' your stash... One line at a time..." 
Appreciated with the speedy add acceptance there buddy! Surprised me with how fast you were ... gotta keep my A game up it seems! It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance here. I'd be elated to begin a role-play thread with you here and thoroughly look forward to discussing a role-play with you whenever you are up for doing so, Goku. 
Now that the introductions are outta the way, would ya care to discuss a story-line with me before we delve straight into the nitty-gritty of a role-play, hm? I'm ready to begin kicking things off now if you're ready.
Do ya have any preferences whilst on the topic of role-play? Like where exactly we role-play from ( DBZ universe,AU ect), or anything else. I thought I'd ask ya beforehand, so that I can gauge at what you would be open to delve into. Any story-lines are you open to in that regard? 
I can adapt to many situations and scenarios so... and have a fairly good idea what I'd be keen to dabble into for a role-play, but I thought I'd ask and see what you'd be up for first before throwing out random ideas off the bat, if that works for you, just let me know. I do have some ideas in mind myself-if you're interested in hearing them out. I’d be more than happy to delve more into it once I know you’re active and wanting to write here, so many times I receive nothing back, so, I figure it’s best just to see if the other party is active first before dropping a lot of plot discussion.
Other than that. If ya can think of anything else, by all means, lemme know and maybe get the ball rollin' in the near future buddy. Have a good day there~
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