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29 years old
Deltona, Florida
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༒☬Cyrus Nightspear☬༒Nicknames: None, maybe give me one? Age: 25 Height: "5'11" Weight: 175lbs Body Build: Toned/Athletic Skin Color: Lightly Tan Eye Color: Heterochromia- Left eye: deep golden hue, Right eye: Dark purple with black sclera. Should be noted in some situations/lighting the dark purple gives off a neon purple glow instead. Hair: Snow white Markings/Tattoos/Piercings: One Digital like marking under his right eye, One tongue piercing, Right arm is covered in a digital/tribal circuit board sleeve starting from his fingertips and ending at his elbow. Sex: Male Status: SingleLikes: Music, Sleeping, Drinking, Women, Lounging around, Hanging out, Friends. Dislikes: Those who think to highly of themselves, cocky people, or anyone that gets on his nerves/ annoys him. Bad Habits: Drinks to get out of situations, Speaks his mind no matter that situation even if it makes it worse, Can't hold his tongue, curses too much. Personality: Normally calm and collected, though at times prefers to troll and belittle those who think highly of themselves. Seems to always not care for anything or anyone with a seemingly blank expression across his face. Background: Being born from the start, folks could tell he was different, something was off and not right. This was due to the Heterochromia eye coloring, his left eye was a deep golden hue while his right eye was a dark purple with black sclera which displayed an almost ill intent that could be deciphered within his eye. As he grew older, he became more aware that he was something else, far more different than the average human and not just due to his appearance which didn't help his case or upbringing. No, it was a hunger, a hunger to change what wasn't needed, or what was plaguing society. That being said he wasn't entirely sure what the hunger had come from, though he tried to ignore it as best as he could, on some days that hunger, that mentality became too much to the point he had to act out, try to right the wrong that was plaguing him, this insatiable, unstable hunger. At first, he would try to compensate this by drawing, writing, or anything proactive to take his mind on this. But as he had gotten older, Cyrus began to coup with this with more violent acts, from getting into fights with random people on the street whether they were his age or older, he didn't,t discriminate but soon it spiraled into breaking windows on vehicles, escalating into taking blunt objects such as sledgehammers, pipes, rebar to break down housing doors, walls or whatever was in his path. All this was between the ages of thirteen and seventeen.
By the time he had turned eighteen, the feeling that had been deep within the core of his body had subsided, no one was exactly sure what had caused this change, but most was really appreciated that lived within the same area code as him. By this point in Cyrus life, he was kicked out of his home, living alone. Then one day while laying in bed while messing around with a pencil, tossing it in the air he had begun to wonder what would happen if the pencil had changed its appearance and became something more, like a knife or dagger. As this thought was processed within his mind, a black aura with a purple tint began to escape his fingertips, the aura wrapping, constricting the pencil until nothing was left, or at least visible to him. Within a matter of a minute or two, the aura like substance disappeared, what was within his hand was a freshly sharpened dagger made of stainless steel with an oak wood handle. Like most, he was shocked and surprised at what had displayed before him, but more along the lines of confused, maybe his eyes were playing tricks on Cyrus? A pencil that was once in his hands was now a dagger, surely that couldn't be possible at all, right? Taking his left index finger, he poked the tip of the dagger, and to his surprise, before his very eyes, the tip had pierced his skin and drawn blood which now slowly ran down his finger. With the event the had just played out before his eyes caused his brain to pounder, wrap around what had just happened. Before he could figure out what had happened, he began experimenting with different items around his house, from the microwave to something as large as his bed. With each experiment, he had noticed the items that had changed were items that he wished to change there appearance, usage, and properties completely. There were no traces to the former items, but instead there new found form, completely devoid of what they were once were.
With this, a grin formed across his lips, this is what he wanted, the ability to change and alter anything and everything within his grasp, this was the hunger that had plagued him throughout his years growing up. Satisfied with the results of the experiment, Cyrus had dedicated most of his life studying and researching both the human body for various reasons and the different genetic makeup of all things known to man. He knew he needed extensive knowledge, to make this newfound power his own, a power he had given the name "Corruption". Cyrus spent many years, researching and studying, perfecting this newfound ability, soon coming to the realization there were no limits in particular to him. As long as he understood the genetic makeup or the materials of the item he wanted to change and what it was to become, then he could alter it with no foreseeable problems. After much time he had realized that this power was similar to alchemy, though it didn't follow the same golden rule as alchemy, the rule of "Equivalent Exchange". No, as long as he understood and the materials where provided, he could make anything he wanted. From here on out his life was forever changed, for the better so he thought.
Though this ability and the knowledge he had gained from years of research, turning twenty-four, many have deemed him nothing more as a virus on society, to the entire existing world. To him, that wasn't true, to him a virus had no value, no meaning other to destroy, sicken its host, break it down with nothing to gain. He was nothing like a virus, to him he was far superior in every way, though their means are similar in a way, the end goal was always different. A virus goal was to completely neutralize it's a host or at least weaken to a state that could cause the demise of its host, Cyrus however only weakened whatever he touched at first by breaking it down, but the end result was to strengthen it, make it more useful than the current state of matter. To him, with that comparison, those who deemed him as nothing more than a virus meant as little like the saying "The pot calling the kettle black", such a simple saying but it's meaning and impact where far more than simple.
At the end of the day, Cyrus spends his life looking for work while he devises a way to make his abilities useful, acting as a sort of Handy-man, no job was too small or large. As long as it paid its share than he was up for it. Though he often wonders if there could be something more than being a handy-man, a job or profession far more suited to his abilities. "You say I'm nothing more than a virus, a plague to society, and all that live within it.....But I sincerely have to disagree with that statement. I'm the inevitable change to nature, to society, the coming storm to wipe out all that isn't needed. I corrupt and alter all that I touch, changing it for the better, for what's currently needed. A virus has no use, just a seemingly insignificant speck that doesn't have a goal in mind other than destruction. While are methods seem the same, the end goal is far different no matter your way of thinking."
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Jun 9th 2020 - 1:34 AM

*Looking at him she let go of him as she heard the sounds of one bunny and the bunny came running to her as it was not 2 feet long and glowing green eyes. The bunny moved it's nose and went back to it's rightful master. Then as they entered the seond area she picked up the other bunny and smiled looking at them.* "MY BABIES!!! I have finally found you!!!" *She looked at him as she walked in to his home and smiled. Then summoning a lightning she threw the bunnies up in the air they were gone back to their small homes each on their own small home.* "I will deal with those 2 later. But You. Now this is a near place. Where is your kitchen?"

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Samayou The Shattered Angel

Jun 8th 2020 - 8:37 PM

indeed i do remember it has been some time friend how are you 

Jun 8th 2020 - 6:23 PM

*She looked at him* "You are one Lazy man." *Looking at him she turned to him and slammed him by the shoulders against the wall.* "My bunnies where here. Not long ago. Did you feed them!! They day reprocrate!!" *She needed to find them before those 2 had baby bunnies. She needed to control their powers. She slammed him past the door as they entered his home.*

Jun 8th 2020 - 5:58 PM

*Seeing all the show he was doing she crossed her arms and looked at her Buddy.* "yeah, yeah. Such a horrible effort." *Seeing the cube fall and then the portal appear she saw the door and was about to open it. She halted and stopped as she smelled the air around them.* "HOLD  A F***EN SECOND." *She smelled the aroma again. She caught a faint smell of her bunnies which meant at some point they had been there in the dimension.*

Jun 8th 2020 - 5:39 PM

*She looked around and smiled.* "Well then, get us out of here and let's go! We must find a better place than this. For after all I said I would cook for you so let me see your kitchen."

Jun 8th 2020 - 12:57 AM

*Looks at him and raises her right eye brow.* "Ugh, You are so lazy, Where is the damn kitchen, I will make you an actual meal." *Starts to walk and then looks around.* Hold on where are we?

Jun 8th 2020 - 12:37 AM

*She was about to press the button as she looked at him.* "Catch up? Hmm Sure. Where do you want to go eat? After all you are not the one to cook right? Oh Please No! Don't let him find me. Plus we all know that the only reason I have not killed him is because his your brother"

Jun 7th 2020 - 10:49 PM

*Looks at him and smiles as she saw him put his hands up in the air.* "Now, why would you be so worried and scared if you know nothing if my bunnies? Hmmm" *Looks at him and looks through her gadget utility belt for the localizator.* "Yeah, A strange one. Saying the weirdest of things, please don't tell him you found me."

Jun 7th 2020 - 9:57 PM

Well you see the bunnies are white. *Makes the shape of a small rectable in her hands* About this big and white and fluffy oh! and they are hybrids! They will eat anything that is evil and anything that is not their home. I made those!!! I crossed them with Chimera blood. Hold On! You still have your old Magician hat?

Jun 7th 2020 - 9:45 PM

Last time Did you take any white bunnies?  (Like you would remember.) xD

But I am so glad youa are well and alive.

SO what shall we rp about. Shall we kick some ass from here to the moon?
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