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Bit burnt out for a while. Don’t hold your breath too long.

23 years old
Belvidere, New Jersey
United States

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August 31 2021

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About me:

With locks as red hot as her temper can get, Anna was always a bold and energetic one, even as a young girl. From the days she was allowed to wander the village, there wasn't a place she wouldn't explore, a face she wouldn't meet and smile with. Bubbly and outgoing, she quickly garnered a name for herself amidst the people as the Friendly Fire, after the vibrant hues her locks possessed. Any chance to meet new people that visited the village, or help those that already lived there, she'd take.

Often times as the evenings drew closer, she could be found in the tavern with her elder brother. Though she wasn't old enough to drink then, she'd still eagerly await to hear the tales of the various patrons that arrived to unwind. Though this would only fuel both her and her brother's yearning to travel.

Years later, and her brother was finally old enough to set out on his own to follow in his father's footsteps. He'd travel the world, while Anna remained home to keep watch after their parents, though she'd still take the occasional opportunity to slip away from the village for an escapade of her own. She needed something to satiate that desire for exploration, of course.

To this day, she still resides in Pachelo, wandering about as she strikes up conversations with the various people she meets, assisting those who need it, then unwinding after a long day with a few drinks and gambling sessions. And yet even that is not enough to quell her hungering spark. Her dream still lives to leave one day for an actual adventure, just for a taste of what her brother has.

Should you happen upon this fiery little femme during your travels through Pachelo, you'd do well to strike up a friendly little spark with her. She may be able to provide some information about your travels, share a good ale or three, potentially even provide some good company if you manage to really appeal to her.

Though that isn't to say she would only remain in Pachelo. When the winds of an adventure blow through the trees of her forest bordered village and a strange face brings tales and offers of the outside world, that alone would be the bait enough for her interest to spike. Even if she was never gifted with magic, and never truly trained with a weapon, her tastes for the world can be somewhat insatiable at times. Her forest hikes can only do so much to quell the hunger she builds for such excitement. Perhaps one day, she will truly find that travelling she so truly desires.

Who I'd like to meet:
Realistically? Ain't looking for too much in particular, unless you played a gal named Achelios. That's the only person I'm really looking for these days. Other than that, I’m really sorry that I haven’t had a spark for her much anymore! I’m not really planning on much for writing, maybe a little banter but that’s really it!

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The Moonfall Sisters

Jan 1st 2021 - 4:42 AM

Pleasure to meet you madam.
We are The Moonfall Sisters. Claire , Victoria & Eclipse
Its a honor to make your acquaintance.
We are all Employees and Owners of Dress Me UP. 
It is our very own dress shop!
Claire is our Resident Seamstress, Victoira is our stores Maid and Eclipse Delivers Orders if need.
If you wish to Chit chat or discuss a Roleplay. We always up for it.
We look forward to seeing you as a customer in our shop
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