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Characters: Imani
Verses: Horror Demons and Angels Supernatural Gore
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Crossover, Horror, Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller/Suspense,
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Bat Stats

Name: Imani
Race: Popobawa
Personality: rude, psychotic, narcissistic, sadistic
Status: Not Lookin
Age:?? looks 20
Orientation: Straight

Popobawa is a shapeshifter and described as taking different forms, not just that of a bat as its name implies. It can take either human or animal form and metamorphose from one into the other. Popobawa typically visits homesteads at night but can also be seen in the daytime. It is sometimes associated with the presence of a sulfurous odor, but this is not always the case. Popobawa attacks men, women and children, and may attack all of the members of a household, before passing on to another house in the neighborhood. Its nocturnal attacks can comprise simple physical assault and/or poltergeist-like phenomena; but most feared is sexual assault and the sodomising of adult men and women. Victims are often urged to tell others that they have been assaulted and are threatened with repeated visits by the Popobawa if they do not. During Popobawa panics many people try to guard against attack by spending the night awake outside of their houses, often huddled around an open fire with other family members and neighbors.
Imani Is one such monster. Though after being caught during one of her hunts a priest and his men attacked her with their spells ripping her wings leaving her very weak and leaving her shapeshifting powers unstable and inconsistent. Being forced out of her new hunting grounds the demon searches out other beasts witches and other demon masters in hopes of getting help in getting her full powers back so she may take revenge on the village she once tormented in the past.

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thelisi tis theias.

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【爸罪】Mobile 📲

Jun 23rd 2020 23:05

I am down for that. Please, send a starter if you so choose. :) It definitely will speed things right along.
【爸罪】Mobile 📲

Jun 23rd 2020 22:11

Just finished reading your story. Zi, my muse, would definitely take interest in Imani's desire to be whole again and for revenge. Given who he is, he'd make her succumb to his will. The terms of which, we can sort out later on, but she will ultimately see him as her "God". Just like all the monsters before her.
【爸罪】Mobile 📲

Jun 23rd 2020 22:09

Yeah, for sure we can write. I'm glad my writing style excites you, Lovely. Speaking of my DBD verse, I just fleshed out the Killer side of it. Feel free to give it a read if you wish. I will be reading your page now and we'll see what we come up with.
--Saint Guillotine

Jun 23rd 2020 00:17

discord please 
【爸罪】Mobile 📲

Jun 22nd 2020 22:06

Your rules were the first thing I've read so far. I will be reading over your bio in a moment, too. Blood and gore- it's good you enjoy that. I suggest reading my page and you'll see why. ♥
ᵀᴴᴱ L͓̽E͓̽G͓̽I͓̽O͓̽N͓̽

Jun 21st 2020 19:39

ooc‐; 8) I'm glad to hear you're knowledgeable of the Dead by Daylight verse.
I read your rules. Sounds like you'd be a good fit for the verse. I do try to keep oocs to comments and roleplays to messages, if you don't mind.
ᵀᴴᴱ L͓̽E͓̽G͓̽I͓̽O͓̽N͓̽

Jun 21st 2020 19:32

ooc‐; You're most welcome.
I'll be sure to take a look after sending your comment :)
Gotham Knight.

Jun 21st 2020 17:47

This would be fun for him. A young hot blooded detective and magical being. This perfect. Oh yeah and police in Gotham still only sees him as a vigilante and wants to bring him down.
Gotham Knight.

Jun 21st 2020 17:26

That is true XD. Let’s get something going. I based my Batman off the events of Akropolis Wars where the Flash creates a second flashpoint and creating a new universe and timeline. My version of Batman is younger where he is about 26 and has only been Batman for 3 years.
Gotham Knight.

Jun 21st 2020 17:15

It’s no problem. Thanks for sending the request in the first place.
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