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“If the world doesn’t like you, then it is my enemy.”

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Status: Married
Here for:Friends,
Body type:Slim / Slender
Characters: Seto Tadaaki
Verses: RWBY, Steven Universe(& Steven Universe Future), Miraculous Ladybug, Soul Eater, Marvel Ultimate Spi
Playbys: Scott Menville
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Comic, Crossover, Spar/Fighting,
Member Since:June 25, 2020

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About me:
Seto Tadaaki was disowned by his parents for not reaching their “standards” at a young age(i.e. an infant). He was an orphan for most of his life, as the years went by; he learned of his powers from his mother. He was capable of summoning swords or forging them from his own powers. At age 16, he learned of his powers from his father’s side as well. He could sense and see auras. He could even manipulate his own aura and change its hues to focus on a certain element connected the aura’s hue. Red = Earth, metal and plant manipulation, Orange= ice, snow, steam, and water manipulation, Yellow= fire and heat manipulation, Green= Air & Sound Manipulation, Blue = Electricity, electromagnetism/magnetism, & light manipulation, Indigo= Darkness manipulation, and Violet= Space-Time Manipulation. Despite all these powers and abilities, Seto becomes physically and mentally drained if used too much. He doesn’t rely on his indigo aura’s ability as it overwhelms him and makes him lose control of his sense of right and wrong, he also loses his sanity. Sometime later, he met a woman that snatched his heart, Phonon, an In-birth, who turned his humdrum and miserable life into an exciting one. On July 11, 2020, he started dating the beautiful woman. On August 5, 2020, he gathered up his courage to engage to her and is currently waiting for the right time to marry her. This came on his birthday, December 1, 2020. He now is gifted to have a loving wife and family, something he never had. He will now cherish it now that he has it. FAMILY: Satu(birth father; unknown) Haley(birth mother; unknown) Phonon(wife; active) Kagura(brother-in-law; active) RELATIONSHIP: Married To: Phonon <3 BIRTHDAY: December 1st
Who I'd like to meet:

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Kagura [[The Black Gale!]]

Mar 1st 2024 - 5:33 PM

"Man, I was havin' this wonderful dream...
...I was the main character of the BlazBlue series...
...think if I took center stage, I could really impress Lilith?"
Phonon [[Sound of the Night Wind!]]

Dec 8th 2023 - 1:29 PM

"Come to think of it, I never did ask Moony what they were! Only one way to find out!" She'd say, searching up and down the snakelike void for any... indicators of a gender. A fruitless effort as the being simply stretched out infinitely. She'd playfully tickle her handsome husband with the long tail. "Now, submit to my tickles!"

// sorry for yet another absence. I didn't want to bring it up in the previous comment so as not to bring down the mood, but I lost one of my best friends on Thanksgiving. Just been thinking about a lot.

How have things been on your end? Still keeping your journals? Any fun adventures lately?~
Phonon [[Sound of the Night Wind!]]

Dec 2nd 2023 - 1:50 AM

She'd wait for him to arrive at his apartment until he noticed a trail of mistletoe leading to his couch, where he'd find Phonon dressed in a low-cut sweater with the Soft Circle French Bread logo on it, and a pair of thigh-high stockings in red and green that hugged her curves rather generously. Atop her head were plush reindeer antlers that lit up in her signature hue. Since the apartment didn't have an actual fireplace, she had a loop of one playing on the TV instead. Before Seto could even take in the veritable feast of literal eye candy before him, she'd pull her handsome husband onto the couch with Muniel and shower him in cuddles and kisses.

"Oh, Seto... you didn't think I'd forget, didja?~ Happy birthday... and more importantly, happy anniversary, my sweet treat. Like whatcha see?~"
Phonon [[Sound of the Night Wind!]]

Oct 20th 2023 - 2:20 PM

// Ayyye, did you hear the sequel to Under Night is coming out soon? Can't wait to see more of Phonon's story! Her new artwork is positively gorgeous
Phonon [[Sound of the Night Wind!]]

Jul 18th 2023 - 12:15 AM

// Oh and also... man, we've known each other three years now! I was just thinking back to those times the other day. You definitely have the longest RP of anyone I've ever written with. Thanks for sticking around even when I don't have as much time. ♥
Phonon [[Sound of the Night Wind!]]

Jul 18th 2023 - 12:09 AM

// Hey again, Seto.~ *Cuddles him with all her heart* Just checking in with ya, I know it's been a few months. As you can probably guess, work picked up a lot over the summer so I haven't had any time to write, sadly. Don't ever think I'm ignoring you on purpose, I would never.~

How have you been? I've been playing a bit of the new Zelda when I have time... oh, a sequel to Under Night was recently announced too, so get ready to see more Phonon and possibly a new outfit. ♥

Loving your choice of URL, I just noticed.~ ♥


Jul 18th 2023 - 4:15 PM

Hehe, hey my honeydew! *returns the hug but triples it with all his heart* hehe, I know you've been busy(I kinda figured), I'm not one to think you forgot about me, I know real life is a thing, plus if you wanna unwind with gaming, I'll understand cause I love you and I'm patient for the girl I love always! and you like my URL? Hehehe ^_^//
Phonon [[Sound of the Night Wind!]]
Phonon [[Sound of the Night Wind!]]

Jul 18th 2023 - 7:00 PM

// Wait, you can reply to comments now? Either this is a new feature or I was blind for 3 years xD

Yeahhhhh... it really wouldn't be so bad on its own, but it was compounded with some very serious bouts of heat sickness. It's spiked up past the 100 mark here and, well... I guess I just worked myself too hard, and didn't drink enough. It makes it almost impossible to sleep because I prefer blankets, but even a thin one just makes it unbearably hot, AND if I don't fall asleep before the sun comes up then I might as well forget it. And yes, sometimes I'd toss and turn for that long. I had two (thankfully not consecutive!) days where I got no sleep at all and both were days I had to work. I've been recovering the past few days, that being said. I'm glad Seto has a Wintertime birthday. ♥

How has life been for you? Keeping the journal still? I'm always excited to hear of your adventures.~

Jul 18th 2023 - 7:20 PM

I just found out today so I'm joining your bandwagon, my beloved! Lol so it's probably new. 

I'm so sorry to hear about your heat sickness, but I'm glad you made a recovery in both incidents! :o as for the struggling to sleep, I can relate. I can't sleep under a thick blanket so I can understand that. I sometimes have those days where I can't sleep. The latest I stayed up was like 7:03am or around that time, oof. (You're supposed to be helping me, insomnia meds!) been having vivid nightmares. Heh, I'm glad Seto has a winter birthday too, my actual birthday is in the summer and I'd switch my bday with Seto anytime! ROFL 

As for my life, it's been good, I'm still writing afk and I still have my trusty journal(s); bought a new one today and I'm probably gonna write stuff in it; perhaps related to my stories or not; we shall see. It's leather with a bit of silver; came with a free black inked pen!!//
Phonon [[Sound of the Night Wind!]]

May 3rd 2023 - 1:36 AM

Yeah, one of the default male presets totally looks like Seto! Ooh I always wondered what you liked to write outside of our RP. I've been doing fanfiction myself on and off for a few years now. I remember you talking about your Q&A sessions as well!

Funny story, on the plane back from the con, I fell asleep and lost my wallet during turbulence... but the airport found it and mailed it back to me. Now I've gotta gear up for a tournament in September... here's hoping the venue has UNI. Out of all the fighting games I play, I feel like it's the one I'm naturally the best at, and I found out how to chain Phonon's aerial projectile into her BnB combo. Carmine is my backup for unfavorable matchups... the few that Phonon has, anyway. *laughs in top tier*

Man, if you ever get a working Switch again, you should totally download UNI. It's such a good game and the Switch version runs really well, with custom controls. I like using a 3rd party adapter for my controllers cuz the Joycon kinda sucks. lol
Phonon [[Sound of the Night Wind!]]

May 3rd 2023 - 12:01 AM

// Why of course! I've been replaying Code Vein. It's a very special game to me, as I first played it back when I joined AniRP! I actually had a (former) friend go completely ballistic on me for not replying to his RP back when I was finishing the game, smh...

It's a wonderful game, that said! The character customization is known for how great it is - you could easily make an accurate Seto or Phonon, though sadly there are no whip weaons. I made an OC based on my favorite wrestler, Dean Ambrose.

Hope you are doing well, and again sorry for the absence! I was out of state for a while for Wonder Con and visted Disneyland.~
Phonon [[Sound of the Night Wind!]]

Feb 14th 2023 - 11:21 PM

Using Muniel to hang upside down, Phonon would lower herself, inching toward eye level with her unsuspecting husband. She'd surprise him with a Spider-Man style kiss. "You didn't think I'd forget a night as lovely as this one, didja dear?~" she'd say, her green locks dangling in his face before she let go and flipped midair, sticking the landing. Dazzling her darling Seto with an emerald green brocade dress, and present a fresh bouquet of various flowers, each one matching the color of one of his auras, with a light green rose in the center. "Happy Valentine's Day, Seto. I may not be much of a traditional wife, but nobody can keep ya in check like I can. In other words... if you lose yourself, I'll find you.~"

Reaching into her dress pocket, she'd hand him a glossy piece of paper offering for couples to eat free at the Hollow Bite, clearly in her own handwriting and signed with a heart. "You'll never believe it, but I just happened to get this in the mail today. What's say we reserve your cafe for us? You get to dine with a snack like me.~"

// Hope you're doing wonderful, Seto! Be safe~
Phonon [[Sound of the Night Wind!]]

Dec 1st 2022 - 12:41 AM

The jingling of bell baubles could be heard from behind as the petite, curvy In-Birth snuck up on her adoring husband, using perhaps the most ineffective stealth of all time. In place of Muniel, she had a long string of traditional teardrop Christmas lights, all in her signature green. Wielding it with as much ease as her weapon, she'd flick her wrist, making the lights wrap around him in a perfect spiral. Bringing him in close for a kiss, she'd pull back and gaze into him with her verdant hues. "Happy birthday, my darling Seto. I got you good there, didn't I?~" she was rather proud of the way she'd decorated the handsome man. 
The scent of pine filled their apartment, as Phonon had opted for a real tree this year. It was mostly bare for the time, but she'd already been piling up the first few presents. "Now, help me decorate the tree and I'll release ya... but only if you're good about waiting to open all these. Here, since it is your birthday..." she'd say sweetly, rummaging through the pile to retrive what looked like a glass dome, yet unwrapped. She'd flick a switch on it, revealing a bouquet of crystal roses that lit up in every color of his auras with LED strips within. "Surprise! I snagged a few o' those crystals from the Sea of Legends and... I chisled it! Crafting level 99 achieved!~"
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