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"The destroyer will be destroyed, and I will have my revenge!" Crossovers welcome

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July 12 2020

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Characters: Larkev
Verses: Dragoball Super, DragonballZ, Anime
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Anime, Open, Spar/Fighting,
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About me:
Larkev was an inhabitant of Universe 16. He lived in relative peace on his world with his wife and his daughter. He was a man who was short tempered, quick to settle with his fists rather than his words, and had gained an incredible amount of power through his many battles. In his universe, there were two energies. Ki, which came from body, and Mantra, which came from the spirit. Larkev had mastered the ability of using Ki and Mantra in tandem to enhance his own power, which rose him to such a degree that he gained the attention of the gods.

Larkev was approached by the God of Destruction of Universe 16, and was offered to receive his training to one day become the God of Destruction himself. As he considered this an opportunity to save his world from future Destruction, he agreed. The training lasted for months, until Larkev's hot headed nature pushed his new master too far and the two had an argument, the argument became a fight, and the fight became a full powered battle. In order to spare this universe the devastation such a battle to the death would cause, he sent Larkev through a portal into Universe 7. Just as he crossed through the portal, Zeno erased Universe 16, and the portal was sealed.

Larkev, unaware that his home and indeed entire universe had just been erased from existence, believes himself to have been tricked and banished from his universe. Now he travels from world to world, seeking a way back to a universe that no longer exists to destroy the God of Destruction and fulfill his revenge.

Forms and Abilities

Asura uses combinations of Ki and Mantra to augment his form, as well as attain new forms. In his basic combat form, he will fortify his arms with a metallic like armor. His next form will spout four additional arms, raising his strength and his speed considerably. Next his six arms will undergo a new transformation, making them larger and more beast like, further increasing his strength without sacrificing his speed. Finally, he will fuse together his body and spirit to achieve his Vajra form, which will cause his eyes to go pure white, and a halo like construct to appear behind him.

There is another form that he can attain, however he has no control over it. As his training as a God of Destruction was not completed, he never learned to control it. If his rage pushes him too far, he can accidentally tap into this power and go into a Berserk state. His body becoming covered in a black metal, with four molten like massive arms protruding from his back.
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ฮฉ Symbol of Destruction

Jul 7th 2020 17:07

My character is a deity and has control over life and death
ฮฉ Symbol of Destruction

Jul 7th 2020 16:48

My character could possibly restore the universe that was once destroyed but that would take a big for him to do
ฮฉ Symbol of Destruction

Jul 7th 2020 16:35

Perhaps that is where my character comes in
ฮฉ Symbol of Destruction

Jul 7th 2020 15:00

Ah a warrior seeking revenge
ฮฉ Symbol of Destruction

Jul 7th 2020 01:14

No because I have been stuck on mobile for most of my time due to rl issues. So I do not have the luxury to go into peoples profiles and take the time to read and enjoy a good character bio
ฮฉ Symbol of Destruction

Jul 7th 2020 01:07

Tell me about your character
ฮฉ Symbol of Destruction

Jul 5th 2020 01:07

Would you like to rp?
ฮฉ Symbol of Destruction

Jul 4th 2020 01:22

Thanks for accepting me
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