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Story based RPs, don't add if all you want is sex.

35 years old
Ōsaka, Ōsaka

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October 17 2020

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I'm a racoon!
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Characters: Michiru
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime,
Member Since:July 01, 2020

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About me:
I'm Michiru, and I'm a racoon, well actually I'm a human. I don't know how I ended up like this. I moved from my home town to Anima City so I don't have to worry about the beast men hunters, a gang that hate beast men like myself. Unlike most other beast men I can't turn into my human form very easily. My beast form is a LOT more comfortable for me now. I thought I was a racoon but everyone has been calling me a Tanuki. So yah.
Who I'd like to meet:
Any friendly residents of Anima City .

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―ᡀᴿᡁᡀᴴ sᴇᴇᴋᴇʀ

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𝐿 π“Š 𝓃 𝒢 𝓇

Aug 13th 2020 - 4:47 PM

We can ignore those. What other icky stuff do you mean though? XD
𝐿 π“Š 𝓃 𝒢 𝓇

Jul 14th 2020 - 4:56 PM

None you prefer to avoid?
𝐿 π“Š 𝓃 𝒢 𝓇

Jul 10th 2020 - 4:08 PM

What kind of rps do you like?
𝐿 π“Š 𝓃 𝒢 𝓇

Jul 3rd 2020 - 8:22 AM

||Behind the cat sidhe||
Greetings. You can call me Lunar.
I appreciate the acceptance and hope we can become good friends.
Hope you are enjoying your week.
When you are free, I would love to chat with you and maybe bounce ideas for a story together.
I would love to see what we can put together.
Anyways, I wish you the best of health and hope to hear from you soon. ^^
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