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Guidelines ❐ Effort
❐ Creativity
❐ Patience

I - Not for the dirties Let's get this one out of the way first. I am a sucker for romance stories, and if things build up to steam, let there be steam. But in most cases, I gracefully skip over the 'heavily' descriptive parts of sex in a story, with insinuations or fadeouts. It's very rare that I enjoy people's 'dirty' writing, and I am not very confident in it myself. The chance of this being a theme we explore in depts is very small. So if you are just here for sexting, you're in the wrong place. Let's not waste each other's time.

II - Effort is required I expect you to contribute both when writing our story and discussing it. I'm honestly sick of dragging discussions without getting any kind of feedback. Please try your best or simply delete me. It's okay if you're not interested, but then let's just try and be honest about it?

III - Lenght encouraged Don't be afraid to use words, that's why we're here. I can honestly accept anything from a good paragraph to extreme novella, as long as there's content and sense in it. But One-liners and semi's doesn't cut it for me unless we're in a stream banter or something.

IV - Be patient You are welcome to check up on a reply, if I've been slow about it. But do so politely, please. I don't mind a poke every once and again. But please check in my rp details first. Maybe I'm on a hiatus. Sometimes I just gravitate towards different muses.

V - Things I don't want to rp This an account for Fantasy, so I do welcome a lot of creatures into my stories, but there are few that I try to steer around such Demons, angels, vampires, succubi and occult stuff about talking to the death and such. It creeps me out. Gore, horror, and other 'dirty' things that have made it to Ani's list of 'no-no' words.

VI -

The Militia’s main goal was to hunt for food in the woodlands, but they were often raided by the white trolls. A despised species that our people were taught to hate since we could spread our wings.

If only I had known then, what I know now. I would have been more careful, maybe I would’ve just left after that, never to seek him out again. If only I hadn’t learned about the cruelty and lies of my people, maybe he would still be alive today. If everything had just gone on as it was supposed to, as they had intended. If I had upheld my place as someone more worthy. But I didn’t and I lost everything, even the one that I risked it all for. And it all started back on that day. - The day I became a full-pledged solider:

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Disclaimers ❐ Selective
❐ Drama free
❐ Respect

I - Secondary account I have 3 accounts on this site, and this isn't my main. I'm very selective on this page. Meaning there will be some stories I will discontinue or maybe not even start. This is nothing personal, it's simply because I've become very attentive to where I put my time.

II - Drama-free zone I'm not at all interested in the so-called OOC drama that goes on on this site. I've been there, done that. I'm too old for that shit now. Please refrain from drawing me into your meaningless conflicts.

III - No tolerance for entitled assholes Just stop! I have no energy for your narcissistic games. I'm usually really nice and lenient with people, but I am not taking any of that shit anymore! I'm not your shrink, not your best friend, not your girlfriend. I don't mind chatting OOC and being friendly, but, I - DO - NOT - OWE - YOU - ANYTHING! So take it somewhere else.

IV - I don't want to just chat I am first and foremost here to write stories, not to make friends. I occasionally have made friends through this site, but it's been through rp'ing first. If you are not interested in a story that's fine, but I'm rarely any good at 'just chatting'.

V - Don't get jealous If I'm doing romance rp with other people than you. This is not us dating! This is us writing a story together. I know this site can sometimes confuse people. But just know, that if you think we got something going IRL it will spook me, and I will disappear out of your sight. So let's just keep things separated, okay?

~ "Even if we remain flexible, we need ground rules."

~ "You have to learn the rules of the game, and then you have to play better than anyone else"

~ "Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively"

~ "How can you stick at a game, when the rules keep changing"


Full Name: Talullah (of Evangeline)
Nicknames: Tali, Pepper sprout, Birdie, la-lah
Aliases: Cadet, Soldier, Traitor
Gender: Female
Age Story dependant
Religion (tbn - But the one of her people holds importance to story)
Place Of Birth: The Etheral Mountains
Residence: Time-line dependant
Race: Falcon
Mother: Evangeline Argyros
Father: Sebastian Argyros
Siblings(S): Only child (Feel free to apply for the role though)
Orientation: Straight (would be gay for a Queen, js)
Status: Single (Multi shipper)
High School East Bridge High
College Skyline Academy
Languages Spoken: Falconian, Common tongue, quite a bit of Elvish.
Occupation: Soldier/Huntress. - Author (Behind the viel)
Job Description: To hunt meat for the people, and protect against enemies.
Employer: Thaddaeus and Alexandria. (The High Queen)

Personality: Talullah's personality elvoves a lot through out the time line I've set for her. She start's off very entitled and colored by the culture of her people. Yet she has always had an urge to explore the unknown and is a highly curious person. She's prude, and guards her Chastity like it's the most precious thing she owns, (Until - things changes) She's brave, and although a skilled soldier, she can be a bit clumsy. She's also very vain!(a falcon trait - exsternal beauty is in high value). Her personality will however wary through out the stages of her life, so it's hard to settle on permanent traits. (come find out yourself <3)
Skills: Bow and arrow, top student in her flying classes. Play's a bit of flute (her mother taught her as child)


Here's a small list that may grow in time, to help me and you to keep track of the important characters you may or may not happen upon, should you agree to write with me.


Ferdinand: A falcon soldier from the same year as Talullah. The two of them grew up together, and although she sees him as an annoyance at times he is her best friend and may be considered sort of a sidekick, as he will have her back, even when he 'knows' she's on a wrong path.
Evangeline and Sebastian : Talullah's parents. Sebastian - an ambassador whose job leads him to travel a lot (unlike most falcons in the highlands) Evangeline, the stunning goodhearted Philanthropist, at times gets to accompany him, and when she does good deeds will blossom all over the land.
Tadhaeus : Tali's superior, a famous general that lost his wife to the troll wars.
Alexandria The great general, a veteran. Half of her is covered in burn marks from the wars, despite the falcons' vanity, her marks are an honor badge. She is partly retired.
The High Queen The sacred ruler of the falcons, (a so-far mysterious unexplored but important character) WIP
Priestess's Most important goal is to glorify the High Queen and keep watch over sacred history. (Religion still unexplored though) Andromeda - The Queen's mutt, that everyone silently agrees shouldn't have the position that she does. Alexa - A tired intelligent priestess, tasked with 'babysitting' the Queens little monster (Andromeda)

Important terms~

The veil What separates Talullah's world from the human world. It is passable (in case needed for our story) but officially no one can cross it, without a mutual agreement from the elders of the Falcons and high elves. (I just made that up xD) There will be ways!
The veil is also what makes it possible for me to play high fantasy vs urban fantasy. Tali will at some point in history have her wings cut, and be banished to the other side. (our world - time in history can differentiate) There she will become an author. telling her own story. (which is why I write in 1. POV when on the magical side on the veil)
The Temple (religion) Unexplored concept. But at the very least, the falcons worship, if nothing else, certainly their Queen. The temple and all belonging to it is a concept shrouded in mystery (so far). But I do have plans during the long game that it will be a very important part of history.

Single Mom, Ex-con

Full Name Jimena De la Rosa

Pronounsiation Jimena is pronounced with an H, just like the J in jalapeno is Halapeno [Heemæna]

Nickname/Alias Mami, Mamacita, Boss, Conejito, Boob, Mensa, Reina, Jimenita, Mena, Taco.

Gender female.

Age story dependant

Orientation heterosexual (Going gay for Luna)

Kids Jade De la rosa [Not a 'h' J]
A kid very intellegent for her age, who catches on to much more than one would think. She has delightful wit, or sharp comebacks. Gets along far better with adults than kids her own age. She's stubborn, and tempermental, yet curious and sweet. She eats all her veggies and is not a morning person. She loves the minion movies, her favorite character is Bob.

Ethnicity Hispanic (At least part Puerto Rican)

Parents: She doesn't know who her real father is. And her mother Maria left her with her stepdad Diego when she was young.

Siblings Mi Manito Izzy (Canon to most my stories)

Education drop out.

Occupation Whatever crappy jobs she can do on the low. In most stories, Marco's bodega, and cleaning Airbnb's. -otherwise, things like; Cleaning offices or staircases. (beware of the poop-bandit) Hairdresser assistant, retail. In the past. - babysitting, hairdresser assistant, cleaning. Then drugs and other illegal shit, when Vince get's his claws in her.

Religion: Catholic. (not practicing)

Personality Jimena is very Loyal, sometimes to the wrong people. Which has made her guarded/alert. Despite her efforts not to be, she's quite temperamental. She has a protector-gene and feels responsible for the welfare of certain people in her life. She's secretly very insecure about her lack of education, thus taking on a plighter tone with people she deems a lot more successful than her. Catch her on her level, she will be a bit more blunt and sassy in her tone. Playful, passionate, scorned. -more coming later

skills She's an excellent cook. She has really pretty singing Voice.

height 160 cm / 5'2 feet

weight that's not something to ask a woman bout'!

This section is still under construction. but hopefully the information already up will give you an idea

To my daugther

Jade, My darling Miha.
You’re mi chica inteligente, so you probably already picked up on the things I’m about to tell you. I know I haven’t been able to give you many things lujosas. But I’ve been able to give you what my mother couldn’t give me. I became a better person because of you. And I want you to become the bella flor floreciente that I know you are.


When mamá was young, she made some bad choices. She picked the easy way, the easy money. She got fooled by a bad hombre. He made me believe I was nothing without him and that I couldn’t take care of myself. I don’t ever want you to feel like that. No man is worth you feeling like you are less than you are! That man convinced me to do some bad things, things I’m not proud of, and when it became time to pay, he left me to pay the price alone. I went to jail, because of the things we did. But Miha that man gave me the biggest treasure of my life. You! The only thing I regret was missing those first few years of watching you grow.

Pero, mi bebita, this is why I work hard now! I’ll provide for you in the right way, no more easy shortcuts. I want to be there for you while you grow up, I don't want to miss any more of your precious life, I can’t ever go back there. So, whereas I know we don’t have much, and I know you can’t get the same expensive stuff as your friends. I’m doing my best to provide for you! I’m sorry that we had to move so much. And I’m sorry I’m always so tired from work. I want to give you more. But I’ll give you this! I’ll help you do better than me. I won’t let you get involved with the mierda that I did. And I’ll make sure you study and become smart so you can get a good job and have a comfortable life. I’ll raise your standards so high, that only a good man can enter that beautiful heart of yours. You deserve only the best!

But for now, my dear babygirl! we have to run! They are coming for us, and I need you to be brave!

Sé veliente bebita, La haremos! <3

Egypt Adams


Behind every bitch is a girl that got pushed too far~

Spoiled rich kid
Cunning entitled brat.
Daddy's girl
Abandonment issues
half American, half French.

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Verses ❐ High fantasy ❐ Urban fantasy (modern or historical)
❐ Romance ❐ Tragedy ❐ Drama ❐ Open
❐ Psychological ❐ Conflicts ❐ Action
❐ Worldbuilding ❐ Politics ❐ Religion Writing Style ❐ Multi-para - Novella
❐ First and third POV Dues ❐ Starters (1)
❐ Replies (1)
❐ Discussions (2) Notices Semi active Replies might come with delays.

To empathize with my story, it is important to understand that - things aren't always what they seem. But mirages can be convincing, and the spinners of lies experienced. Darkness can pose as light, and disguise those harmless, in threats of evil. The story I am about to tell you is a tale such as this. One whole nation is never wicked, one whole people is never innocent. No matter what lies you were brought up on, it does not except you from finding out the truth... This is a work of fiction. Still, given an infinite number of possible worlds, it must be true on one of them. And if a story set in an infinite number of possible universes is true in one of them, then it must be true in all of them. So maybe it's not as fictional as we think.

There is a place most humans don't know about. But many millennials ago, one such as yourself would have known about it. Perhaps you would have farmed the bountiful blessings of the land. Or you may have been a mighty King or Queen, or a knight in service of such royalty. Back then even magic was accessible and legal for humans to use. You might've found yourself a talented mage. What I tell you now is what the official records state. Humans committed great crimes against the realm, they brought a horrible terror that nearly wiped out all living creatures. And thus the majority of the race was banished behind an impenetrable veil that came to shield our side from your side. Personally, I never found the scrolls that state the truth of what happened back then. And despite my longevity - I wasn't there. What I've learned is that history doesn't always state the facts. And thus this is not an attack on your race. But simply necessary to know for us to continue in this tale together.

The story I wish to share with you starts long before I was banished to your side of the veil. And it is not about the high species qualms with the humans. My people, the regal Falcons, had someone they despised far more than the humans. - the white trolls. A people famously ridiculed and made into simpleminded brutes. We had been schooled on trolls nearly since we were little hatchlings. Despite the many details that were known about them, the illustrations that I had seen had always been depicted quite differently, one being more horrific than the other. The one consistent was the white skin and the tail.

Now, there are many more species that roam the realms beyond the veil. And as you humans through history have created hierarchies and hatred between races. So it is, still - on the other side of the veil. Falcons and high elves are at the top, both people too proud to let the other surpass them. Our spot would be transcended by the merfolk if anyone were still certain that they existed. Some claim to have seen them roam the great marked, selling rare ocean trinkets. If you could go to the other side and stroll around in the lands, other common sights might include, fairies, nymphs, beast people, dwarfs, and many others that you may have read about in your books of fairytales. Yes, these stories hold certain truths. It should not be a surprise to learn that humans are far down in the hierarchy that makes out our social order, given what I just told you about our ancient common history, though by now it is merely held to be an example in remembrance of what once happened. The few humans that live on the other side of the realm, lead rather splendid lives. Even further below than the humans, you will find the trolls, as well as the orcs. Though orcs are hardly considered a people, rather many deem them to be closer to animals.

But come along? And you will see these and many more, as I take you along on my story.

The Falcon Soldier
If these wings could fly
The main connection image is ONE photo. You do not need to crop it into three individual images. This layout will do that for you. Upload a 600px width by 300px height photo and add the url for that pic in the background-image:url(HERE) section above.
About the Author
Cleo Monroe , is a half-human, half-fairy - Almost as mythical herself as the characters she writes about in her book series 'beneath the mountain'. She's a fantasy Author specializing in so-cute-you-could-barf romances, suffocating under the tribulations of hierarchies, race, and class differences. Tension, brewing wars, religious and socio-political conflicts. All set in a world of wonder, which Cleo according to her book claims is just on the other side of the veil, from where humans were banished many thousands of years ago.

There is not much known about the author herself, she's a bit of a hermit keeping out of the spotlight. However, she can be spotted once in a blue moon, during readings of her work. Cleo also admits to enjoying spending time in the forest, where she saved a squirrel, that now keeps her company in her little studio apartment.

If I know what love is,
it's because of you!
Where ever you are,
I hope you remember it too.
*****First connection box (left side) starts here.*****
The Beastling
I've closed off my wonderland verse for additional stories. Bou is an ancient character of mine, that I only brought back for the sake of a roleplayer I really enjoyed writing her with. My beastling will continuously have a space on this site, but solely for the one story still active with her. And in case the writer I brought her back for should come back.<3

Full Name
Bou Elvenbein

Bou is pronounced Boo

Beastling. Bugaboo.

Beastling, Hunter of hearts, (spoiler alert) Princess of white,

Dual female.


Real Age
(depends on the timeline)

Age Appearance
She does however look a lot younger than her age (specially coming her teens and adult years

Human? Rumored wonderbeast? (Darkener).

Precious belongings
Bunny-chan and Ax-sama

Highly sensitive to sunligth, due to albinism.

Irrasional fears
Neko's, Seriously they will take over the world and dominate us all.

Frida Elvenbein Deceased

Oliver Cincain bailed

Tei Elvenbein

If you ask Bou she'd say that she's highly allergic to cat hair.

Bou has what the doctors describes as a split personality. One as sweet and cute as sugar, a little naive fool that wishes to befriend every one. The other is calculating and causious, not afraid to harm people that's in her way.

World building terms

Once thought evil and almost wiped out by the shadow wars prior Frida's rule, Cheshire is the last of its kind and thought to be the only type left. However: Darkener creatures can also be summoned and joined to a host of the House of Hearts, Royalty even by half-blood standards are most susceptible to Darkener symbiosis, either brought into the host through Trauma or conjuring.

(HUGE SPOILER) A Darkener taken in by Frida the former White Queen. She possesses the rare darkener Joining' which gives her the ability to join and connect with a host of the house of hearts. Though it comes at the expense of giving up a few darkener abilities, other advances are gained and throughout the history of wonderland, this symbiosis is rare and is seen as a great honor. Beastling is a rare case though. due to complications, she does not know that she's a darkener and believes the wakers' explanation of being a split personality.

The white flame
The legacy of the White Queen. -The gift from mother to daughter. It can destroy the indestructible and heal the unhealable. There are no spell nor brew, to acquire it. The gift is found within if it has been given. Only those of a pure heart can wield it.

The white scriptures
An all-knowing book on the wonders of wonderland. - it liveson a shelf . in my brother's room, so yea, (decide for your self if you wanna go sneak a peak)

Wonderlings that have been granted 'ever' by the house of hearts often due to a noble act deserving thereof. These heroes that have stopped aging, are great sources of knowledge and history, as they have witnessed many changing scenes. Examples of Ever-creatures: the Hatter, (possibly) Caterpillar, Cheshire - being the most ancient ever-creature.

Wonderland verse [Closed]
*****Second connection box (right side) starts here.*****
For the right plot and the right writer, I am willing to make a character that would fit into your story. I've had amazing people adjust or create new characters for me, to help me write stories that I've been urging to see come to life. And these are some of the best stories I've written in my life. So Feel free to pitch an idea to me. And maybe I'll go along with it. <3

Bold Italic Emphasize Underline strike strong standout

Custommade character
Sunlight comes creeping in
Illuminates our skin
We watch the day go by
Stories of all we did
Heroes -----------------------------HEROES-------------------------------
**Important** You will note the line above starting with has been added in. When you switch players with one of your own, make sure to add that line to your music player code so that on Firefox the player will be hidden until the top bar is hovered over.
Groups: Shiro and Jimena ,

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Characters: Tallulah, Tali
Verses: Custom world building, High fantasy, Urban fantasy, modern, historical,
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Open, Psychological, Romance,
Member Since:July 03, 2020

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— abyssal prince

ɢ ʜ ▿ ꜱ ᴛ



failed case.


Lambent Mystic


gσlєm mαkєr

❣️Rias❣️⚡ Kaiser ⚡

Prince Silver


lαѕт ceтrα

♔ 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕽𝖚𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖉 ♔

Bleach Babes (MCRP)


𝙘𝙪𝙨𝙩𝙤𝙨 𝙡𝙪𝙣𝙖𝙚.

Genetic Perfection

Lone Cetra

' 𝚖𝚊𝚖𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚎𝚢


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Jun 13th 2022 - 7:46 AM

🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾 *runs to join*
ɢᴏᴅ ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇx

May 28th 2022 - 11:10 PM

Would you look at that?
Not half bad on the eyes, but....you should do.
Tell me, my dear, what in the seven hells could you possibly have done to wander into me?
Some are just born unlucky and ugly, I suppose.
Buck up, my dear, no use crying over spilled milk.
We have things to do, places to see, and throats to cut.

ooc: Nice to meet you, thanks for being so patient while I get things arranged here. I hope we can get a story started soon!

May 3rd 2022 - 1:40 PM

That's what the status was about yes. But I'm talking about the last line of Alois reply. I debated it for a bit! 

The last line of the Shiro reply was also tough. But maybe not as much. I'm glad both replies worked for you ^^

Your procrastination only means good things for me XD You really made that work. It looks so good already! Wonderful!

May 3rd 2022 - 8:59 AM

😀🤣 These two different reactions! Priceless. Sounds like I did my job well. 

Yeah. I felt pretty bad for Jimena too. For such a happy-go-lucky guy to straight up ignore her... that's rough. Lol at least Alois could compensate with butterflies xD The amount of ! in your paragraph about that reply compared to the Shiro one XD love it

The picture is a great find. It's what I imagined as well. I'm glad you liked the end because I nearly deleted the last line! But it was too good not to keep it. Yea Tali added some extra swagger to his step tonight. He's feelin too fresh rn 😂 let him have it. It's a special night for both of them.


May 1st 2022 - 4:09 PM

I thought your reply was wonderful, funny, so charming. Wish I had energy to quote my favorite parts. Like when Ferdinand tried to stay with her while she was "sick" 🤣 or when she finally met up with Alois. But my energy is low af. so just know I loved it 😊

Apr 19th 2022 - 11:37 AM

Hey so I think for me a short reply is around 900 words. I had sent one for Afsin about that, and the one I just sent for Tali is the same. I do have stories with far lower word count (3-4 paras). But I guess for the Main RPs which are naturally on the longer end, a short reply will be around 900 words or so.

Thank you though. I write what feels right to move things along.

XD I don't know if it's an overshare but your troll dad story is so hilarious! He made you into a biter 😂 I find this extremely cute. I expect the Alois version might not be like the gifs I sent but hey - same sentiment! And you know from experience anyway xD

Yes I too get very high levels of excitement from your replies, so I relate ^^

Apr 17th 2022 - 12:00 PM

Yo lmaooo I really don't know if there's going to be Kare moments. For me there's Kare moments in Afsin already. I took some mental notes yes XD We'll see how they play out.

Ok you got it. I'm sure that's how it's going to go! Haha lmao. Push little one down the hill. This kiddy is having so much fun, this is how dad plays. Alois says that's what makes you stronger. Meanwhile Tali is freaking out XD love it lol.

"Cute little handsome Turks" this is so funny. LOL! I will have to see for myself one day out there. I meet some Turks now and then here. About average height or shorter. So that is true.

Oh yes I have heard this about Norway cost. That's why I should visit when I set money aside just for that :P

I'm making an effort to be a little more consistent with Tali replies too. Not that it's inconsistent rn, just same reason as the other rp, I would love to move it along more. I think shorterning the replies when I write will help with that!

Apr 16th 2022 - 9:22 AM

Ok very good! I just went through it and it looks good. I was saying to you earlier there were so many things i loved about the reply! Specifically how her upbringing was and Sebastian's very direct answers when she was a kid: "He was never awkward about it, but simply explained to me in a calm manner how the world worked." I really liked that section!

Also "Then, how do you know whether the aggression is out of affection or not?" XD

She'll have to just see it with baby half falcon to get it xD

"That is not really an impressive foresight, is it?" LOL XDD

The funny thing about this whole visit to the medecine man is I don't think Tali is any closer to a cure from Andromeda. Lol but who know what can happen next.

I'll let you know how I like the Danish movie, not sure I'll get the humor haha. Funny lol, me lookin at Kare while still intrigued by Afsin connection

Ok I see. You'd be considered "taller than average" which is basically anything taller than 5'4? im guessing for women, idk tbh. You're bout my mamas height actually. LOL "my passport rudely says" XD how unfortunate. Im 5'11, which is what your passport says you are. I dont think american passports have height on them, though license and local ID will have it.

The norwegian prince was alright to me, I wasn't too invested in his story. But he had good moments with Leif like you mentioned. Man Dutch has so many letters in it. Not that I see it often but whenever I do it's like damn why are there so many xD Lol yea i don't think calling up this dude for his accent is gonna work, but one day I would like to check out Denmark and Norway, all these places I havent been. 
Prince Zurig Alator

Apr 15th 2022 - 6:00 AM

Lol, yes, so true lol. Many times our loved ones get away with more than others would ever be allowed lol.

I believe one of the key things about being a boss is balance. One has to be strict but at the same time one has to show they care, but caring in sort of...well, like a parental way really. I know some may feel that sounds odd, but it does work. This means that while one should care, they also need to have that detachment from being too overly friendly that it allows someone to get away with things they shouldn't.  I was big against being biased, and I treated everyone fairly because I was able to separate my personal feelings from things. There were a few of my employees I didn't like very much lol. But if they did the job correctly, showed up on time, and respected me, they were good with me. I didn't want them to think they had to be my friend to be treated fairly. I was very big on fairness and keeping a sense of detachment from those who worked under me, while also being the first to defend them if the higher ups treated them wrongly or made unjust rules.

That sucks you had to deal with a boss like that. I once worked in a place where it was another manager and me, and we had a boss over us who checked on things. My boss was good, but that other manager was horrible, always yelling at employees and treating them like crap. I used to tell him, "The only reason you are working here is because the Third Reich went out of business." 

I am with you in regards to not being able to push or represent things I do not believe in. So many things out there are all about selling things people don't need and convincing them they need it when they don't. I am one of those that believe advertisers are just glorified pimps lol

The funny thing with cuddling is that I like it in stories. My characters will do it more often than me lol. If they came to life, they may even scold me and tell me to be more sentimental, especially since I wrote them that way lol. But yeah, I get what you mean. I think those Hallmark romance movies are cheesy and excessive. And yet I appreciate a romance story, but more like in things like the anime "Your Name" or the anime show "Your Lie in April". I think American films used to be good at telling romance stories, but the US is now very bad at them lol.  One thing I liked about "Your Lie in April" is that they made both the female characters that are interested in the main male characters loveable in their own way. It made one route for both of them, even if that cannot be and he has to be with only one lol. In many American films, they make the main character have all these wonderful characteristics while making "the other guy" so deplorable lol. "Titanic" is an example of this. Jack's character had ALL the good qualities, while the other guy was a bully, a liar, a conman, AND a coward, as they show later. I mean, damn...people aren't really that cartoon villainous where they have zero good traits lol. It's so silly lol.

Yes, I can see Zurig's father being that way...thinking from the beginning about eugenics, and having superior babies lol. And to some extent, his mother had this thought too, but that will be revealed later on in the story since I already had an idea about this. Let's just say it has to with Zurig's origin and why he is a dragon when no one else in Graven is lol. But yes, we will certainly go with that, with maybe Zurig's father telling this to the Queen, as they both see it as an advantage to have these massively super babies lol.

But yes, one of them should be a Mushu lol. Mushu was the best character in "Mulan" IMO. But that's just me...I liked him better than the other characters lol.

Well, the reply is done lol. I ended it there with possibly either showing what the two are doing that week before the wedding, or starting it at the end of the week. Or maybe a combo of both. And I'm patient too so no rush on the reply back. I know you may have others you owe. I feel both of us are here for the long haul, so we don't need to rush at all.

That's pretty cool about using Icelandic for Falconian. When I was younger I would use cryptography, where one letter represented another letter lol. It was kind of weird and silly but I was younger than when I made that story with the cryptographic "new" language lol.

This is where my group is with the map. It's big as you will see when you enter the group lol. At least in groups, it has a scroll bar so you can go left to right in seeing the huge map lol. You will also see in the threads that say "Andornia Guide" of all the original places I had for my Andornia story. I derived some of the character proposals from here, although the ones for Graven are different. I changed a lot from that original base since I used those on another site. Over there I used more RL faces than animated ones. Graven is very different in my Andornia descriptions since this was the version in my very old stories. I like Zurig and the new version of Graven better lol.

Here is the group link:



Apr 14th 2022 - 10:36 PM

In my opinion it could kill the magic of an infatuation, but it wouldn't kill developing feelings. These are things that happen over time and events. We can build those events and still have it be special for Tali.

I think if she pulls away now due to understanding the vision, it would fall to Alois to try and win her back. They have plans to go to the dance. He really wants to take her. He likes her company, you know. I don't think he's quite crushing on her in any way, but if she were to pull away, judgment might tell him to keep his distance -- but his instincts would tell him to pursue her.

The connection she feels toward the unborn child from the vision could be what brings her around after all. I don't know where you might be going with the embarrassment idea, and that's fine, I'm willing to discover. I do think we can do each idea somehow. Understandably there will be moments she will be ridiculed for even associating with a half troll. She can prevail due to the vision, or her strong feelings, or believing she can change her fate. I expect Alois will consider her a friend he's grown fond of, until he can't pretend any longer not to know she likes him. By then his own feelings will make themselves known, thus putting them on the same page.

But if she doesn't remember the vision fully or it comes back to her in bits and pieces, we can proceed as originally intended which is basically make it up as we go along. That's always been the beauty and appeal of this story. I would prefer not to plan things out more than we already have.

(Still planning to respond to your other comment and praise your reply lol. Need to be on my computer to properly emote 😅. Sounds good on Jenkis - take your time!)
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