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Characters: Koue; your creator & your destroyer;
Verses: Naruto, boruto’s dad, feudal, open, hit the add button c’monnn
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the undying


None are truly certain where she came from. From what can be gathered, Koue descends from one of the many clans forced out of the land of water. One of the countless refugees cast out and vilified for their unusual kekkai genkai..

What shreds of Koue’s clan remained fled to Otogakure, granted refuge for a price. A decision highly influenced by Orochimaru’s interest in unique bloodlines, especially one so linked to immortality. They would have another home, so long as they offered volunteers for the sannin’s research.

Koue serves further Otogakure’s schemes and willingly carries out missions against allied shinobi forces. Whether it be her own feelings, extensive brainwashing, or a bit of both, Koue possesses a zealotry for Orochimaru’s ideals and Otogakure’s supposed cultural superiority.

A pupil of the snake sannin, Koue shares similar ideals and disposition. While outwardly appearing aloof, the kunoichi is quite studious in the ninja arts.

Following Orochimaru’s death, Koue’s location is uncertain. Information on her status is considered valuable to authorities, however it is not advised for inexperienced shinobi to take on bounties calling for her capture.

bingo book;

Name: Koue (surname:unknown)

Affiliation: Otogakure

Age: unknown, est. 19-24

Rank: unlisted

Role: Specialist, apothecary, test subject

Morality: neutral impure

Posture: bad slouching habit

Hair: platinum white

Eyes: sage green

Complexion : olive, warm

Build: willowy

Voice: liquid, throaty, mellow

Attire: not picky, prefers functionality over style. Often chooses to conceal her face with a mask.

Hobbies: Botany and collecting unique specimens(read: growing poisons and grave robbing). Drinking.

At first glance: Eccentric, inquisitive, taciturn, passive.

A closer look: well-meaning, odd sense of humor, a bit shy.

# of deaths: the kunoichi sighed, "you shouldn't just casually ask someone that...", she'd made it abundantly clear such topics were not her idea of polite conversation.

love life: she only wants you for your body (it's a necromancer joke guys, get it? kill me.)

Personality: having endured the stresses of years worth of experimentation, Koue’s outward attitude can seem unfeeling and emotionally cold. Past the surface level, she is kind in her own way, albeit poorly socialized. Prone to gallows humor and bizarre behavior, Koue can come off as off-color.

Abilities &more;

Kekkai genkai

Maisō-chi (burial ground): The bloodline ability of Koue’s clan, a ceremonial burial resurrection technique. By performing an elaborate days-long ritual, the user may resurrect a creature. The exact methods behind this ritual are a well-kept secret. The quality of resurrection depends on the physical condition of the subject and skill level of the ritual's performance. Sloppy or rushed resurrections have been shown to result in zombie-like creatures, while a more skilled user can resurrect a subject back to a “normal” living condition. [WIP]

Aside from resurrection ritual jutsu, members of Koue’s clan possess a sort of pseudo-immortality, known as Fukkatsu (resurgence). So long as the user’s body is not completely destroyed, they will often recover from extreme injury. The more extreme of an injury, the longer ‘recovery time’ is required. The cost of such great recovery is steep, the user experiencing large gaps of memory loss and amnesiac episodes.

Notable talent - apothecary: possesses a deal of knowledge on preparing medicines, poisons, and other interesting concoctions.


Fighting style: a focus on summoning while remaining undetected, taking potshots, and waiting for the best chance to administer a coup de grâce.

Preferred weapon: nekode(short range), senbon(long range), poisoned of course

Chakra nature: water(primary) earth(secondary)

Summoning: undead

Strengths: graveyards, crypts, ancient cities, battlefields, areas with abundant cover

Weaknesses: open areas, public spaces, extreme temperatures/weather

Endurance: 5/5*(read: very, very hard to kill permanently.)

Intellect: 3.5/5 (book smart, minus points for street smarts)

Stamina: 3/5


Speed: 2.5/5

Summoning: 5/5

Sensory: 3.5/5

Genjutsu: 2/5

Ninjutsu: 2.5/5

Taijutsu: 3/5

Medical: 4/5


掌仙術­ (Shōsen Jutsu - mystical palm technique)

チャクラのメス­ (Chakura no Mesu - scalpel technique)

チャクラのスレッド ( Chakura ito - chakra threads)

死魂の術­ (Shikon no Jutsu - Dead soul technique)

毒霧­ (Dokugiri - poison mist)

迷彩隠れの術­ (Meisaigakure no Jutsu - chameleon technique )

霧隠れの術­ (Kirigakure no Jutsu)

水変わり身­ (Mizu Kawarimi - water substitution)

水遁・水陣壁­ (Suiton: Suijinheki - water wall)

layout by sinful misfortune

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Spoiled Destroyer

sᴀᴄʀɪғɪᴄᴇᴅ sᴋʏ

Professor Charisma.



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丸ɪʀᴏɴ ғɪsᴛ.

Jul 28th 2020 - 4:14 PM

//ooc; Lol, take your time with it. I'm a very patient person. I don't mind.

Jul 27th 2020 - 12:59 AM

//I assumed that I had responded to your comment; but I noticed that I did not, so please forgive my rudeness. I think that sort of story line with her would work well. There is always treachery and all manner of back-stabbing (often quite literally) in the world of the shinobi. Send a message when you've got an idea, and I will be happy to play along, or discuss further. Thank you.

Jul 26th 2020 - 8:38 PM

I appreciate the add~!
I'm sorry for how long it took me to respond to you.
I hope we can roleplay sometime.
or ooc chatting is good too.

Jul 24th 2020 - 11:37 PM

I'm so glad to become friends or start to become friends.
Thanks for sending the greeting. I hope you are well.
I would love to get something going here soon.

Jul 24th 2020 - 11:00 PM

I write at the pace of a snail as well, lmao! That cannot always be said for stories, sometimes you'll get a reply on the same day, and sometimes I'll take a couple of days.

For the dead arc, I could see Sasori being drawn there with the prospect of finding out information regarding his parent's demise, to gain that form of closure. I could also see him pursuing it in order to gain further inspiration to uncover the secrets surrounding the eternal masterpiece he so desires.

Definitely, we could easily write this during the time Orochimaru and Sasori were partners in the Akatsuki. It would provide me with an opportunity to further expand on their dynamics as well as play with the darker themes behind Sasori's mindset. We can easily play around with both ideas, perhaps, incorporate both into one story! The possibilities are endless!
🌸Konoha's Waterlily🌸

Jul 24th 2020 - 9:13 PM


If you don't mind sending me your most recent one,that would be nice. I'd like to see what you wrote. 

Jul 24th 2020 - 2:28 PM

A thousand apologies for the delayed response, I tend to be rather slow with greetings and the likes.
Either way, you are most welcome for the new addition and in turn, you have my gratitude.
I would love to get a storyline established betwixt us and as a matter of fact, after reading a little about your character, I can foresee some rather interesting interactions between our muses.
There are a couple of ideas written in your blog that pique my interest, especially the idea of taking a trip beyond the veil into the realm of the dead as well as the betrayal arc. Both could be interesting to incorporate and write.

Jul 22nd 2020 - 9:13 PM

Hello, please forgive my slow response I am Rhea! 
I would absolutely love to rp with you and might take you up on the off of the premades you have. 
I am unfortunately one of those slow moving rp'ers and I truly apologize for it so please bare with me!

Jul 22nd 2020 - 11:57 AM

...From the Akatsuki Hideout
The Puppet Master Sasori cordially invites you to demonstrate your skills. The organization is always on the search for new and talented members... as well as spies and decoys, to our end.

Please be mindful. This missive is not meant for the eyes of those that may surround you, in Otogakure. That we refer to our former member and deserter Orochimaru must go without saying--though it would seem we have mentioned it, after all.

Your first mission might be (if you are so foolish and brave at the same time) to retrieve the Akatsuki ring that the Sannin wears upon his finger. This property belongs to us, and we would like it back.

We thank you, for your time in reading this. If you are interested, you may return a message via bird. Or... you may just do as we ask, and then come to us. The choice is yours, Koue.

Sasori🦂 of the Red Sand

丸ɪʀᴏɴ ғɪsᴛ.

Jul 19th 2020 - 6:54 PM

//OOC; I think we can deal with both ideas then because we can use some funny scenes to make a person laugh.lol Shall I make the starter or do you feel up to it?
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