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I do not care which verse you are a part of. If we can figure something out, let's try! (If ero is all you’re looking for please don’t add me. I want stories people.)

114 years old

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General(Crossovers are welcome, au's as well though I may need to figure out how to fit her in your universe so please be patient.)

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Characters: Aisha
Verses: Inuyasha, fantasy, high fantasy, BNHA, crossovers, anything
Playbys: Anyone I want
Length: Multi Para, Para
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About me:

(Many roleplays with this character there will be npc Escorts. As she is a titled lady it would be unseemly for her to be without them.)

Basic Information:

Name: Aisha Hyō
Nicknames: None as of yet
Age: 112
Region of birth: Southern China
Spoken Languages: Chinese, Japanese, Russian, The many random languages of the area.

Physical Characteristic: (Information is subject to change)

Height: 5’4”
Hair Color: Lilac Purple
Eye color: Golden Yellow
Skin Color: Peachy
Markings:Brownish black leopard spots crowning her face and along various parts of her body.

Relationships:(Family members are npc's though they may come into play at some point.)

Mother: Lady Sialla Hyō
Father: Lord Kaiba Hyō
Siblings: Liu Hyō (Younger Brother)
Husband/Lover: None
Since when: n/a

Personality: Aisha was raised as a lady and in most instances will be the perfect lady. However, she is also yokai which means she can be slightly volatile at times. Because of her upbringing though, it is highly unlikely you will notice until it is too late. Like many of the greater species of yokai, Aisha is capable of taking on another form when severely angered, or if she just chooses to though this is unlikely. This shape is of a massive leopard (surprise!).

Story: (This is a work in progress to be worked out as I play her. What is written here may change if I feel it needs to be different. This is just where I am right now. However if we have a rp going, that story will not change.)Aisha is the oldest among the siblings but only by a couple years which is almost unheard of among yokai. However, as her father hadn’t been loyal, Liu was in fact a bastard which was a very closely guarded secret. When Liu hit the age of around 50 he began to see that the lands that belonged to their father would not go to him, but to his sister and he felt shame on his shoulders. As such, he just couldn’t stand by and do nothing. Though the family doesn’t know it, his mother whispered dark tales into his head and helped him manipulate the people into demanding that he be the heir. Of course this was still a long way off. Their father was in the prime of his life, evidenced by his disloyalty to her mother. At some point he began to get sick though, and while Aisha doesn’t know it, she has been sent on a fool’s errand to find a water that was said to cure any illness. The rumors and the fire in the people wanting to displace her meant she had to leave and find this water. Both of her parents were there to see her on her way. Her father was strong and powerful, but even he looked weakened to her eyes. So as the eldest, she seeks out the waters to purify her father’s blood, to make him whole again from whatever sickness plagues him, while also perhaps gaining allies against her brother, something her father suggested to her before she left.
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