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Looking for good post apocalypse romance roleplays! I have general rp ideas if you want to take a look on my blog!

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About me:

Idea 1:

Genre- Post Apocalypse, Romance, Sci-fi
The world has advanced so far technology wise, but it is being destroyed by some kind of disease. This disease has wiped out every single living thing whether it be plant life, animal life or some other type of life. The world is dying and the last bit of human life was spread out across the world separated from each other, they were all cryogenically frozen to preserve the last bits of human life underground. The world above was killed by bombs but it stopped the disease and now life is back on the world.

So the idea takes place a couple months before the disease breaks out, where our characters could meet and get to know each other. But one of the characters move somewhere else. When the outbreak happened they were separated from each other and sealed into their cryogenic pods.

Years later, the humans who were sealed started to wake but some were still trapped in their pods. I was thinking that one of our characters had been out for a year or so already and then the other person’s character finally comes out. But is confused and scared, since everything they knew was gone, not knowing that the other person’s character was alive just yet. Maybe the character stumbles into town after that and runs into the character who had been out for a few years already.

Idea 2-

Genre- Post Apocalypse, Sci-Fi, Romance.
Another idea I had is basically the same premise as the one above.
The world is destroyed by a disease that ransacked the world, so the advanced technology of humans is sent underground and buried by nature. Years later, humans still live in this world and search for ancient tech and bunkers that held useful things.

I was thinking that your character could be part of a scavenging group and eventually finds an untouched bunker. They get it open and go inside, they try to find something useful and activate something that sets off an alarm.

The electrical system tries to boot up but can’t access primary power, so it uses the last bit of the generator’s energy and turns on a AI System. It starts to create an AI in a tube which was covered in dust, but glowing green, a person being inside of the tube (My character.)

The system manages to revive my character but it couldn’t revive my character properly because of the limited power so my character is in an infant like state. They don’t know anything at the beginning or why they were made.

***They are the cure to the virus that is still running rampant around the world.

Idea 3:

Genre: Romance, Post Apocalypse, Sci-fi

The world’s weather had gotten a whole lot worse and now there are barely any places, humans can stay. So the government decides to send some people into space, though unfortunately only a small amount of the worlds population would be able to escape Earth.

The rp will take place 500 years after humans left Earth, the space station that humans are currently inhabiting seems to be breaking apart. It is unknown if it is a terrorist attack or not. So, I was thinking that maybe the station breaks apart and our characters fall down to Earth or maybe one of our characters is already and Earth-faring person and helps the person who came from the space station. That would of course cause tension at first but slowly the characters would develop feelings for each other.

Idea 4:

Genre: Romance, Post Apocalypse, Ice Age.

The world has been plunged into the second Ice Age, humanity is currently having a hard time surviving the cold temperatures that this world now had. The oceans were frozen over and everything seemed bleak. But there is still some hope, if humans could survive this freeze then everything would be alright and everything would warm up.

So our characters would be survivors, whether or not they’d be living in the same village or city is up to you. I’m fine either way to be honest.

The rp will basically focus around our two characters scavenging around the derelict world, it could even be 20 years afterwards and they have never been in the city and explore it with awe even though they’ve been forbidden to thanks to the danger. Anyways, our characters would get closer slowly over time.

Idea 5:

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Post Apocalypse

Side story or alternative story for Metro 2033 or any of the games.

Basically, my character was a born Nazi but left because her beliefs were different than her family’s. She was outcasted for this and eventually while surviving the metro on her own, she runs into your character. They start exploring together and eventually grow feelings for one another. They start looking for a new place to settle down together whether it be in the metro or on the surface.

Who I'd like to meet:

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