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MHA / BNHA (My Hero Academia / Boku No Hero Academia)

Paragraph to Multi-pargraph


I'm open to other verses and don't mind changing some information up for her; even ones without powers.

The Main story with her is where she is -not- in the Hero course of UA University; she prefers being a civilian and assisting in other ways. I am willing to have some stories where she is a minor hero or sidekick to one.


Courtesy of lives, this means we both acknowledge this is a hobby and sometimes replies are not done immediately and can take time.

Grammar and punctuation: We're both expected to type out complete words unless the characters texting and that's their preferred punctuation for it.

NO UNDERAGE ACCOUNTS- Mature Rp's will be happening here including but not limited to: violence, death, fear, etc.

I won't force you to send a greeting if you Request- I know we both can get distracted or can be nervous little things.

In regards to Edits: All edits on this page are mine unless stated otherwise.

Am I willing to edit for you? Possibly- I honestly love doing edits for people who are willing to send starters. Please let me know if you want an edit done in exchange for that really good starter because I'm not one to just assume you wanted one.


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Characters: Bachiko Hara, Quirky Plasma Kitty
Verses: My Hero Academia, Boku No Hero Academia, BNHA
Length: Multi Para, Para
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About me:
.vicarious{Second Hide Blurbs Code}
Who I'd like to meet:

NAME: Bachiko Hara
NICKNAMES: Bach, Yankee, Pretty Kitty; give her some?
BLOOD TYPE: O- (Universal Donor)
ALIASES: Miya (Work alias at the cafe) Quirk-y Plasma Kitty, Missestsofelees. (A play on Mr. Mistofelees)
QUIRK?: Yes, Plasma manipulation and control. Terrified of it. I mean- having control of a substance that can burn 10K+? Or just barely missing the point of the Absolute Zero degrees and create a flame that's cold and freezes things?
CAT-ASTROPHE: After the initial incident with the activation of her Quirk as a child she found herself able to shapeshift into a black cat for periods of time; even in human form she has ears and a tail with cat like tendencies.
DOWNSIDES OF THE QUIRK: Has a problem retaining and controlling her own body temperature after excessive use of her quirk; consistently hungry and sleepy after donating plasma and can often be seen with a quilt around her shoulders in class.
DATE OF BIRTH: 4/1 (Ages 20+)
ETHNICITY: Japanese-American
SPECIES: Human with cat ears and tail; can turn into a black cat after an experimentation with her Quirk as a child.
EYE COLOR: Purple with hints of blue; sometimes a yellow static fills them.
PARENTS: Miemi Hara and [[Stepparent]] Richard Dubois
SIBLINGS: 2 brothers, 2 sisters; she's the 4th out of five. Other Family: Six little gremlins from her sisters.
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Rumored to be a wh0re
CURRENT RELATIONSHIP(S): As above; but is it true?
OCCUPATION: University student, waitress at a maid cafe (doubles as information broker if it doesn't get anyone hurt as far as she's aware).
TYPES OF LICENSES: Blood Donor License, trained in First Aid And CPR, on-site plasma donor after disasters until professional help can arrive.
PERSONALITY: Despite her RBF she's a timid and shy kind of girl when not putting up a tough girl act, sassy and loves puns. Not the brightest star out there. Can and WILL stand up to aggressors if someone else is in danger.
LIKES: Food, music, video games, painting, multi-tasking, aerial artistry, swings at parks, reading stories, helping others, minding her own business, romanticizing in secret.
DISLIKES: The feeling of falling, elevators, the consistent subject from other students if she would be a villain or hero, being touched without permission by strangers, listening to people talk for hours on end; sudden loud sounds, rumors, those who believe in rumors without evidence.
PIERCINGS: Four in each ear human ear, a bridge piercing, both nostrils (switches them out), center tongue, snake bites, belly button.
TATTOOS: Input info
QUOTES: “Everything will be okay. It has to be- we have to think of a brighter tomorrow to look forward too.” “I don't give a damn 'bout what others think; whether I dress like this or a prude the rumors are still there.” “Some people want to be heroes- but I'm fine just looking up to them. I don't have the quick-thinking for that kinda job so stop asking!” “Just because I dress like this have a Quirk that's... terrifying doesn't make me a bad person. It's the decisions people make that show their colors- not their clothes.”

Early Life

[[There is definitely more to her past, but that'll be explored via storyline Rp's.]] Bachiko was born and raised most of her life in America before moving to Japan during the second year of high school. At a still-young age Bach and her moved to the mid-west from their little southern town due to the sudden awakening of her Quirk during her kindergarten year of school when the class was on a fieldtrip. It resulted in not just non-fatal injury of Bach but a fear of her own Quirk; known as “Plasma Manipulation”--it was during this time she ended up with her second little 'gift'. Despite the incident not following on her school record Bach still found herself a bit out of sorts with other students due to her energetic and scatterbrained behavior and her eventual rejection of the role requested by fellow students during recess.

With the strict life at home with her mother and stepparent being former-military with expectations of being “The Good And Responsible Child” and alienation from her fellow classmates Bach would eventually start closing herself off from others and take on a colder and more timid behavior. By middle school she had learned to start ignoring the words of others when defending herself did nothing but cause things to get worse. Luckily her family was asked to transfer to Japan for an important support deployment to strengthen the bonds between the alliance of America and Japan.

The only solace Bach found during school hours when she was away from her friends was the theater's tech club. Even with the fear of her own Quirk she still had practiced and did what little she thought could be deemed 'necessary' for it and quickly became head of the special effects and stage props department. The very love and passion for the said subject earned her a scholarship at U.A. University in the General Studies Department after rejecting [[failing on purpose]] for the Hero Course at the University. She'd rather see others shine bright than have the spotlight but gives her all for her studies and for the productions of the schools plays, festivals, and other activities that may require a little of her spark or Quirk and is constantly on standby to supply any First-Aid if needed.

Quirkalicious Definition

Plasma is both magnificent and terrifying in what it can do; as well as what can be done to it and with it.

The ability to manipulate highly ionized gas. Sub-power of Matter State Manipulation, Ionic Manipulation, and Nebula Manipulation. User can create, shape, and manipulate plasma,]; a state of matter consisting of fully ionized gas of low density containing an approximately equal number of positive ions and electrons. It is important to note that although they are unbound, these particles are not ‘free’. When the charges move they generate electrical currents with magnetic fields, and as a result, they are affected by each other’s fields. On planet plasma is relatively rare, but it is present in electricity (lightning, St. Elmo's fire, ball-lightning), extremely hot flames and polar aurora, or artificially in low energy lights, electric arcs of all kinds, etc..

Burning by producing hot plasma such as creating fire, electricity, or just plain ionized gas without form or seeming like jelly.

Manipulation of: Charged Particles, Electrons, Positron, Electric-Fire-yet to master this or even have a desire to attempt it.

Freezing by producing heat-absorbing plasma; able to make purple flames that are freezing cold and frost most things they come in immediate contact. Ionization/Plasma Generation; loves to make plasma with her favorite 'created' thing being a Double-Bound Shield: A shield of plasma that curves outward and inward to not only keep her or others safe from an attack but to ricochet it back. Her second favorite is making orb-like shields around people but can only have so many up at one time depending on her concentration and will.

Manipulate the properties of plasma, for attacks or even moving and living the matter, as well as the conversion and absorption of regular, radiated, and even producing heat-absorbing plasma. On the occasion she enjoys manipulating it to reject heat and send fiery-Quirk users repelling away. During her university years she takes on lessons from a mentor she learns how to use plasma for: energy strikes, force-field generation, plasma conversion from one state of plasma to another (even solidify it), and plasma absorption.
BLOOD AND PLASMA: Plasma is not just an element floating about in space but also in the very bodies of people. This part of her Quirk is what brought about Bachiko becoming a pinnacle of disdain from her classmates: Blood is made 55% of plasma. Instead of thoughts of how she could help others with her Quirk her schoolmates immediately thought of the ways Bachiko's Quirk could be used against them if she decided to learn to manipulate plasma in people.

What does she use it for? To help donate the plasma from her own body to centers and for emergencies. Due to the ability to create- and even multiply the plasma of her own by eating food or changing the properties of air around her Bachiko is able to donate more plasma than the limit of a normal person. During her second year in Japan she learned to manipulate platalet-plasma as a way of healing during times of disaster or on-site before victims are able to get to the hospital.

While most civilians are only able to donate blood once every three weeks she does it on a bi-weekly basis, while platelet-plasma donations are once a week. She makes up for the drain by either purposely absorbing ions, electricity, or eating copious amounts of rich foods and sweets. If she eats too many she enters an inebriated like state.

Pros of her Quirk: Able to control and manipulate different states of ionized gas and free electrons/plasma. She has the ability to absorb or produce heat for fire or electricity, create barriers around her or others (no more than three at a time and no larger than spheres of 6x6 feet), able to use the electrons and ionized gas in people to manifest it, and also able to produce more blood plasma than the average person for donations.

Cons: When she becomes overstimulated with positive electrons her personality changes from shy to a little more outgoing and with a blush... okay, she acts a little tipsy or drunk until either her body can break down the molecules or she finds a way to release it in a safe way. When she has more negative ions she becomes a mixture of sleepy and depressed and often starts to shut herself off from others and can be a bit bitter. Bachiko sometimes catches onto why she's feeling melancholy and solves it by a metal object and electric socket or spark plugs and a car.

Twice in her life has she gotten to the point where her body had an overabundance of both and that results in a purple fire; a fire that can freeze- her body can't tell if it's over heated or too cold. She can't control the flame outside of keeping it on her and from spreading to freeze other things. Hopefully this doesn't have to happen because she's prone to panic when it happens.

Once enrolled in the Hero course she learns to start balancing her meals and her intake of foods such as pastas, grains, and sweets which are her favorite foods.


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