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Six tails..."cmon make me try... this is me by default.." :3
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Though "only" a shell, it comes with it's own set of burdens. Being restricted to such a size feels like a straight jacket to Arradis. The original carrier passive to keep him on the mortal path, to keep him unimpressive, to blend in with the surroundings he grew up in. However, his power grows out of control leaving him with a tail, his eyes constantly glow, his teeth visibly sharp enough to bite off flesh; yet do so much more, hence the secondary mask. His scales will never leave his flesh no matter what type he embodies.
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Orientation: Bi blew up
Body type:Body builder
Ethnicity:Black/African descent
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:College graduate
Occupation:Celestial God Beast
Verses: BNA:Brand New Animal, Mature, OPEN Dragon ball, Naruto, Bleach, Original, Dark, Demon Slayer, Outlas
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Anime, Romance, Science Fiction, Spar/Fighting, Video Game,
Member Since:July 28, 2020

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About me:
Their conception gave birth to what they both desired, Zradir a kitsune that ruled the Under World for six billion eighty-three million, two hundred sixty-four thousand years uncontested. His magic and physical prowess aided him when he claimed the title for himself. The only way to obtain said title is through combat, many have tried and all have failed, meeting the same fate of their souls being assimilated; adding numerous life times onto his own along with their strength and power. All nations in the fiery depths belonged to him, and all of its treasures. Their women his to take and have fun with, however he would not bare these concubines his heir, he sought out the strongest to bare the strongest the universe having no shortage of the near divine…. She wasn’t of this world dimension that when translated only reads in numbers like its name: 314.158.942 she came to visit like she normally does every few thousand years, but this time was different, seeing a ball of fire shinning brighter than the nearby stars rocket from a nearby world, once out the world’s reach the flame stood still before glowing brighter. She looked on with curiosity in the vast construct of, space, stars, nebula, and black holes she was. The nova took shape into tails, all burning the cold void waving quickly sending nearby worlds to Hell with their home’s set ablaze. Witnessing these being ascend was a beautiful sight but he was making a mess, the power that coursed through the King was maddening as all he could do was laugh whilst he grew, but then the flow of power abruptly came to an end. Furious he looked around for the culprit not expecting clusters of stars to come together molding a form, a dragon her physical body muscle body yet motherly as she smiled at the demon. Her eyes brimming with power and life, but looked to have no soul just like her voice, “You should mind where you swing those tails around…” An encounter as simple that lead to a growing relationship with her staying in his dimension mire and mire before living with him, then marriage came; wife number six hundred sixty-eighth unbeknownst to her. Time went on the two got to know each other along with their cultures and families before the two had a child. However, this time the king wasn’t pleased if anything he was anxious about this one as the months went on he’d been having visions and dreams about what he would assume to be his child. Some would start out nice but they would all end the same, with destruction everything corrupted and with him laying helpless as the beast responsible peels his soul from the body he can’t move. The dreams would play out all scenarios before ending in torture that he was forced to sleep through until it was done with his life being taken last. There is a ritual that all children go through to assess their power and potential they may have lying dormant within, not always accurate but is reliable. Upon their child’s birth he waited for the dragoness to give her boy a name, taking after his father physically, but like all boys he had his mother’s eyes, quickly after he took the child for the ritual to begin. It took time but when it was finished the sage that preformed it committed suicide the day after leaving Zradir, “He is gifted…. kill him please…before he kills all of us…” .With what he found out about the sage Zradir didn’t dare, but he had to know using the forbidden spell Prescience Soul: Allows the user to see the future of whoever’s soul the spell is cast upon, what he saw could never be spoken. All he knew that this child mustn’t live, but he couldn’t kill him not with the dragoness around. The maternal bond between dragon and dragon-ling is so strong the mother could feel their child's emotions no matter the distance, only waning when the children begin maturity (age 13). Their bond more than adequate for her to that she feels his soul being tampered with though it didn’t matter, she was forced to leave the Underworld to keep her newborn from being killed she fled, masking his presence but when she touched him and felt what power he had, it was different from anything she felt before. Though upset she had to leave she was too busy smiling about her child to care. 251514141 a.k.a Yonna was no longer welcome in the Under World so she made due with the middle ground in the mortal realm and picking a world for her to raise her child, a world where magic was plentiful and was life for them, and something she could teach him that she and his father had in common. She taught him how to blend in, try not to be the exceptional one, to hide his physical body she crafted two masks for him to wear one for his mouth and one for the rest of his face, the only flaw was that she placed it on him when he was three years old and only takes off one of two pieces, and never saw what he truly was. This gave him a human body as long as the mask couldn't be removed, though many people asked and teased he didn’t bother with them, and though she taught him how to make friends it never worked. Not knowing yourself is a terrible thing, especially when said self is more aware than the one who’s steering; could whisper the wrong instructions in your ear and you might follow them. Arradis never took off the mask one part always stayed on no matter what. There was always a voice in his head telling him to force the ones that mocked him or aggravated him to force them to their knees to lick his feet. At the age of fifteen Arradis underwent an experience, his mind drifted into his inner-scape as his eye was trying to open for the first time, there he could hear this other voice clearly. A voice that has been tugging at him to give in to his impulses, and what he saw at the edge of a cliff was his anthro self, he could see it, feel merely a scrape of an atom of the bottomless well of what all he was and what he was meant to be. He saw the face of a greedy drooling beast looming over him, calling to him to draw closer into the barreling chest where the magenta saliva drooled from his wide grin []. Two pairs of eyes flaming as he heard the chattering of what look like teeth spearing from the deep abyss between his pecs. "Come now...." was all he heard before forcing himself awake, realizing it had only been a few seconds and he was drenched in sweat hyperventilating. Yonna wasn't concerned if anything she was overjoyed, energy bubbled inside of him before overflowing and practically choking him. His hostility was forced to the surface with and all he could think to do was impart the knowledge of how the universe works. The strongest rule and consume the weaks. These people may have been well-versed in magic, but every time he touched them he could feel how brittle their bones were, as if crushing cookies in his hands, but he knew better, his mother wouldn't approve and would attract attention, but did he want it? He didn't know and the other guy wasn't helping, "DO IT ALREADY!!! Crush them, letting them walk all over you, talk to you any kind of way!?! It makes you sick doesn't it...turning the other cheek when you know something could be done.... fucking do it already and take off the stupid mask and LET! YOURSELF!! OUT!!! this being a daily occurrence only made him retreat into himself, keeping away from people as best as he could, lying to himself saying they're disinteresting; a self-made introvert to hide his own violent and dominant desires that gave him his own prospective about mortals and only really seeing their negative aspects despite their beauty. He knew there was more to them then that, but he avoided the risk as much as he could a high five or hand shake was enticing enough to crush hands and rip off limbs, their blood like crimson splatter paint that he thought would be enjoyable to taste. Several years later on his way home from school Arradis came home to a mutilated anthro dragon corpse that belonged to his mother, his world shattered on the floor in bloody dismembered remains leaving him to morn and cry for hours on end in silence. He eventually found the will to stand back up after cleaning up her bloody remains and used his knowledge of magic to see who done it. Chronotype Rewind: A spell that can reverse time in limbo to not affect the physical plane within a fifty-foot radius from where the magic circle was originally created to perform the spell. Though he wanted his answer he wished he hadn’t seen it, a kitsune that resembled himself somewhat along with and another demon, the two questioned her about where "he" was whilst Yonna was looking smug, something he was never saw from her before as they talked, he quickly realized who they were talking about, "i'm sorry my dear but there's nothing you can do...he's too strong for you already and he's learning. Currently he's at school...he's turned out to be such a sweet boy...but he's still your son and has alot of your features...". It seemed the more she talked the angrier the two got, but they didn't fight not until she was restrained by a magic circle...the more he watched the angrier he became, and the more his power grew. His negative emotions feeding into his mind, "Why did this happen? Who was he?" "A DEAD MAN!!" "Where they talking about … me..?""Ofcourse they were, they fear you and what you can do...""Was this my fault?" "No, but now she's gone..."they will..""they will what? What will They...? "They. Will. brutal fashion...but we do it my way. The mask stays on".His mind set and heart filled with hatred he began letting his impulses control him whenever someone aggravated him or did something that he didn’t like infront of him, and despite his height, anyone who pissed him off may as well just go to the hospital; it would be easier than scrapping their nigh lifeless body off of whatever surface they were stuck to. Time went on he let his negative emotions take in, his prospective on these mortals was, "as it should've been...they're beneath me...but no need to need to torment and destroy...but they are my tools...and they will be used as such..." Nature affinity over fire and lighting were easy tools to sate one’s rage, sadistic, and masochistic desires, he would train in the baron plains where no one could see him, often crafting new spells, testing his strength and training to grow stronger. Out of some sense of pride he didn't want to take the form, but he would show his tails and claws when the time came. When he reached twenty years of age he had a plan in action along with countless hours of building his strength, on graduation from the university he would get his diploma and at that moment would enact a spell to siphon all their souls at once, taking their strength, years, intelligence, magic, and body. Little did he know that his siphoning spell was more than what it seemed, Arradis grew stronger every day and never questioned his results, and it was all in the power of those scales on his arms and legs repeated use of the siphoning spell unlocked an ability of stealing life force, and every time he walked on solid ground the energy was being pulled from the very planet. Upon graduation day, he thought his plan would be simple to accomplish, but upon activating the smell he was bum-rushed by guards and the mages that made up the school board that stood on stage. Despite their efforts the demon dragon had grown too powerful already and was swallowing lives left and right before someone got a good hit across his jaw, the mask had been torn off; letting himself break free he grew a hundred feet tall in his anthro form; a six-tailed kitsune with dragon scales over his forearms and shins. Overwhelmed by the power that rushed through his body his time against these mortals were relatively easy, the siphoning of the planet's life force increased dozens of times over; his area of effect increasing beyond the planet. Plant life, animals, and those who were too battle worn to fight were shriveling into lifeless husks that blew away to ash with a small gust of wind. "I ..hng!! need more...mooooore of this...". The planet dying as his muscles swelled, the raw life energy from this world feeling as if he were being showered in the warm essence. The mortals became little consequence, mere flies to the towering beast who's souls he slurped up with a simple inhale, his scales glowed in a brilliant light that began to encompass his whole body as lava bubbled from the splintering crust. He couldn't help himself with every breath his body swelled larger, all six tails swaying about causing tornadoes and hurricanes as he roared all clouds dispersing in an instant. Shortly after his father appeared, looking on in a mix of horror the energy radiating from his son was beginning to become hard to ascertain and anger, seventeen billion souls that could've been his are now consumed by his gluttonous child. This would be his last chance to kill him, any longer and Arradis would wipe him out without a thought. A fight that broke apart several continents and chunks of the planet before it ended, Zradir was more experienced, but the gap in power was too great for him to deal with and he was only getting stronger, and faster still. The planet nothing but a ball of frail rock once their battle ended with the dragonfox's arms wrapped tightly around the Underworld King's smaller body, "she was right you know...' "Wha- guHAAAH!! What are you talking about?". His form of response was flexing and pulling him closer in a tight bear hug to feel and hear his spine snap, along with the blood gurgling gasp, but he wasn't done he just wanted to see that pained face of despair. Lightning began to surge throughout his body and acts like a bug zapper and the bug was screaming spewing up blood, as he tried to squirm for free with all he had until he died. Lifeless in his arms from the broken spine and broken bones that pierced his vital organs before tossing him aside. "You were weak..." With nothing stopping him and his newly acquired craving for power he felt other worlds and the many lives on the surface, nothing mattered at this time only for the sensation of growing power to never cease; forcing his reach to span to the edge of the universe after several months. By the end of that year the he was no longer siphoning souls, like the world he was raised on, stars, planets and even the dark matter was being pulled into him. Now looking more akin to a cosmic gluttonous titan the universe began to crack apart, for he was taking energy from the very universe itself. This was beginning to become too much, this needed divine intervention, thanks to this Celestial Beast the universe is collapsing, with no hope to repair it. One of them broke a rift open into his space and the hungry demon tried to absorb their soul his mind broke at the level of unfathomable reservoirs of power this one deity had as all that Arradis could see was his glaring giant eye, glaring down at him. He woke up chained to a wall and his punishment for causing the irreversible collapse of a universe was months upon months of nonstop torture from Judge, Jury, and Executioner. No one told him these were sadistic fucks who give punishment by stabbing, whipping, crushing, stomping, punching, beating, him all hours of the day to near death; once one had their fun one of the three would switch off and have their turn. Once they had their fun for eight months of divine torture, his already broken mind was fractured, growing more and more unstable they thought he was ready. The God Jury proposed an opportunity, " what?" "You will join the other convicts to fight for our amusement, if you survive you will be let go. Failure is death...". An interesting proposition that he accepted. For years he had a great many wins, but also his fair share of losses and whenever he'd loose a fight it would hold him back from his freedom. Even with all of his strength he find himself deficient to win and leave this forsaken place. Though he had to admit Arradis was beginning to enjoy fighting, more than he probably should. Each fight he grew stronger, nearly everyone putting his life in imminent danger, from using the same tactic of learning his enemy's moves, tanking hits to understand their style, only for it all to mean nothing when he counters and kills them. This was drawing the attention of some Gods looking for a decent fight to watch and one of them was in the stands watching with interest towards the dragonfox, what Jury didn't mention was the only way to truly be free is the final challenger was a God, and you would have to best them, stay there to entertain the gods. or inevitably die. However, during time in his cell he would be visited by someone as the time grew closer to fight the god, his visitor was a God of Death in training, he was there when he was being tortured to take his soul when he dies, but he witnessed his stubborn soul cling to his near lifeless body every single time they were done torturing him. "Concede the can't win despite all your powers..." " I don't think I will...I think it would be the perfect opportunity to assimilate their power..i've grown strong enough to do so I think..." "Look I already know you hold back in your how any times have you used your full strength in a fight..? I'm guessing none right?" In the beginning I did several times....but if its entertainment they want...then it's what they'll get before I kill them. I don't plan to stay here..." with that the young death god left him alone. When it was time for him to fight the God he was in for a rude awakening, the fight was one-sided despite his efforts and skills, the only thing that kept him alive as long as he did was his stubborn will. However, when it was his time to bite the bullet the young god teleported him away. With the fight canceled the gods sought out the saboteur only for him to make a proposition that lead to their own prophecy of a doomed world, and how unfortunate it was that Arradis couldn’t enjoy the world he was sent to since he was kept in suspended animation for the rime being... A foolhardy ruler is destined to meet his doom or his world would suffer fighting their devil, that spawned in the middle of one night, towering with six tails in the wind followed by a brain rattling roar the awoke the indigenous. They see a feral beast open his mouth and in a flash of light half a village was gone along with friends and family, this would be the start of a war of the people of this world and the beast sent there. His mind filled with rage any living thing he had the urge to destroy, there was little to nothing they could do, their magic no match, their weapons mere pokes against the dense body. In the mountains he stayed for years, their world was Hell on Earth as countless of their people died, and their souls taken until he grew bored and come back the next day. Many attempts all to fail to effectively kill him, each generation grew stronger than the last, their methods became more advanced, but casualties remained; one might say his very presence invited their races to forcibly evolve to this threat. How he was stopped thanks to an amazon, holding chains that she spent years pouring magic into the glow arcane symbols, when she was given her chance he was reigned in and pulled to the ground. After the intense tug of war for him to submit there he regained his anthro body and the two fought for days until he passed out from exhaustion, her speed, skill, and stamina won the day and spared their lives. Unbeknownst to him the orders to kill the beast were from their god, but why not do it himself? Well he received a prophecy about the destruction of their world or his death. The years went by and people saw him as either terrifying or an asshole, his personalities switched from form to form. His Mortal Cover once restrained and not very talkative became the boastful aggressive impulsive one whilst his anthro form was the one that was kind, sometimes anxious, a little irritable, and all around didn’t want to be bothered; represented in where he lived. Deep in the forest where the only sounds he heard was rushing water, swaying, trees and grass with the occasional company of a specific amazon. She helped him remember and learn once again. It was difficult to put it mildly but it was nice to somewhat properly display emotion, opinions, and feelings other than anger once again. Though there was one thing that bothered him and it was a statue, many like these were all over the city, so he broke it to cinders. The god of this world, Torren was a Jackal and not all too pleased of what the outsider did to one of his many statutes that were erected in worship of his “greatness...” this lead to the two having disagreements. Only ever showing up in his Mortal Cover not wanting to bow for forgiveness and worshiping him, but to tell him how he felt about the “god”. Arradis never left the forest and stayed in his own home. That is until the god grew greedy and was making a spell that would force all the people to worship him as their benevolent deity. He didn’t really care for the others accept the Amazon, but he sure as fuck didn’t want to worship him, especially because he could tell the jackal wasn’t what he claims. He walks in wearing his mask in his Mortal Cover seeing the jackal on his throne with several women at his feet worshiping him. The god looked unphased at the sight of Arradis as he walked over standing less than a meter away from his throne, “So...have you come to a decision...”? Asked Torren whilst servants appeared around Arradis, their weapons out and their auras a blaze. The proposition was given in one of his few visits, Torren told Arradis about the prophecy deducting that the label of being the Devil was Arradis, and the two were destined to fight, but why fight when they could be friends? The demon wasn’t buying it and had little interest to join his response didn’t change. “No....that’s my answer...reason being besides you being annoying and pretentious as’re not a real God...You hold power...that’s cute but that’s all you have…Why else would you need to forge a spell for everyone to like you? Worship is a form of want to take their worship, sacrifices, to add to your stream of tribute to become what you claim…I don’t associate with fakes..” With those words his “pantheon” Of four charged at him, at five foot seven and a half he gradually began taking down every one until it was the two of them and unveiling his true form was more than enough of a mage to kill the Jackal. In doing so he left a large ripple originating from the world from their battle, the hybrid had been discovered by those who didn’t approve of such a plan, now that it had failed the universe spoke to him through his dreams. He could feel those who would come for him to finish what was started in the arena. Leaving the world to fend for itself he goes to a new one; saying goodbye to Serilda not caring about who he was, but to improve. He kept to himself slowly opening up to people once he found a new world to call home. He read, he often went to the moon to stare at the stars, and people there grew to like him, whilst others hated him; as if he cared all that much. He was soon nicknamed: Midnight on that world due to his dark blue fur and strange affinity with moons, stars, and what lied beyond. To gather knowledge was to learn and to learn was when he met with friends, good ones that he never told about what he did, as long as they didn't ask how unfortunate that eventually they did. His actions, would be brought to question, the occasional blood lust that would be so grand it would influence others around him, but that's when they started showing up. One by one warriors, spies, assassins, came for him to bring Arradis back, the fight wasn’t finished and his challenger grew more and more excited every day, after every failure to retrieve him. That is until one afternoon a certain dragon came to visit, she walked through the streets looking at her target finishing an argument with horse. When he sensed her the horse was told to leave and instead of coming quietly like she instructed he was beaten to the floor. No matter what he tried she was unphased and her fire burned him, not just what supposed to be his fire immune body but through his magic as well. Not much damage was caused until he was rendered unconscious and she took him with her. Upon waking he found himself in the company of said dragoness, claiming to be her aunt and she was going to train him properly for his fight. Everyday he felt as if death would be better from how worn out he was, when he thought he was about to pass out she told him to keep going, when his bone cracked and muscles ached if he stopped or wavered she'd in case his head in a bubble of cold water to kick his ass into gear; that being the warm up. It wasn't fun and when they sparred and she told him to attack to kill there were no issues with that, try as he may. She molded his magically enhanced body into a force of nature, his strength became more physical, relying less on his magic to "inflate" his muscles, in doing so forced his true powers to the surface like the one before. His body was ready for what he had been given. Throughout his training she realized his tails didn't work to tell age by centuries but instead were to Gage and increase his power, he found that darkness was at his behest if he didn't let it consume him (he did that shit alot), but light was much harder to use; requiring discipline he didn't have patience for. Upon returning to the ring he barely won his fight, but those who watched were curious about this child, he looked far from full maturity, yet spells and abilities he displayed should've been beyond his understanding let alone able to be used. His aunt didn't teach him these abilities yet it was made clear that someone told him, he himself wasn't sure who or how until many years down the road when "himself" imparts some knowledge... now he does what he chooses leading him down many roads and to numerous worlds to complete a task with the sparks of creation along with the embers of destruction passed down to him.
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