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Possible change of face claim, but only if they look like witches/mages ect. || Romance must be allowed. || Anything goes. ||Mature themes are welcomed. || If I deny you. Assume that we had a bad time previously on here and you are not allowed another chance. Sorry!

25 years old

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August 03 2020

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About me:

-Each reply must be para +

-Story and smut/mature themes are allowed.

-No gore or horror, please.

-I don’t do random starters, but I can do discussed starters and discussions.

-OOC greetings prefered.

-Beware of the copy greetings due to memory problems.

-If you can discuss for the life of you don’t add! I am sick of people adding and deleting when a greeting is sent.

-No stupid coments, greet me like a person.

-Never speaking in character unless something is discussed a little.

-Starters are welcomed if they follow this:

-There must be a setting.

-You cannot jump in front of my character in starters, please work up to meeting her.

- No instant sex, a little build up if you please.

- Rough or gentle, dosen’t matter.

-Do not add me again If you are removed. I refuse to be nice on here, obviously people can’t take a hint. If you bad talk me, or even spoke badly you are done with me. Finished, get over it and leave me be.

-Fantasy or Fantasy modern allowed.

-Face claim can be changed like I said, ask me.

(Form coming soon.)


Born in a world were peace finally came to the world. Monsters and humans worked together to make a better place, rarely hurting the humans beside them. A witch like Akane herself rarely had any trouble or a job to do. However, with that being said they did have to be a little more crafty by making potions for healing, love and other sinful things. Witches eventually became a figure known as a witch eating human by sleeping with men and women to gain magically energy for power. It wasn’t needed, but some people came to find them knowing they could change there face, body within minutes and to anything they ever wanted. It was also safer than dealing with a succubus or incubus. Lately, Akane a witch who lives outside of the city in the biggest (kingdom/city/town whatever you want this to be.( Became famous for granting wishes without much payment besides making a contract for feeding her energy. Some came for her help in fighting, unless interested she has refused repeatedly, but anything else is fair game.

Who I'd like to meet:

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Renzo Raff

Aug 1st 2020 - 9:33 AM

OOC: Thanks for the add mighty witch ! Read your profile and am definitely looking forward to some dungeon crawling funtimes with the all powerful witch.
Lemme know when you got some free time and i'll run some idea's by you.
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