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"Come join the banquet of a neverending night."

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Body type:Slim / Slender
Characters: Goëtia
Verses: Dark Action Fantasy? Open to interpretation
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
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About me:


A.D 1999. This is the year when mankind's history as lords of the earth came to an abrupt end. Someone pushed the button and launched the full-scale nuclear war that the human race had been warned about for so long. Thousands of ICBMs and MIRVs flew in disarray, reducing one major city after another to a white-hot inferno, but the immediate fatalities were far outstripped by the wholesale death dealt by radiation more potent than tens of thousands of x-rays.

The theory of a limited nuclear war, where sensible battles would be fought so the winners might one day rebuild and rule, was obliterated in a split second by a million degrees of heat and flame. The survivors barely made it. Their numbers totally insignificant, they shunned the surface world and its toxic atmosphere and were left with no choice but to live in underground shelters for the next few years. When they finally returned to the surface, their mechanized civilization was in ruins. With no way of contacting other survivors in other countries, any thoughts these isolated pockets of humanity had of things returning to the way they'd been before the destruction, or even rebuilding to the point where it could be called a civilization, were flights of fantasy, nothing more.

The regression began.

With generation after generation striving merely to survive, memories of the past grew dim. The population increased somewhat after a thousand years, but civilization itself plunged back into the Middle Ages. Dreading the mutant creatures spawned by radiation and cosmic rays, the humans formed small groups and moved into plains and forests that gradually returned to verdure. In their struggles with their cruel environment, at times they had to kill their newborn babies to keep what little food they had. Other times, the infants went toward filling their parent's empty bellies.

That was the time. In that pitch black, superstitious world, they appeared. How They—the vampires—kept themselves hidden from the eyes of man and lived on in luxuriant shadows was unclear. However, their lifeform was exactly as described in legend and they seemed the best suited to fill the role of the new masters of history.

Ageless and undying so long as they partook of the blood of other creatures, the vampires remembered a civilization the humans could not, and they knew exactly how to rebuild it. Civilization was rebuilt and the tables turned for Humans and Vampires. Within two thousand years of stepping onto history's great stage, the vampires gave the world a sprawling civilization driven by super-science and sorcery, dubbed themselves the "Nobility" and subjugated humanity.

The Capital, an automated city with an electronic brain and ghostly will, interstellar spaceships, weather controllers, methods of creating endless qualities of materials through matter-conversion—all this came into being through them and them alone.

However, who could have imagined that within five short millennia of this golden age, they would be treading the road to extinction? History didn't belong to them after all. The vampire civilization as a whole started to show a phenomenal decline in energy and that brought on the start of mankind's great rebellions. One great uprising after another weakened the Nobility further. Vampire Hunters came and before long the Nobles realized their destiny and faded away.

Some took their own lives, while others entered a sleep that would last until the end of time. Some even headed off into the depths of space but their numbers were extremely few; in general, the vampires had no wish to establish themselves in extraterrestrial environs.

At any rate, their overall numbers were on the decline; ultimately they scattered before mankind's pursuit.

Now then…

Presently, Vampires are rarely seen by humans anymore. But the fear remains. On very rare occasions, they appear from the depths of the darkness and left their vile bite on the pale throats of their victims; sometimes a person would seek them out like a man possessed, while at other times the humans would drive the victim from their midst, earnestly praying they wouldn't receive another visit from the vampires. It is on this stage, late in the Final Act when only a handful of Vampires remain that Goëtia awakens...

Who I'd like to meet:


The vampire standing before you calling herself "Goëtia" is what is referred to as a Pureblood. Pureblood are those who were born vampires, not turned. Goëtia was born naturally with a Vampire Mother and Vampire Father. Once, having a respected lineage was of great importance to gain important positional, financial, and political prestige.

She is eighteen years old or at least was when it occurred to her parents the demise of their kind was unstoppable and. Without ever gifting her Kiss of Blood, she was put into a comatose state to await the end of the world. As fate would have it, her 'never-ending' sleep, has come to an end, far earlier than intended. Pulled from her eternal dream, she awakens in ruins beneath a derelict castle, into a world overrun with legendary monsters, werewolves, zombies, ghouls, griffins, krakens, goblins and more and TEEMING with their hunters: humans.

Owned to her are the Nobility's strengths: super-human strength, speed, agility, durability, stamina, and enhanced senses, and also their weaknesses: an aversion to sunlight, crosses, running water and garlic, their superiority complex, their vanity… but perhaps she will walk a different path. Perhaps she will meet her end at the blade of a Hunter.

Why don't you come and find out?

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